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Global Buzz Report: October 2015

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ICAI Board Report:

We are excited to have launched the new
ICAI website in September.
This new site is designed to provide an engaging platform for member ICAs and ICA colleagues to communicate with each other and with the wider world. We hope that you will like it, and and that you will use it and share it!  In the launch post on the website itself  you can read an overview of some of what you can already find on the site, some of what is coming and some of what will be possible for the future.  Member ICAs have been invited to complete and update their ICA Worldwide profiles by completing a simple online form, and we encourage them to do so right away and let us know of any support that they might need.

Following decisions of the General Assembly in July, nominations have been received for member representatives to serve on the new 2016 Global Conference working group and the new Global ToP policy working group. The two new global working groups are now beginning their work.

The Board were pleased that ICAI was able to provide some small financial support for the West & Central Africa regional gathering, hosted by ICA Cote d'Ivoire in September.  We hope to be able to support as well upcoming regional gatherings of the Asia Pacific region in India and the Europe MENA region in the Netherlands in November.

Many member ICAs' annual dues become payable at this time of year, and we are grateful to all those who are responding promtply to the dues reminders that ICA Treasurer Seva Gandhi has been circulating.

Martin Gilbraith          president@ica-international.org

WINDS and WAVES Editorial Team:

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are always welcome

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The first Regional Conference of ICA Central and West Africa was held at the hotel Maltus II, Agboville in Côte d’Ivoire, from the 15th to the 20th of September 2015. The meeting brought together representatives from many different organizations.

The objective of the conference was to allow members: “Development Institute "Ghana (DI)," Esto Perpetua Development Initiative »Nigeria (EPDI), " BEE to BEE "Holland, ENACTUS-HOLLAND and those of ICA to think about Community Development which is a mission that the world's ICAs have given themselves, "The Development of the human factor" for the future of a better world.

The theme that brought us together was the "Community Development factor of Social Integration and Economic Emergence", it allowed us time to think during those five days, and aslo gave us the opportunity to identify future perspectives for all those structures for: "Development Institute" Ghana (DI), "[Esto Perpetua Development Initiative» Nigeria (EPDI), "BEE to BEE " Holland, ENACTUS- HOLLAND and the ICAs of our sub region.

The meetings that we had between us, as ICA’s officials, and Wayne allowed us to choose a very important project which includes education (Preschool), agriculture and health. The joint project was a source of vision for all those present at the conference.

The fact that we have not made our activities known to other ICAs up till now is because at ICA West Africa we have not, so far, published our activities using various the forms such as websites etc. that ICA International has made available to us. So our first recommendation is, that from now on each office should make an effort to publish timely reports on its activities, so that it can be seen by all ICAs worldwide.

In order to permit all the participants to have an idea of the activities of each office, each presented a summery of our activities for our respective countries. The participants very much appreciated the presentation wich allowed them the opportunity to see how their colleagues were active in the community development of their countries. In addition the presentation enabled us to be aware of the difficulties that each office is facing, and also the operating expenses each office must face in its daily management.

At the end of the five days spent together participants decided to meet in Togo in 2016 to continue their link building activities in the ICA network which is to their common good.

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Du 15 au 20 septembre 2015 s’est tenu à l’hôtel maltus II Agboville en Côte d’Ivoire s’est tenue la première Conférence  sous Régionale des ICA de l’Afrique de l’ouest et  central. Cette réunion  a regroupé les représentants des différentes organisations suivantes:

L’objectif de cette conférence était de permettre aux membres de Development Institute » Ghana (DI), « [Esto Perpetua Development Initiative » Nigeria (EPDI), « BEE to BEE » Hollande, ENACTUS-HOLLAND, et ceux des ICA de réfléchir sur le Développement Communautaire qui est une mission que les ICA du monde se sont donné comme let motif le « Développement du facteur humain »  pour l’avenir d’un monde meilleur.

Le thème qui nous réuni est le « Développement Communautaire Facteur d’Intégration Social et d’Emergence Economique » il nous a permis de réfléchir durant ces 5 jours et nous a donné l’occasion de dégager des perspectives d’avenir pour l’ensemble des structures présentes, en outre «  Development Institute » Ghana (DI), « [Esto Perpetua Development Initiative » Nigeria (EPDI), « BEE to BEE » Hollande, ENACTUS-HOLLAND,  et les ICA de notre sous région. Les rencontres que nous avons eu entre nous différents responsables avec Wayne ont permis de choisir une idée de projet très intégrateur qui part de l’éducation ( Préscolaire) à l’agriculture et la santé. Ce projet commun est une source de vision pour l’ensemble des structures présentent à cette conférence.

Le constat que nous avons tous  fait est que nos activités sont très peu vues par les autres car nous les ICA de l’Afrique de l’Ouest nous ne faisons pas de publications dans les différents journaux et sites web que ICA International met à notre disposition.

Ainsi la recommandation première que nous avons eu à faire est que désormais chaque bureau doit faire des efforts pour publier les rapports de ses activités afin qu’ils soit vus par tous les bureaux et à travers le monde.
Pour permettre à chaque participant d’avoir une idée des activités de chaque bureau nous avons fait une présentation succincte de tout ce que nous menons comme activités dans nos pays respectifs. Les participants ont beaucoup appréciés cette présentation qui leur a  permis de savoir ce que les collègues font comme action de développement communautaire dans leurs différents pays. Cette présentation nous a surtout permis de savoir les difficultés que rencontre chaque bureau et aussi les charges de fonctionnement aux quelles chaque bureau doit faire face dans sa gestion quotidienne.

