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Global Buzz Report: April 2015

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ICAI Board Report:

At the most recent ICAI Board of Directors’ meeting, it was decided that we would go ahead with our face-to-face board meeting in May with a day of overlap with the East Africa regional gathering in Tanzania.  While we’ve already begun work on our 2015 Business Plan, we look forward to furthering our strategic planning as a team and exploring more effective ways of working together.  We’re also happy with our decision to lend some financial support to the East Africa regional gathering and are excited about the time we’ll have to liaise with attending members in person.

In addition to the East Africa gathering, we’re pleased to report that regional gatherings are also being planned for Asia Pacific in India and West Africa in Cote d’Ivoire.  We look forward to hearing reports from all upcoming regional gatherings as they are sure to yield deep dialogue and engaging peer-to-peer initiatives.

In global communication news, we’ve shared the first drafts of the new WordPress ICAI website designs with the Board and Winds & Waves team for feedback and questions.  We are preparing for the second drafts and hope to have something to share with the network soon.

Staci Kentish           staci.kentish@gmail.com
Board Secretary

WINDS and WAVES Editorial Team:

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Activities: ICA Japan in March

Cote d’Ivoire Project
ICA J CI project funded by MOFA JAPAN, which is to “Provide Vocational Training and Leadership Skills, and Community Development Method, in 6 villages for economic and social development”. It was authorized 26th Feb. In the project, ICA J will collaborate with ICA CI to achieve our goal which is to reduce poverty in Agboville, which is 70km north-west of Abidjan. We are going to provide vocational training for vegetable farming, chicken farming and agroforestry to unemployed youth in the villages. Now ICA Japan is preparing to send, Hideki Kambi, as coordinator on April 12 to the project and work with Eugene who is executive director and project manager of CI.

Bihar, India Project
We have completed five community Centers in 5 villages since 2012. Three more community centers will be completed in 2015. Shizuyo Sato, and Wayne Ellsworth from ICA Japan visited the Bihar Madepura project area in February 2015, and held an inauguration ceremony for the two multi-purpose centers that had just been completed and handed them over to the village development committee. We also announced that at the beginning of March, the 3rd phase of the Bihar Project was approved by MOFA JAPAN. ICA J will make provision for the construction of 3 more community centers, and the training of 10 teachers for preschool children. They will continue to manage the Income generating training of Women’s Self Help Groups. Also young women who cannot go out of the villages will be provided with sewing training. Bihar is the poorest of poor places in India. We are gradually changing this situation. Our partner is Wholistic Child Development International (HDCI) which has a long history of collaboration with outreach and the churches in India.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Disaster Rehabilitation Project
From April 2014 to Feb 2015, ICA J conducted shared gardening activity to enhance the bonds within the community, and to provide mental care of the victims in temporary houses in Minami-Soma City, Fukushima, which is only 20-30km from the disastrous Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. ICA Japan provided the gardening project with flower pots and workshops to make Christmas wreaths and so on. From the results of a questionnaire survey, that was answered by victims in temporary houses, an expert analyses of mental care concluded that the activities of ICA J, especially the gardening activity, helped relieve the mental fatigue of victims.

Workshop for the Re-Constituting of the DiDRR Network

Wayne Ellsworth of ICA Japan facilitated the DiDRR Network three day workshop, in Sendai Japan, at the conclusion of the UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction attended by over 40,000 individuals. The DiDRR Network has grown tremendously the past three years, and has now begun to establish a Brand Image. This was possible because of their outstanding passion and service, and better than expected success in the UN Conference on DRR. This re-constituting workshop united 15 individuals who have their own responsibilities as well as insuring that DiDRR reach a maximum number of people with handicaps. They looked into the past, and created a new vision for the future. They are very successful, and based on this outstanding track record, and their vision to take DiDRRN from the country level to the local level, they planned how to continue and expand their support.
Above is their logo; this was part of the menu at the celebration at an Italian restaurant.

ICA Japan and ICA Nepal began, Forming a
Project for Women’s Empowerment

Tatwa and Ishu of Nepal wrote a rough draft proposal for young women to be able to go to school full time. Presently girls are unable to attend school one week a month, due to a taboo for attending during their menstruation because of unavailability of low cost sanitary napkins. The proposal also aims to provide ToP leadership training and income generation for girls and boys in five districts. Together we checked this proposal with JICA in Nepal for suitability for their sponsorship and joint activities.


