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Global Buzz Report: July 2020

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ICA Nepal resumes office physically

ICA Nepal mourns for heart-breaking incidences caused by the global catastrophe of COVID-19 and offer our sincere condolences to the bereaved families who are grieving at the moment. In these uncertain times, the public needs our presence more than ever before. Once the Nepal Government relaxed the lockdown to some extent, ICA Nepal resumed work physically by adopting the appropriate safety measures since June. We have aligned with WHO guidelines for restarting the workplace, such as practicing hygiene and cleanliness, measuring body temperature, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks.

Construction of irrigation

ICA Nepal kicked off its preparatory activities to construct a brand new water storage tank and renovate the existing storage tank for irrigation purposes. Tatwa P. Timsina, along with project staff, Jhamak Mahat and the Engineer, visited the project site, located at Thulosirubari, ward no-13 of Sindhupalchok district. As Nepal is an agricultural country, the majority of the people are involved in the traditional technique of farming.
We must embrace modern farming methods, and increase our productivity to benefit from agriculture. The availability of irrigation facilities is a modern farming technology that helps to increase agricultural yield. This irrigation plant will directly benefit the 200 households of the village. Seti Devi Secondary School provided the land for building water storage.
During a stakeholder meeting, ICA Nepal committed that in the coming days, ICA Nepal will be working to support the school. The stakeholder meeting was conducted in the presence of the president of ward no. 10, and was facilitated by Atma Ram Timsina. This construction of irrigation schemes is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Japan through the Embassy of Japan in Nepal. ICA Japan and ICA Nepal implemented the project jointly with its local partner Rural Youth People Concern Forum (RYPCF).

Construction of Compound Wall at Community Training Centre, Sindhupalchowk

ICA Nepal received support from Province No. 3 Government for the construction of the compound wall of the Community Training Centre. The Local Town Improvement Committee of Sindhupalchok district is carrying out the construction work.

Construction of Retaining Wall and Road Maintenance at Women and Children Learning Centre, Changunarayan

Progressive Women Society, the local partner of ICA Nepal managed to receive support from the Changunaryan Municipality Government for the construction of a retaining wall and road in front of the Learning Centre. The construction of the retaining wall is finished and the road maintenance is being carried out.

Webinar on Prospects of Development through Nepal - Italy Friendship
Discussion panel consisting of delegates from Nepal-Italy Friendship Association and Italy-Nepal Friendship Association explored the potential for joint initiatives that will promote the development of Nepal. Agro-Tourism Pvt. Ltd. and ICA Nepal organized, and Moody International and IIQA sponsored the online ZOOM WEBINAR. There were 36 participants from Nepal, Italy, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, the USA, and the UK, who joined the webinar. Experts in the field of Information Technology, Civil Society, European Union, Agriculture, Waste Management and Journalism were present in the webinar. They contributed their ideas and commitments through dialogues that aided the identification of future strategies for strengthening Italy-Nepal friendship.

Italian delegates disclosed their interest in promoting the agro-tourism sector of Nepal as its first step towards friendship. Agro-tourism is a sector thriving globally. Italy is willing to invest their time, energy, skill and resources to develop Agro-tourism in Nepal because of the availability of abundant natural resources. Though Nepal is an agricultural country and also admired for its potential in tourism, the link between agriculture and tourism has not been fully explored yet. Italy commits to support Nepal for linking agriculture and tourism to exploit underlying economic opportunities. Both countries hope that Agro-tourism will support economic growth in rural societies of Nepal.
In an initiation towards the agriculture development, ICA Nepal is exploring potential partnerships with various like-minded organizations. In this regard, a series of virtual meetings are being carried out.

Report Prepared by:

Yunusha Kafle,
Program Officer, ICA Nepal



In the wake of the social inequality protests, violence and civil unrest, the climate crisis, and the virus pandemic, caring organizations everywhere are seeking effective direction which can be used to shape the New Normal.  We invite you to join with the ICA Social Research Center’s work on making the Global Archives inviting and available as a research tool for reshaping organizations and communities.

This interactive report  ICA Social Research Center Spring 2020 Sojourn Report  of the May virtual gathering is divided into Nine Research Arenas or Collections. Read the insights for each collection articulated by the 102 persons who participated in the event.

Select one collection to focus on: view its video and explore its collection more deeply.  Note that the icon on each page will take you directly into that Collection on the website. Then give us your feedback:

    - What about the collection catches your attention?
    - What words, phrases or visuals made you want to look deeper?
    - What needs to be clarified?  Added?  Reworked? 
    - How would you be willing to assist in this endeavor? 

You are invited to engage with our team to enhance and expand this work.

  • Do you have archive files that would be helpful to add to the website? If so, please make a PDF copy and e-mail to:  ICA Social Research Center at globalarchives@ica-usa.org.

  • What stories could you write to share on the website built on the wisdom of past work? (for examples see Human Development: Majuro for Lee and Leah Early stories; see Institute Foundations for Hilde Betonte stories; see Imaginal Education: Elementary for Jann McGuire story). 

  • If you are willing to assist enhancing the website pages, contact the related Collection Guide (see names and e-mail addresses at the end of the report).

  • Invite other people you know to explore the treasure trove of wisdom in these collections for their arenas of engagement in building a better society.

  • Help the work that Marge Philbrook and many others have initiated by making a contribution to the Archives Fund in memory of Marge or other departed archive angels or pledge a monthly gift:   https://www.ica-usa.org/donate.html

On behalf of the ICA Social Research Center Team,

Lynda Cock USA           lynda860@outlook.com

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