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Global Buzz Report: November 2016

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ICAI Board Report:

Seventeen representatives of 11 member ICAs of our global network participated in two online General Assembly meetings on October 20, and 16 of 24 current statutory member ICAs voted in the online GA poll over the following ten days to 30 October.  Thank you again to all who participated!

As a result of the GA we are pleased to welcome another new Associate member to ICAI, nominated by ICA:UK with the support of ICA Ukraine & ICA Netherlands and approved unanimously by the GA – Focus Homini Poland is a newly constituted group of five ICA colleagues working to establish ICA in Poland.

Also as a result of the GA we are pleased to congratulate Archana Deshmukh of ICA India and Gerd Luders of ICA Chile, who have been unanimously elected to our global Board from January (from 2017-20), and to Seva Gandhi of ICA USA who has been re-elected to serve another two years (2017-18).  Archana and Gerd will succeed Martin Gilbraith of ICA:UK and Staci Kentish of ICA Canada, who will complete their terms this December. 

During the GA meetings members also received brief narrative & financial reports from the Board, and deliberated on the ICAI 2017-18 budget, the Board nominations process and options for a future ICAI global conference.

Martin Gilbraith


You are invited to attend the
ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 4th - 10th December 2016
Please share this invitation to potential attendees in the Asia
Pacific region and beyond. Ask folks to respond by email to


See here: ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting. PDF


October was a month full of festival vibes in Nepal.

ICA Nepal and the rest of Nepal celebrated our biggest festival, Dashain, from the 9th-15th of October and Tihar from the 30th-1st November, 2016. Dashain is basically a celebration of the victory of gods over demons. In the 10 days long festival, nine different goddesses are worshipped and temples are visited, people visit their families and relatives gather for “Tika” and blessings. The other prominent features are Kites, cards, swings, shopping and food which makes it undoubtedly the most awaited time of the year. Whereas Tihar on the other hand, is a festival of lights and music, celebrated for five days. People worship crows, cows, dogs, and sing and dance in their neighborhood. On the last day, all the sisters worship their brothers for their security and long life.

Festivals and rituals are what have shaped our life so beautifully and provided us our unique identity. This helps people reunite and spend time with family. Promoting and preserving our culture and festivals are very important and ICA Nepal believes that this is our unique identity which makes us stand out in the crowd.

Besides the celebrations, the ICA Nepal Team put their heads together to come up with a fundraising plan for the coming year. With new ideas, plans for exciting events and strategies, ICA Nepal hopes to make 2017 a very successful and impactful year.

One of the very exciting events that ICA Nepal organized this month was the “Inter – School Quiz Competition” in Changunarayan, as the part of the project supported by ICA Japan. A total of four schools from the community participated, and over 30 students appeared in the program. Facilitated by Mr. TP Kadel and Mr. Aatmaram Timsina, the program was highly successful. Both the children and the school were given certificates and a few more recreational activities were conducted.

ICA Nepal was featured in a national TV program this month where the overall activities of ICA Nepal were featured. Also, another program covered Social Artistry training in Nepal.

Please view the links here:
ICA Nepal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2sJ1Lz1hvQ
Social Artistry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMMeTCv3U0Y
Also follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/icanepal1
and our blog: www.icanepal.blogspot.com

Prepared by
Pritha Khanal          pritha_khanal@yahoo.com


For colleagues joining the ICA Asia Gathering in Talegoan in December, we will do three days of training post conference, Dec 11 12 and 13: Dialogue, Action Planning and Client Care. Please let Shankar know if you wish to attend or know people in India he should connect with.

Lawrence Philbrook