ICA Japan Local and Global Communications
Three staff are leaving ICA Japan: Mayumi is leaving to get married, Shinji left to assist a friend with opening a unique import/export company, and Maki is leaving to live on a small inland near Okinawa. We have found three new people and they are being well trained by Maki and Mayumi.

On the global scene, we are participating in the global education, CoP, which is working towards building a way of participatory learning in the Asia Pacific monthly dialogue which is preparing for their regional meeting November 29 to December 5, and with the team which is renewing their energy towards the ICA Global Conference 2016.

Wayne Ellsworth           wayne@icajapan.org


With the intention of maintaining and enhancing relations between ICA Japan and ICA Nepal, the executive director of ICA Japan, Mr. Wayne Ellsworth visited ICA Nepal and provided a mentoring and orientation team for ICA Nepal. Mr. Wayne also shared the basic principles followed by ICAs and the development works, that ICA Japan is currently carrying out especially in Bihar India. His experience and knowledge sharing, along with the guidance of preparing an effective proposal proved to be very encouraging to the team.

During his two days stay, ICA Nepal also had a meeting with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in order to build up long term relationship for future collaboration. Mr. Fuji Satushi and Kiwako Nishimae from JICA showed a positive interest in working with ICA Nepal in long run. The discussion continued about a project proposal of empowering local women through sanitary napkins production and distribution in rural areas of Nepal. The support of ICA Japan and JICA towards this project and other activities of ICA Nepal are essential and very gratifying.

Similarly, an Interaction program on Rubber Production in Nepal: Current Status, Opportunities, and Challenges was jointly organized by ICA Nepal, the Institute of Rubber and Jathorpha Research (IRJR Nepal) and Astha-Ja Research and Development Center, on the 9th of March 2015 at the Nepal House Restaurant and Conference Venue, Baluwatar. The objective of the program was to highlight the importance and potentialities of rubber plantation in Nepal. About 30 people participated in the programme including high government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of the rubber industries, researchers, farmers, and media persons. The major concerns about proper development of a rubber plantation, such as the need for proper training and technological development, along with the promised government support, were some of the issues raised in the program. ICA Nepal is continuing its effort and providing full support on rubber plantation as it leads towards the overall economic development of country.

In addition: from 15 to 17th March, training for Proposal Writing and Fundraising was organized by ICA Nepal. There were total of 15 participants representing various social organizations and the corporate sector. The training was provided by Prof. Dr. Tatwa Timsina along with Ms. Ishu Subba, and Mr. Atma Ram Timsina. The training focused on the proper and effective way to develop a proposal and was found very useful by the participants. The group interaction and activities were helpful to the participants and contributed to better understanding throughout the training period. ICA Nepal provides various training classes and facilitation continuously and is in the process of conducting other training classes very soon.

Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, founder of ICA Nepal, was promoted to Professor at Tribhuwan University of Nepal. ICA Nepal team congratulates him for his achievement and wishes for his continuous support of ICA Nepal.

Ishu Subba


Events Jan-Mar 
Larry's trip to continue the transformation work with Murex in Paris
UN trip to Bangkok for Appreciative Leadership
1-day retreat for faculty and staff of Psychology Dept at NTU, to continue cross dept dialogue begun in Open Space program last year
​Facilitation Training: OQ Module 3 in Shanghai (PSP+), OQ Module 1 in Beijing (GFM +)
Korea Module 1: GFM & Module 2 PSP with 10 facilitators
Hong Kong PSP 15 people 
Individual coaching series
Regular monthly Dreamwork, Truth About Life Dialogue, Open Space Learning Exchange gatherings​
Chinese New Year - ICA Wei Ya
Otto Scharmer U Lab participation
GFM1 in Taipei with 32 present
Richard West celebrates 80th Birthday!

Peer to Peer
Asia Regional Dialogue
ToP Policy Group
IToPToT Europe
Ukraine Peace Dialogue and Cross Boarder initiative
ICA Ukraine New Facilitators virtual session
Global 2016 Conference Support Group initiates discussions for GA proposal

Expanding our sharing - how do we support the spirit of facilitating?

Next Steps
Supporting all these facilitation communities – Taiwan, HK, Korea, China, Europe, ICA Globally - what is the essence?

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful52@gmail.com


Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network

The CSLN is an emerging network initiated in September 2013 as a part of the accelerate 77 program. Contact accelerate77@gmail.com to learn more or visit the a77 website, www.accelerate77.net

         Please see PDF here for current details.

Richard Alton          richard.alton@gmail.com