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Global Buzz Report: September 2018

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear all ICA members

On August 29, 2018 , we had our General Assembly, thanks for your participation! Minutes will be send out as soon as possible .

ICAI announces that three regional meetings will be held: West Africa Regional Meeting in Lagos, Nigeria from 14th to 20th October, the Asian Pacific Regional Meeting from November 12 to 16 in 2018 at Taiwan, and European Regional Gathering from November 15 to 19 at Ukraine.

Also I am glad to inform you that The Nomination Committee is now requesting nominations for the Global Leadership Team/Board of Directors of ICA International for 2 or 4 year terms beginning Jan 2019. All statutory member organizations of ICAI are invited to nominate a member of their own ICA to be a candidate.

I also encourage you to read and send out articles to Global Buzz and Winds & Waves, as a way to communicate globally.


Lisseth Lorenzo
ICAI President
Skype: lissethl

The new Winds and Waves magazine

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Rapport du mois d’août 2018

Les activités terrains et administratives de notre bureau se poursuivent dans une atmosphère conviviale, qui nous permettre d’avoir des résultats malgré quelques  difficultés rencontrées par-ci et par-là. Pour ce mois d’août les activités ont portés sur la culture des concombres et mise en place des pépinières de piments pour le village de N’gorankro et pour les autres villages les aubergines et tomates africaines.

Les Agents Communautaires dans le projet financé par la banque mondiale ont avec les comités de sélection procédée à la sélection des bénéficiaires pour la constitution des Associations Villageoise d’ Epargne et de Crédit. Cette étape nous envoie à la mise en place des Assemblée Générale pour l’installation des bureaux exécutifs de chaque AVEC pour  la cotisation des épargnes individuelles.

Au titre de l’administration, nous nous sommes attelés aux recherches des documents qui vont nous aider à bénéficier du projet année 4 avec ICA Japon. Ainsi nous avons pu obtenir du Directeur Régional du Ministère de l’Agriculture et du Développement Durable une lettre de soutien au future projet que va réaliser ICA Japon et ICA-CI.  
Moringa une plante avec de nombreuses vêtures plantée dans le cadre du projet

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For those on the land together with those in the administrative office, we continue to work in a friendly atmosphere, which allows us to have good results despite some difficulties encountered here and there. For the month of August activities focused on the cultivation of cucumbers and the establishment of pepper nurseries for the village of N'gorankro, and for the other villages: aubergines and African tomatoes.

The Community Agents for the project, financed by the World Bank, have, together with the selection committee started to select the beneficiaries that will provide for the constitution of the Village Savings and Loan Associations. This step allows us to prepare for the General Assembly and for theinstallation of the executive offices of each AVEC that will establish the terms for the distribution of the individual savings.

As part of the administration, we are looking for documents that will help us to benefit from the year 4 project with ICA Japan. Thus we were able to obtain from the Regional Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development, a letter of support for the future project that ICA Japan and ICA-CI will carry out.

Moringa, a plant with many virtues, planted as part of the project.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


Collaboration for Wheelchair Distribution

Representatives of NRNA, BB Trust,NDAKNLC, Mobility Device and ICA Nepal

ICA Nepal in association with five other organizations i.e. BB Trust, Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Nepal Disable Association Khagendra New Life Center (NDAKNLC), Mobility Device and Rotary Club of Rudramati Kathmandu has come up with a new project named ‘Wheelchair Promotion and Distribution in Nepal’.The project aims to distribute 1000 wheelchairs to physically challenged people residing in Nepal. By the end of December 30th of this year we aim to have distributed 200 wheelchairs in Nepal.

Training for Sustainable Agriculture
Together with ICA Japan ,RYPCF, NAFSCOL, ICA Nepal provided three days of training on natural pesticides and organic farming to the thirty people living in Sindhupalchowk,Chautara Sagachowkgadi municipality, ward no. 10 Karkitar. Masahiro Hamada, the coordinator from ICA Japan, also took part in these training sessions. As we know Nepal is an agricultural country and most of the people depend on farming for a living. Use of different pesticides deteriorates the fertility of land and to improve the condition we provided this specific training. The objective of the training is for all to be aware of the current situation in agriculture and its problems and to provide knowledge about the importance of organic farming for sustainable development. In the community people also learned how to make natural pesticides by using natural materials.

Photo1:  participants of Chautara Sangachowkgadi during the training on Natural Pesticide, Photo2: Demonstration on natural pesticide making given by trainer during the training

Official Inauguration of Training Center
ICA Nepal, together with ICA Japan, are working on the Sindhupalchowk Community Training Center project. The training center will be used in multifunctional ways and will act as an asset in community developmental activities. The official opening of the training center was inaugurated by Prof.Dr.Tatwa Pd. Timsina in the municipality of Chautara Sangachowkgadi. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Honourable Provincial member, Mr. Saresh Nepal of Province no.3. The aim of the project is to build a learning center to provide and organize training sessions for various vocations, such as: income generating skills and to improve the social and economic condition of the community and help people in a sustainable way.

