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Global Buzz Report: January 2015

ICAI Board Report:

In December we held two online General Assembly (GA) meetings in Adobe Connect on December 12 (early & late for different time zones), and we conducted asynchronous voting on GA resolutions by Surveymonkey poll between December 12-22. Full reports were circulated to members before Christmas.

The aims of the ICAI General Assembly, currently held twice per year in June & December, are:

to take ICAI membership decisions, including approval of Associate & Statutory memberships; to take ICAI strategy & policy decisions, to direct the work of the Board and to guide & support the peer-to-peer collaboration among ICAs to elect the ICAI Board and hold it accountable to the membership, including by receipt of an annual finance report. A total of sixteen member ICAs were represented by 24 participants at the two online meetings, and 23 of 24 statutory member ICAs participated in the asynchronous voting. We are grateful to all who participated.

A full 2013 Financial Statement was presented to the membership, along with a summary financial report and Board report for 2014, and a budget for 2015-16 was approved. Two new Associate members were approved for membership, and five new Board members were elected, succeeding four retiring members and bringing the total to eight. The ICAI working group on global conference was extended to work with six potential hosts to recommend a programme and budget for ICAI global conferencing to the GA in June 2015. A revised draft global ToP (Technology of Participation) policy, incorporating feedback from global consultation, was presented by the ICAI global ToP working group for discussion with a view to bringing the policy to a GA vote in the new year.

I take this opportunity now to congratulate, thank and welcome our five new members joining the Board from 1 January - Shizuyo Sato of ICA Japan (a former Board member and President of ICAI), Svetlana Salamatova of ICA Ukraine, Lisseth Lorenzo of ICA Guatemala, Adufu Yawo Gator of ICA Togo and Charles Luoga of ICA Tanzania. Also I offer warmest thanks on behalf of all the Board and members for the service of our outgoing Board members - Isabel De La Maza of ICA Chile, Shankar Jadhav of ICA India, Gerald Gomani of ICA Zimbabwe and Krishna Shrestha of ICA Australia. And of course many thanks to my two fellow continuing Board members, Seva Gandhi of ICA USA and Staci Kentish of ICA Canada. At our January meeting this week, the new Board will be joined by outgoing Board members to reflect and learn from the experience of 2013-14 as a prelude to induction, team building and planning for 2015-16.

I am also delighted to welcome now our two new Associate members the Development Institute of Ghana (nominated by ICA Ghana, ICA Zimbabwe & ICA:UK) and Emerging Ecology of USA (nominated by ICA USA, ICA India, ICA Nepal). Find them now, and all of our worldwide community, on our online Global Network map.

Martin Gilbraith           president@ica-international.org


Pour son implication dans le processus de réinsertion des jeunes à risque et des ex-combattants, l’Institut des Affaires Culturelles de Côte d’Ivoire (ICA-CI) a pris part à la cérémonie de lancement du projet de réinsertion des ex-combattants organisé par l’ONG Worodougouka de Séguéla le vendredi 12 décembre 2014. Eugène KOUAME Directeur Exécutif a représenté ICA-CI à cette grande cérémonie qui a regroupé les autorités administratives, coutumières, les différents directeurs centraux de l’administration et les chefs des structures nationales et  de l’ONUCI chargées de la réinsertion des ex-combattants.

For his involvement in
the process of reintegration of at-risk youth and ex-combatants, the Institute of Cultural Affairs Côte d'Ivoire (ICA-CI) took part in the launching ceremony of the project for the reintegration of ex-combatants organized by the NGO Worodougouka Séguéla Friday, December 12, 2014. Eugene KOUAME Executive Director represented ICA-CI in this great ceremony was attended by the administrative authorities, customary, the various central directors of administration and heads of national structures and UNOCI responsible for the reintegration of ex-combatants.   

