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Global Buzz Report: 2014 04 01

ICAI Board Report: April

March was a great month for the ICAI Board! We were able to have full attendance for our board meeting and subsequently were able to finalize our business plan for the year. The business plan was circulated via the ICA network list serve, and we are happy with the dialogue that has ensued around the business plan and ways to help increase communication among ICAs. We will take all the feedback into account in the coming year, and make sure that we do all we can to create effective communication pathways between ICAs.

In addition to the business plan finalization, there was a meeting held on Feb 26th to discuss and vote on a resolution to revise the ICAI Bylaws. Some minor revisions were needed in order to comply with new requirements under Canadian law for all Canadian-registered non-profits such as ICAI to obtain a "Continuance'' in order to continue. Between the Meeting and the survey monkey poll held open for ten days thereafter, the resolution passed unanimously with 19 of the 21 statutory members voting.

The ToP Global Policy Group, led by Larry Philbrook, held a great meeting on March 21st, and the three working groups (Global branding , Development of Local ICA Competency, Assumption Guidelines for Trainer/Facilitator) reported back on the work they had done thus far and the groups will continue to move forward and give shape to helpful articulations around ideas on best practices for moving forward.

Please mark the dates for this year's ICAI online gatherings: June 26th, and December 12th. Also, the board encourages you to submit to the next edition of Winds and Waves, If you have yet to do so!

Seva Gandhi       vp.comms@ica-international.org


In March, ICA Bangladesh announced a public training calender for May-June to offer ToP GFM and PSP courses locally with it's own faculty members. Members and staff have started marketing online and are now working on other methods.

On March 20th, the core team developed an action plan for 2014 focussing on local fundraising, ToP training, leadership and projects.

Cell phone abuse research is being undertaken. Data collection ended on 30th March. Another proposal is being drafted for the improvement of access to justice for the poor and marginalized. It will be submitted in April.

The SCP team is considering the introduction of Van for its income generation project. Some guardians of street children are interested in availing themselves of Van. Due to funding limitation, we could not give more than one rickshaw. One guardian received this grant from a donation by a US resident. ICA Bangladesh is looking for individual donors who would be willing to support Rickshaw/Van for the street children project.

Staff          admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Mindoro Project Aids 1250 Families with Agriculture
WAE HD:Users:icaj:Desktop:Mindoro Garden.jpgThe Mindoro Project in the Philippines has been operating again for another month. ICA has finished distributing vegetable seeds in 14 communities; in addition, we will distribute fertilizers and seedlings of fruit trees in April.
In this project, we have visited many Mangyan villages. Most of the Mangyan people have few chances to meet and see foreigners, and they usually show wariness to us the first time when we visit, because of their misunderstanding that ICA is a private company to looking for the mining opportunitieson the island. (Mindoro island has very rich mine resources). Therefore, ICA has explained to them that we are a NGO, not a private company; in addition, local staff have communicated with them and stayed in their villages.
ICA Japan operates this emergency aid agriculture replacement and expansion project until May. Several distributed seeds have already germinated in the beneficiaries’ gardens. Vegetables will come to their tables soon. 
     Maki Tsukamoto reporting upon return from Mindoro, Philippines April 2, 2014

You and ICA staff help Minami-Soma City Residents
WAE HD:Users:icaj:Desktop:Tohoku Flowers.jpgICA Japan has been working in Minami-Soma City, Fukushima prefecture since 2011. We started a project to plant flowers by temporary housing sites for curing residents of their mental stress, and we strengthened ties with them last year. The residents decide activities, such as what kind of flowers do they want to plan, when they plant, how do they care for them, by themselves. We also cooperate with psychological specialists from Soma city to measure the efficiency of this project.
This month we continue another year working with the people in Minami-Soma. Would you love to visit these folks and give a helping hand? A bit later we will arrange a delightful trip for you to be their friend and helper! Watch our website for news and send us a note of your interest to tours@icajapan.org today!
     Motoko Imagi reporting from Tokyo, April 3, 2014

Bihar India Project Resumes to Build Two More Multi-Purpose Centers
Communication and Education was blocked for residents of Machepura in eastern Bihar, India. They realized this was because they had no place to meet, and that they had few groups organized for meetings.  As a result of the hugh flood coming from Nepal, ICA Japan and HCDI India formed a team to build multi-purpose Centers in 10 villages, form groups, and begin preschool education for 500 children.  This year on March 20, ICA Japan received another grant from MOFA to continue this process. Already the contractor has begun making the ground layouts for the additional buildings.
     Wayne Ellsworth reporting from Tokyo, April 3, 2014

ICA Japan’s Website Gets a Facelift to become ICA Japan’s Public Face
In March our website was built using very cumbersome CMS software. We became so frustrated and were led by Spirit to the JIMDO software used only for a month by Eiki Kubokawa.  He said “try this – it is so easy to use, you will love it.” While Shizuyo was away in the Philippines, we converted our 60 page site, and we did love every moment! We added Japanese and English Staff Blogs, links to ICA’s Facebook, and improved the menu. What used to take hours to update, now all staff can update in minutes, with only three hours of training. Hurrah!  See http://www.icajapan.org/home-english/staff-blogs/
    Wayne Ellsworth reporting from Tokyo, April 3, 2014      

Wayne Ellsworth 


In the month of March, ICA Nepal successfully introduced participatory methods of facilitation in Practical Research Philosophy and Methods and conducted 5 day residential training sessions for researchers. 27 researchers participated in the training.

The training was very effective. Based on feedback received from the participants of the training, the manual is being revised. The course was facilitated by Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, Mr. Tej B. Karki and Atma Mr. Ram Timsina. At present, ICA Nepal is rigorously working on a project to apply Technology of Participation Methodology in research and academic learning.
Regular training courses were also conducted.

Ishu Subba        ishu@ica-nepal.org


GFM 1: Was very exciting with 20 people being taught by Eric Tseng and Frieda Lin, with Larry, Gail and Evelyn ready to jump in.

Open Space Learning Exchange
American Managers Association in Shang Hai - Introduction to Facilitative Training with Paulina Chu and Larry Philbrook has precipitated 9 more days of ToP training.

Forum in Shanghai, with Larry and Shawn Chung Facilitating Creativity, with 45 attending.

Druckenmillers: (old ICA Colleagues, Past Board Chair ICA USA, Past director of Hai Ou project) Visit to Taipei, Kaoshiung, and Hai Ou gave us the opportunity to meet again with Bill Wang, hold a Facilitator Forum on PechaKucha on Subsiding Aquaculture, Go to Hai Ou and renew and connect with villagers and leaders. They saw the old house, met old colleagues in Kaoshiung, and helped us reflect on the new role of ICA Taiwan.

New 3 day Dialogue course held in Shanghai for Open Quest in China redesigned by Laura and Larry with Laura, Shawn, Frieda and Larry facilitating
UN Appreciative Leadership Geneva with Larry, through Encompass
Open Space on Growing Many Permaculture Groups in Taiwan.

GFM 2: is full with Hong Kong, Korean, and German participants adding to Taiwanese for another full house.

European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan: Larry works with the board and staff on team development

IAF Forum by Larry in Taiwan with 35 on Community Development and Permaculture Peer to Peer Virtual sessions facilitated on ToP Policy as part of the ICAI initiative

Virtual sessions with the New Sense of Leadership theme following through on the Nepal Conference Participated in the Special GA

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com