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Global Buzz Report: March 2018

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Celebrating 20th Year Anniversary

This month of March is marked as ICA Nepal’s glorious 20th year anniversary in the field of training, facilitation and community development. We are grateful to all the funding agencies, organizations, well wishers, colleagues and friends who have been a part of this long journey. We are looking forward to continue this association in coming years.

Local Government Capacity Building Interaction Program
The Mayor of Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City of West Nepal, Mr. Narulal Chaudhary, Chief Administrator Officer Mr. Rishi Ram KC and other representatives visited ICA Nepal for an in depth discussion on development issues. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, Chairperson of ICA Nepal gave a presentation on various issues of development leading to an interactive discussion. Ms. Ishu Subba, Executive Director for ICA Nepal gave overview on ICAs globally with special reference to ICA Nepal.

Prof.Dr.Tatwa Pd. Timsina, Chairperson of ICA Nepal, Ms.Ishu Subba, Executive Director of ICA Nepal with the Mayor Mr. Narulal Chaudhary ,Chief Adminisrator and other representatives.

ICA Nepal has regularly been in dialogue with the newly elected local governments representative, regarding ICA Nepal’s contribution in local government, capacity building, and organizational development.

Promoting Rural Development through Agro Tourism
ICA Nepal team had an opportunity to visit the Lamjung district, in the Western part of Nepal, to participate in the first annual general meeting on agro tourism. We interacted with a program along with Mr. Krishna Raj Oliya and his associates, from Sarvodaya, an organization promoting

ICA Nepal team after the discussion session at
Sarvodaya Ashram, Lamjung.

agro tourism in Lamjung district. We believe agro tourism will help in improving the livelihood of the rural communities, providing on farm employment opportunities, and increasing awareness of local agricultural products and enhance understanding of the importance of maintaining agricultural lands. Through this concept we will be promoting organic and local products for the betterment of the community and the local people.

Training and Facilitation
In collaboration with the BB Trust, ICA Nepal organized a series of training sessions at with the 4 Village Development Committees of Chitwan District namely, Piple, Khaireni, Kumrose and Bachyauli. Key facilitators for the trainings were, Mr. Sharada Pd. Dhital, Prof.Dr. Tatwa Timsina, Ms.Yashoda Nepali and Ms.Deepa Lama. Training on Functional Literacy and Women Empowerment, Health, Hygiene and a Sanitation Awareness Program along with Kitchen Gardening, were given to the local community. Approximately 125 people benefitted. These trainings were part of a Drinking Water project, jointly implemented by BB Trust and ICA Nepal with the supported of Rotary. The training was organized with the help of Mr. Nawaraj Upreti and Mr. Namaraj Pathak, coordinators for Kathar and Khaireni respectively.

Trainings organized at Piple and Kathar villages, Chitwan.

Signing Ceremony with ICA Japan

We are happy to announce that ICA Nepal participated a signing ceremony with ICA Japan at the Embassy of Japan on the 26th February, 2018. We appreciated the presence of Ms. Miku Kawakami for making the ceremony successful. ICA Nepal is working with ICA Japan in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal for sustainable livelihood for the local community. With this purpose, ICA Nepal in coordination with ICA Japan is building a learning center in Sindhupalchowk district. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (MOFA) Japan and the Embassy of Japan.

ICA Nepal team along with Ms. Miku Kawakami, ICA Japan
, during the signing ceremony at Embassy of Japan.

Deepa Lama           deepalama63@gmail.com
Program Officer


“A WALK TOWARDS ADULT”: Life Skills and Sexuality Education with Students of Melville College, Lagos

This February, we met with the SS3 students again and did an ORID on the previous lesson “The Dangers of Examination Malpractices” and below are some of their responses:

“Knowing your future ambition in time is very important in order to align with your destiny. Knowing what I am about to go into and to prepare for it and so I will continue to strive until I become very great.” - Beulah “

The Proverb ‘a little sleep, a little slumber and poverty shall come over you’. I will study and prepare for my exams. - Chukwudumebi

“You taught us to put more effort in studying our books and not to depend on any ‘expo’ and now I am putting hard so I can pass my exams with flying colours.” - Joy

The second part was a discussion on the Foundations for Excellence: Diligence, Integrity and Discipline. These are necessary ingredients for anyone who wants to have successful and fulfilled lives. A total of forty one students (24 males/17 females) were in attendance.

“CATCH THEM YOUNG” for Elementary Schools - Mepol Primary School, Lagos:

We had three sessions with the children in the month of February. We did a review of previous lessons and the essence of our program with them; had an introductory talk on the value of Peaceability – the need to be accommodating, calm, peaceful and control of emotions.

We also did a song on building a strong foundation through character so that our future can be secured.

The song is:

The wise man built his house upon the rock (3ce)
And the rains came tumbling down
The rains came down and the floods went up (3ce)
And the house on the rock stood firm.

The foolish man built his house upon the sand (3ce)
And the rains came tumbling down
The rains came down and the floods went up (3ce)
And the house on the rock fell flat.

Hannah           epdi2008@yahoo.com


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