A la fin des 5 jours passés ensemble les participants ont décidé de se retrouver au Togo en 2016 pour poursuivre leurs activités de renforcement des liens dans le réseau ICA qui est leur bien commun.  

Report on the visit of his
Excellency the Ambassador of Japan,
to Cote-d’Ivoire

His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan Visited Agboville on October 29 2015, to view the initiation of the Reintegration of Youth at Risk and Vulnerable People project, funded by the Japanese government through the foreign affairs ministry (MOFA) and implemented by CIA-CI

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Welcome by the authorities
The arrival at 10 am, the delegation of his Excellency the Ambassador, Sir. Hiroshi Kawamura, was welcomed by the Executive Director of ICA-CI and his staff at the ICA-CI office in Agboville where he was presented to the staff and a traditional gift, (a loincloth, named kita in local language) was offered to his excellency.

His Excellency the Ambassador paid a courtesy visit to the prefectural authorities in the prefecture of Agboville. After the exchange of courtesies to the prefecture, he met with all the prefects in the meeting room. His excellency also made note in his speech of the authorities of the decentralized communities that were present: The regional council / town hall, with the responsibility of, education, agriculture, civil society, and with the six chiefs of the villages where the interventions for exchange will take place.

-The objectives of the Japanese cooperation and areas of intervention
  were outlined
-The bilateral cooperation between Japan / Cote d’Ivoire
-Support of MOFA to ICA-CI

A power point projection of ICA-CI’s activities at the community level was made, followed by comments and clarifications on the activities and expectations of the people by the project coordinator and director of ICA-CI. A cocktail party livened the ceremony.

Visit to Bokaho
-Welcome: arrival of the delegation at 10-30 am to Bokaho where a hero's welcome was made to his Excellency the Ambassador by the village chief of Bokaho, Sir. Boka Rene Ceser, who was supported by his village chiefs namely: Bonikro, Badoukro, Ekissiho, Aboude-Dadie, Aboude Vincent Boa, Blegbeu. A jubilant population came out in large numbers to receive their illustrious guest of the day.

Exchange of courtesies between the traditional chiefs and the various delegations.

- Chief’s of the village of bokaho, (words of welcome and a presentation
  of a list of grievances).
- The director of ICA-CI (brief summary of the project / projection of
  support for the next year)
- spokesman of the beneficiaries (words of thanks and a few requests).

Enthronement of his Excellency the Ambassador by the traditional chiefs;
The giving of gifts composed of:
- 1 loincloth kita (high value)
- 1 necklace
- 1 ring and bracelet
- 1 crown
- 1 pair of shoes for a king /
- 1 aries (a sheep)
The food:
- 1 basket of okra
- 1 basket of peppers
- 1 basket of tomatoes
- 2 baskets of eggplants

Name of baptism: Nanan Boka the First

The speech of Nanan Boka the First henceforth known as Son of Bokaho to explain the well-founded project and to Renew the support of the Japanese people through bilateral cooperation between Japan and our country, Cote d’Ivoire.

Visits to different sites of the three sub-projects: agroforestry, vegetables and chicken raising. At this stage, the illustrious guest was invited to sow okra seeds in the vinyl house. The visit of Sir Hiroshi Kawamura, Ambassador of Japan in Cote d’Ivoire ended at 3 pm in Agboville.


Eugène KOUAME           konaneug@gmail.com


For this months ICA Nepal GB report,
please see attached PDF

And we happy to announce the release of a quarterly newsletter for ICA Nepal. We were not able to release the previous issues earlier, therefore, attached are the previous issues along with the latest July-September issue, in PDF Format

Pritha Khanal           pritha_khanal@yahoo.com



Dear colleagues,

Please find an invitation to the end of year Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in India.  We would love to have representation from each and every ICA in our Asia Pacific region, as this will be a great collaborative peer-to-peer working and learning opportunity.

Please forward this invitation to your colleagues – interested members of ICA or other networks. While the focus will be on Asia Pacific, colleagues from outside of the AP region will be most welcome.
Invitation and additional information here

We do hope folk will use the expression of interest link to register interest.

Best wishes,

Shizuyo Sato, VP Asia Pacific Region  shizuyo@icajapan.org


Dear Colleagues,

In the name of ICA Spain we would like to make contact with the Global team to announce the launching of our first Crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is aiming to create and unite a network of SUPER COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURS, starting with 5 who come from CUBA, ARGENTINA, PERU, MEXICO and FINLAND. They have demonstrated their commitment by action in developing successful experiences and good practices in the social and solidarity economy.

Please give us your support and collaboration using the Spanish crowdfunding platform GOTEO in this link:
https://goteo.org/project/conferencia-internacional-ess/home# or share our campaign with your ICA Community and social networks …. we really would appreciate it.

If you have any questions or good ideas, please contact us!

Thank you,

The Spanish Team

ICA Spain           natalia.sanjuan@gmail.com