   Le Directeur de ICA-CI a au cours de cette mission a mené des séances de sensibilisations à Daloa sur les projets de réinsertion communautaire (PRC) que l’ONUCI finance pour la réinsertion des ex-combattants de Côte d’Ivoire.
Cette activité de sensibilisation avait pour objectif d’amener ses ex-combattants comprendre le mode de mise en œuvre des PRC et aussi de leur permettre d’adhérer à ses projets de réinsertion communautaire. ICA-CI qui est la structure mise en œuvre choisie pour gérer les projets de l’ONUCI que vont réaliser ces ex-combattants de Daloa.

The Director of ICA-CI during this mission conducted sensitization sessions in Daloa on community reintegration projects (CRPs) that UNOCI funds for the reintegration of ex-combatants in Côte d'Ivoire.
This outreach event aimed to bring his ex-combatants in understanding the implementation mode of PRC and also to allow them to adhere to its community reintegration projects. ICA-CI is the implementation structure chosen to manage projects of UNOCI will realize that these ex-combatants Daloa.

   L’Institut des Affaires Culturelles Côte d’Ivoire souhaite à tous les staffs du réseau ICA ses vœux de santé spirituelle, physique et  financière et à tous vos bureaux. Que cette année apporte l’évolution et l’obtention des financements recherchés pour le bonheur de nos peuples en cette nouvelle année 2015.

The Institute of Cultural Affairs Côte d'Ivoire  wish all the staffs of the CIA's network spiritual wishes for health, physical and financial, and all your office. This year brings changes and obtaining funding sought for the happiness of our people in this new year, 2015.




Motoko Imagi and Shizuyo Sato of ICA Japan, and residents who are living at temporary housing in Minami Soma, gathered together to finish autumn flower planting. The flowers are Pansies, Habotan, and many others which are resistant to cold, which will delight the eyes of people. We are helping residents in temporary housing units Ushigoe, Oshika, Happpcho, and Sumikawa in Minami-Soma to know each other and to think about what they really want next. In 2015, we plan to sponsor meetings with residents and the government planners to facilitate a new vision of their future, to gather their ideas and build a plan for the next steps, beyond just accepting their difficult situation. With our partner organization, this is the beginning of our Caravan approach for community revitalization all across Japan.

We are writing new proposals for 2015 to work in Fukushima, including having a series of facilitated meetings with 600 people (there are still thousands in cramped temporary housing), to break the impasse on compensation and to find honorable solutions for and by the great people of Fukushima.

This is the placement of hundreds of temporary housing located outside of the 20km, 30km, and 50km radioactive zones, where residents are restricted from entering.

Authentic Indian Curry
Mr. Mukesh of local Bihar staff, gave Shinji Uyama (ICAJ) an invitation to dinner at his house. Of course in the village without electricity, it was cooking over a small fire. We had chicken curry, Roti, and they gave Shinji the task of preparing rice. This was very delicious, I had a very good experience. Thank you, Mukesh! December 25, 2014

Shizuyo goes to India Jan 7 for team training for strawberry raising, to Philippines for inaugurating the Women’s Center, then to India to do training and monitoring of Bihar, along with Mayumi and Wayne. 2015 will feel 100% different than 2014: from 3 grants and an under budget operation, to five competent productive staff working as sophisticated teams yet retaining their work writing proposals and finishing the year’s projects.

Please see our website at http://www.icajapan.org/ home-english/ for more.

Wayne Ellsworth for ICA Japan         wayne@icajapan.org 


The City of Chicago's Sustainability 2015 Progress Report
had the following report:

The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) is delivering sustainability through its building and programs. ICA’s programming includes Accelerate 77 which identified sustainability efforts in all 77 community areas and supports local leaders.

The ICA’s Greenrise Building, a Chicago landmark, is part of retrofit: Chicago’s Commercial Building Initiative, with a goal to reduce energy use by 20% within 5 years. It also unveiled 485 solar panels on its roof in September 2014 which will offset 23% of its electricity use. The 8-floor, 166,000 square foot building is also home to a residential living community and 25 different non-profits and social service providers. The building is the largest non-profit and social services center in the Midwest.

Richard Alton          richard.alton@gmail.com .