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Global Buzz Report: March 2020

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear ICA members

We are glad to announce to you that our board members are complete. Please take note who are your representatives, at the board, so if you have any questions, inquiry or suggestion, please let them know.






Ekta Bromley





Samantha Sainsbury





Gerd Louders

VP for the Americas




Yawo Gator ADUFU

VP for West Africa




Archana Deshmuck

VP for Asia




Henry Mapale

VP for East and South Africa




Catalina Quiroz

VP for Europe




Eric Tseng

VP for communication




Also, I want to announce, that due to health issues, I have to quit the presidency. Next month we will announce who the temporary president will be until December 2020 (when my term finishes). I was glad to serve as ICAI board member, since January 2015 and thank board members and ICAI members your support.

Lisseth Lorenzo

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Le mois de février à vu la fin du projet: « Créer une agriculture durable et réduire la pauvreté grâce à une agriculture de circulation des ressources qui relie l'élevage et la culture maraîchère et l’agroforesterie à Agboville »qui à été exécuté à la suite du projet de « Projet de réinsertion dans les activités génératrices de revenus (AGR) au profit de 585 jeunes à risque dans 11 villages de la région de l’Agnéby-Tiassa » de mars 2015 à mars 2019. Aussi pour couronner cette clôture nous avons reçu la visite de Madame  Shizuyo Sato Directrice de Ica Japon et de Monsieur Ishizawa Naoshi Expert  Japonais en aviculture qui ont durant leur séjour donné une formation sur la constitution d’une coopérative.

Le projet qui vient de prendre fin n’a pour autant mis fin aux activités des bénéficiaires et des agents de ICA-CI quand au suivi et à la poursuite des travaux de terrain dans chaque village.

La longue saison sèche que connait notre région en plus de d’autres n’est pas du tout favorable pour nos bénéficiaires maraichers qui malgré l’utilisation de la motopompe offert dans le cadre du projet voient l’effet de se changement climatique sur leur culture.
Une grande satisfaction est vécue par les bénéficiaires qui dans certains villages ont commencés la récolte des régimes de palmier planté en 2015.

Le volet avicole continu avec maintenant la production des poussins à parti des poulets Japonais que nous engraissons depuis près d’un an. A cet effet nous avons convié les bénéficiaires à une rencontre le 02 Mars 2020 pour échanger sur le mode de distribution des poussins dans chaque village pour un vaste élevage des poulets Japonais dans la région de l’Agneby-Tiassa.

Les responsables des CDC présent ont manifestés de prendre les poussins qui sortiront à chaque incubation, néanmoins ils ont émit quelque doléances quand l’appui en conseil et approvisionnement d’aliment qu’ils vont rembourser à chaque fois qu’ils feront la vente de leurs poulets.

Le restaurant et l’écloserie ouvert dans le cadre du projet sont fonctionnel maintenant et prévoyons l’utilisation maximum des incubateurs dans ce joli bâtiment qui va être aussi le future bureau de ICA-CI. Ainsi grâce à ce projet et à notre partenaire ICA Japon ICA-Côte d’Ivoire sera autonome sur le plan d’un siège administratif.


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The month of February saw the end of the project: "Creating sustainable agriculture and reducing poverty through a resource-based agriculture that links livestock and market gardening and agroforestry to Agboville" which was carried out following of the “Reintegration project in income-generating activities (IGA) project for the benefit of 585 young people at risk in 11 villages in the Agnéby-Tiassa region” from March 2015 to March 2019. To crown this closure, we received a visit of Mrs. Shizuyo Sato Director of Ica Japan and of Mr. Ishizawa Naoshi Japanese expert in poultry farming who during their stay gave training on the constitution of a cooperative.

The project which has just ended did not put an end to the activities of the beneficiaries and ICA-CI agents when monitoring and continuing the field work in each village.
The long dry season experienced by our region in addition to others is not at all favorable for our market gardening beneficiaries, who despite the use of the motor pump offered as part of the project, see the effect of climate change on their culture.

Great satisfaction has been experienced by the beneficiaries, who in certain villages, started harvesting the bunches of palm trees planted in 2015. The poultry component continues with now the production of chicks from Japanese chickens which we have been fattening for almost a year. To this end, we invited the beneficiaries to a meeting on March 02, 2020 to discuss the method of distributing chicks in each village for a large breeding of Japanese chickens in the Agneby-Tiassa region.

The CDC officials present, demonstrated how to take the chicks that will come out at each incubation, however they expressed some grievances when advised to supply food, but that they will reimburse each time they sell their chickens.