Photo 1: Prof.Dr.Tatwa Pd. Timsina doing the rituals during the inauguration Photo 2: View of training center land       

Deepa Lama           deepalama63@gmail.com

Program Officer
Institute of Culture Affairs (ICA) Nepal

ICA Canada

ICA Canada is offering the following online study series

Click picture above for more details

Description of the study series (#CTLSeries
We all know from experience that a leader can make or break an organization, a country, a community group, or a family unit. Leadership is no easy task, especially during difficult times. It is during these difficult times that we’re all witnessing in our present day (e.g. from gender discrimination to inhumane policies) that courageous leadership is so much needed.
Many of us want to make a positive difference in this world. However, it takes courage to lead with purpose. This begs the question; what does courageous leadership mean to you? What would it take for you to lead compassionately, courageously and authentically in every situation? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we would like to invite you to join our 13-week online study series, where you will get to explore your relationship to life, self and the world. The aim of this study is to provide the tools for deep reflection on how you can become the best leader you can be. Sign up today to reserve your spot.
To register, click here.  After you have registered, you will be emailed the log-in details a week before the study series start date.
Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-courage-to-lead-online-study-series-tickets-48610267619

From people who use The Courage to Lead (CTL) in their work:
“Many of us can master techniques. But transformative leadership which releases the spirit and possibilities of the group and individuals we serve is more than techniques. It is about how we show up, what we value, our relationship to our work and life.” (Jane Stallman, Founder and Senior Partner for Strategic Facilitation) 
“Reading The Courage to Lead, and participating in the course first as a student then as a facilitator, makes me realise that I can create positive change in the world any time, on a large or small scale – and that in fact I already do – simply by relating authentically to myself, to all parts of life, and to everyone I meet along the journey.” (Sara B., University Health Network) 
“I definitely look at problem-solving in a new way, instead of just working to change everything, I have new insights on what makes a great leader.” (Anonymous)

CTL Facilitators:

Ekta Bromley has over a decade of experience in the fields of Education, Adult Education, Organizational & Leadership Development. She has a keen ongoing interest in the applications of discourse and community development theories to the construction of social structures and realities. As a ‘happily transformed’ alumna of the Courage to Lead program (and a proud proponent of participatory planning methodologies), she is grateful for the ability to meaningfully contribute to positive social change through the brilliance of ICA’s impactful resources and results.

David Buwalda is a professional facilitator with 15 years experience across four continents. He is the former General Manager of ICA Canada and is co-owner of Haliburton County Coffee Roasters Inc.

Jo Nelson is a respected, prolific guru in the facilitation field. She’s one of the principal owners of ICA Associates Inc. and the lead for all the training and curriculum. She is also the author of several books. Jo is a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators and is on the Hall of Fame of IAF.

Jeanette Stanfield is an educator with a Master of Arts degree who first encountered the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in a local community on the west side of Chicago. Since that time Jeanette has worked with ICA in Australia, India, USA and Canada and is currently on the board of ICA Canada.

Staci Kentish is a former ICA Canada Program Director with over 12 years of leadership development experience. Her passion lies in enabling conversations about leadership with those who are open to more compassionate possibilities. Much of Staci’s professional experience has been working with young people and early career professionals to facilitate productive dialogue, support individual growth and create participatory processes that encourage shared leadership.

Please note that we’ll be using “The Courage to Lead” book for the study which can be purchased separately on Amazon or iUniverse

Virginia          virginia@icacan.org


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/b3-Yq1OaHN6pINVS923nORigFk9ggPVt5qMfEeQqwNH9R1_GkR5USNz219x3uQVLQrcL-GxOtZ-Z4cv02eS2BCxmEseVU20l1_AyME6WkycsJAO_vPsyJkdM9pI9qtrouHQQpsbX       Creating The Future Of Our Past        https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/GNpDB6g73eCizebmdkgGerIuytAY3hMBmvuB_HyoYhEu8Sgv3-baD56uDZqxQbn4jM0pWc47a-cKhIRsjans7Z_aF8PR21DP9ZKW8EJFNNIKdeTuAplkLCy17iO2q_WV5Aw0a5k4

Inviting you to attend the:

GLOBAL ARCHIVES FALL SOJOURN      October 21 – 27, 2018

JOIN US in transforming more than 50 years of programs, projects, methods and training by staff and volunteers – to an ICA Archives Website to be launched by the end of the year accessible to anyone in the world.
Nine collections are revealing our foundational wisdom and experience:




Community Development

Changing Images

Profound Engagement

Social Change Processes

Facilitation Methods

Interior Life

Community Forums

Collaborative Networking

Global Movement

What areas would you like to assist us with as we make them visible to the world? We are currently working on these four areas: Social Change Process (New Social Vehicle);  Changing Images; Facilitation Methods; Interior LIfe. Include your priorities in the registration information you email to jean.long512@gmail.com - see lower down.

The work of the Archives week will include:

  1. Assessing what is going on in the world and in our work presently.
  2. Searching the Archives to document past wisdom.
  3. Creating web pages with photos, videos, articles, programs that will showcase the work of the past and present.

Cheap flight sales are on now.  No previous archive experience needed.  Anyone who can -- come in early to help with prep (from Thursday, 10/18 on).
For additional information, please call Jean Long (720-633-5008) or email jean.long512@gmail.com.  (For registration information see below.)


Dates:  October 21 (Sunday arrival) * - October 27 (Saturday departure)

ICA Greenrise Learning Lab,
4750 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60640

Sleeping rooms on the 8th floor – Couples - $45.00;   Singles – $30.00 (per bed) (Rooms across from the bathrooms go first.)

Food - $30 per day for 3 meals (Monday through Friday)

Parking fee -  $7.50/day: $45.00/Sunday - Saturday

Conference fee - $30.00 to cover conference materials and expenses

Payment:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Check

To register:  e-mail Jean Long   jean.long512@gmail.com **

**When you send in your e-mail registration to Jean Long - jean.long512@gmail.com please include the following information:

  1. Name(s) address, e-mail and phone number of those registering.
  2. Dates of arrival and departure
  3. List two or three priority areas that you would like to work with while you are here. (Chart on the first page of this invitation.)

*Anyone who can - come in early to help with prep (from Thursday 10/18 on).

Jean Long

ICA Canada online study series and
Global Archives Fall Sojourn

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