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Global Buzz Report: October 2017

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ICAI Board Report:

We would like to remind you that there are two regional meetings coming up. First, the West Africa Regional Meeting, to be held in Benin, from October 23 to 27, 2017. And the second one, the Asian Pacific Meeting, will be held in Nepal, from October 29 to November 3, 2017.
Stay tuned for the results of both meetings.

Our VP for the Americas, Gerd Louders, states the fact, that political issues are arising in Latin America. For example, Chile is having an election in November 2017. ICA Chile is creating an awareness of corruption. Also, Guatemala is having problems with corruption, and citizens have taken to the streets to protest and ask the president and his deputies for their resignation. As ICAI, our concern is that we must find a way to handle these issues and provide our people with tools so they can be more effective. How, as an ICA, can we deal with these issues? How do we prepare future generations? It will be great if we can make an effort to come up with ideas of how to support these citizens using ToP methods to root out social causes, and to have dialogue with local leaders in order to figure out the issues. Then, ICAs can approach training courses.

We encourage you all to share your ideas and set up virtual meetings to deepen this dialogue in order to offer, at least, some part of the solution, using ICA´s methods.

Lisseth Lorenzo
Skype: lissethl

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Photo d’ensemble avec l’équipe de TV Japonaise devant le Bureau d’ICA-CI
  1. Les points des activités
  2. La construction du restaurent
  3. Le camion
  4. Divers
Culture Maraîchère

Le village de Badoukro a fait le planting de gombo et de concombres tandis qu’à Ekissi-oh il y a eu un problème au niveau du repiquage des aubergines. A la ferme école, les plantes se comportent bien. Le repiquage de chou et confection de planches ont été faites par les bénéficiaires de N’gorankro. A Niamanzra I aussi les bénéficiaires ont également fait le repiquage de chou et à Bonikro il y a eu repiquage d’aubergine. A Ekissi-oh, le champ d’aubergine a été inondé par la pluie. Les bénéficières de Mure ont fait leur première récolte d’aubergines cette semaine et le poids de la récolte est de 31 kg.

Activité d’arrosage et de pesé de compost à la ferme moderne de Mure
Bénéficiaires de N’gorankro de culture maraîchère en activité


Poursuite du planting d’arbres, de palmiers, de cajou, de moringa  sur certains sites. Les terrains sont disponibles pour les palmiers dans les villages de Dey-oboguié, Bonikro, et Badoukro. Le 23 Aout, il y a eu aussi la distribution des plants d’agrumes dans tous les 11 villages du projet. La plus part des villages qui ont reçu les boutures de manioc ont presque  terminé de semer les boutures qui se comportent bien. Ceux sont au total 8 villages qui ont semé le manioc.

Planting de palmier  à Mure
Champ de manioc
Champ de patate et maïs Kouassikro


Les vaccins des pondeuses ont été faits à N’gorankro et Niamanzra II en plus de la pesée des poules. Un total de 372 poussins sont sortis de l’incubateur et ont été envoyé à Boka-Oh.

Il y a eu 2 formations, une qui s’est tenue a Agboville au bureau d’ICA-CI avec Mr Miamoto en marketing où tous les 11 villages ont été invités et le second à Dey-Oboguié sur le calcul de la ration alimentaire des poulets, le nombre de participants était de 10 personnes.

Formation en marketing bureau ICA-CI 
et  sur la ration alimentaire à Dey- Oboguié 

4 fermes sont en activité en ce moment pour l’élevage de poulets de chair, ce sont les villages de Bonikro avec  400 poulets, Ekissi-oh 500 poulets de chairs,  200 à Dey-Oboguié et N’gorankro avec 1150 poussins qui sont au dixième jour et ont reçu les premiers vaccins.

Séances de vaccination des pondeuses à N’gorankro

 Le vétérinaire et le technicien ont fait le débectage des poules pondeuse de N’gorankro.

La rehabilitation des fermes de Dadié et de Vincent sont en cours de réalisation.


10 villages ont formalisés leurs documents de CDC et 2 sont en cours, ce sont les villages de  Niamanzra I et II. La semaine prochaine, une visite sera effectuée dans les villages pour voir l’évolution des plans d’actions.

2) La construction du restaurant
Après les informations recueillies auprès du ministère de la construction,  Nous avons entamé les démarches pour avoir  le permis de construction et pour la réalisation du plan du restaurant.

3) Le camion
Le camion vient d’être mis à la disposition  d’ICA-CI.

4) Divers
ICA-CI, a reçu la visite de l’équipe de TV Japonaise pour la réalisation d’un film sur la vie quotidienne de Hideki ici à Agboville et aussi sur son travail. Qui depuis 2015 date de démarrage du projet de réinsertion des jeunes à risque dans la région de l’Agnéby-Tiassa vit ici à Agboville.