The restaurant and hatchery opened as part of the project are now operational and we plan to make maximum use of the incubators in this attractive building, which will also be the future office of ICA-CI. Thanks to this project and our partner ICA Japan, ICA-Côte d'Ivoire will be autonomous in terms of an administrative seat.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


The Development Institute marks World Wildlife Day 2020

Every living thing found on this planet including wildlife contributes in one way or the other to the wellbeing of human beings and the earth as a whole. To this end, World Wildlife Day (WWD) was created to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that their conservation provides to people.
Under the Avu Lagoon CREMA partnership project (https://www.facebook.com/AvuLagoon/), The Development Institute in collaboration with some women groups in the area, engaged pupils from biodiversity clubs as well as other students from two basic schools, Tosukpo and Avuto-Akutukope D/A basic schools in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region. The biodiversity clubs were established as part of the project to help create awareness amongst the younger generations and also to get them involved in conservation activities/practices.

Starting from Class four all the way to JHS two (Junior High School), participants included members of the biodiversity clubs (30 in number for each school) and other students as well. The programme began with discussions on the importance of wildlife conservation and activities for the clubs. After the interactive session, some pupils had the opportunity to put their creative juices to the test through an art competition. The competition offered the group an opportunity to express their understanding of the wildlife conservation concept. The competition was based on three main themes; their concept of wildlife in their respective areas; their perception of what wildlife should look like compared to the current reality; and finally what they hope for in the future.

The programme came to a successful end with a short ceremony to award the first three students with the best drawings as well as the other participants. Items such as school bags, note books, crayons, pencils, pens amongst others were given as prizes.
Moving forward, DI will continue to engage the younger generations through various channels mainly through the biodiversity clubs because we believe that the future belongs to them.

About the Avu Lagoon CREMA Partnership Project
The Avu Lagoon CREMA

Partnership project is a partnership between Calgary Zoo, Wildlife Division, 17 communities within the Avu Lagoon CREMA and the Development Institute for the sustainable management of the Avu Lagoon Community Protected Area. The main goal of the project is to provide technical assistance to CREMA community stakeholders for successful management of the Avu Lagoon wetland ecosystem focusing mainly on the survival and growth of the last remaining population of Sitatunga in Ghana.

Dzifa Kumaga         dkumagah@thedevin.org  


Our Interns visited a Nepalese School in Japan, and found that the Teacher’s Mother had been put in a shack for a week each month due to this illegal custom.
Now Tomo is in NEPAL beginning the second year with the remote mountain village to end this practice and to many other activities with this village. We believe we are having a widespread impact in mountain Villages in Nepal with the cooperation of the school in Japan. Here is their story.

Everest International School, Japan (EISJ)
  • Mr. Bishnu Bhatt is the vice-principal of EISJ, and our main contact with the school. He was from a rural region in Mahakali, where his mother practiced Chhaupadi, so he expressed strong interest in contributing to, and expanding on, our Nepal project.
  • EISJ is a small Nepalese curriculum-based school of over 200 students located in Suginami-ku. The medium of instruction is English. EISJ was established in 2013 under the management of Nepal Education Center, Japan.
  • We explained the activities of ICA-Japan in Nepal, and informed that Inui-san was currently in Nepal observing the situation first-hand. We then discussed ways of expanding this project, including school presentations, community events in Japan with the Nepalese community, and conducting educational presentations in Nepal itself.
  • EISJ has put up our GlobalGiving Nepal posters on their school notice board.

Future actions

  • Interns will work with Mr. Bishnu to plan and realize the school presentations and ensure continuity of this collaboration with future interns.
  • Mr. Bishnu would like to meet with and discuss things further with permanent staff of ICA Japan. So, contact information will be passed on, and when possible, plan a meeting between permanent staff and the EISJ team.
  • Get updates on the situation in Nepal from Inui-san upon his return from the trip, and to plan further actions thereafter.

Shizuyo continued writing a proposal to tear down the large training centre in Azpitia Peru and to build a magnificent new centre that will serve all across southern Peru. The ICA Peru staff will support this centre and introduce new curriculum for climate change and participatory practices.

Shizuyo & Wayne are making it possible to receive large funding from overseas. Now we have used our certified NPO status to say ICA Japan will not use money we raise for drugs and illegal activities. We are building a wide network of people interested in supporting social justice.

We have ended our 5 years of guiding and supporting ICA in Agboville and are turning to support the COOP and villagers directly. We think that villagers are able to become profitable raising and selling Japanese chickens and eggs on a very large scale, even selling to large organizations in Abidjan.

Last night, we had our monthly APRM meeting where we finished the rough draft of our Strategic Framework of ICA’s in Asia Pacific Region. We worked with 12 people in creating the IMPACT & VALUES that change seeks to contribute to 5 fundamental shifts in society. We had the pleasurer of Ken Kinney from Ghana participating.

Staff of ICA Japan.          icaj.main@gmail.com


The 2020 Spring ICA Archives Sojourn

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