L’équipe de TV Japonaise à la ferme moderne de Mure

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Photo in front of ICA-CI office with Japanese TV team
  1. Ongoing activities
  2. The construction of the restaurant
  3. The truck
  4. Others

The village of Badoukro planted okra and cucumbers, while in Ekissi-oh there was a problem with the transplanting of eggplants, as the eggplant field was flooded by rain, though at the farm school, plants were thriving. At the same time the beneficiaries of N'gorankro, transplantied cabbage. At Niamanzra the beneficiaries also transplanted cabbage, and at Bonikro they transplanted eggplant. The beneficiaries of Mure made their first harvest of eggplants this week, and the weight of the harvest is 31 kg.

Watering and weighing of compost at Mure village
Beneficiaries of N'gorankro and market gardening activity


Palm, cashews, and moringa trees have been planted on some sites, with land also available for palm trees, in the villages of Dey-oboguié, Bonikro, and Badoukro. On August 23, fruit trees were distributed to all 11 villages in the project. Most of the 8 villages that have received cassava cuttings have now almost finished sowing the cuttings, and they are doing well.

Planting of palm tree at Mure
Orange tree
Field of Cassava
Field of sweet potatoes and corn in Kouassikro

Chicken raising

Two training sessions were held with regard to marketing. One in Agboville, in the ICA-CI office, with Mr. Miamoto. All 11 villages were invited. The second one in Dey-Oboguié. for estimating the amount of food required by chickens. There were 10 participants.

Marketing training at ICA-CI office and food ration at Dey- Oboguié 

4 chicken farms are currently operating for the breeding of meat chickens. These are in the villages of, Bonikro, with 400 chickens, Ekissi-oh, with 500 chickens, 200 in Dey-Oboguié, and N'gorankro, with 1150 chicks that are in their tenth day, and have received their first vaccinations.

Vaccination of chicken eggs in N’gorankro

In N'gorankro, the veterinarian and the local technician, trimmed the beaks of the laying hens. And the rehabilitation of the Dadié and Vincent farms is underway.


10 villages have formalized their CDC documents, and the villages of Niamanzra I and II are in the process. Next week, a visit will be made to all the villages to check on the updated action plans.

2)  Construction of the restaurant

After gathering the information required from the Ministry of Construction, We have begun the process of obtaining a permit to build the restaurant.

3)  The truck

A truck is now available to ICA-CI for the project.

4)  Other

A Japanese TV team has arrived to make a movie of Mr. Kambe Hideki’s life in CI since 2015, when he came to oversee the Youth at Risk project in the region of Agnéby-Tiassa. Mr. Hideki is the project coordinator for ICA-Japan.

Japanese TV team at Mure on the modern farm

Kouame Konan


ICA Associates Inc. has just finished a paper describing some of the main milestones in the journey of a facilitator. The simplified journey can be seen at http://top-facilitation.com/china/index.php?title=Main_Page and the full version downloaded.

We have found this journey description important, because our, and many of ICA's training programs, can go beyond what is required by an IAF CPF, and by an ICA CTF. Our intention is to begin to align our curriculum and marketing to this journey.

Bill Staples          bstaples@ica-associates.ca

Principal, ICA Associates Inc.
401 Richmond St. W., Suite 405,
Toronto ON M5V 3A8
Tel.(416)691-2316 fax: (416)691-2491


Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM)
ICA Nepal is all ready to welcome our ICA colleagues and other guests to the APRM. Please make sure to confirm your registration and send your arrival details to us !!

Follow up Program on Menstruation Hygiene Management

On August 28, we conducted a follow up at one of the schools, where we had conducted the Menstruation Hygiene Management Program. We were glad to see that the members of the Surakshya Club had worked with the school to make the school's toilets more girl friendly. Now they have sanitary napkins for emergency use in the school, a dustbin, and water for the toilets.

The Surakshya girls have created a Wall Magazine at their school which they have entitled: Lets Talk Periods.

Talk Program on Agro Tourism

Dr. Tatwa Pd. Timsina, after his recent visit to Italy, facilitated a talk program on, “Prospects of Agro Tourism in Nepal: Learning from Italy”. The program was conducted by ICA Nepal in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Rudramati Kathmandu. Since then he has visited Lamjung, to see if there is the potential in that area for agro tourism, especially grape farming.

Prepared by
Willemien Top and
Ishu Subba         ishu@ica-nepal.org

The West Africa Regional Meeting, (WARM)
will be held in Benin from October 23 to 27, 2017.

The Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, (APRM),
is going to be held on
the 29th of October to the 3rd of November, 2017 in Nepal.

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