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Global Buzz Report: 2014 02 01

ICAI Board Report:

In January the ICAI Board began to develop its Business Plan for 2014, based on the strategic framework and budget included in the 2013 plan that were re-affirmed by the General Assembly in December. We aim to finalise this and circulate it to members for information in February.

We are grateful to 40 respondents so far who have offered their feedback by our online survey on the December online regional gatherings and GA, and particularly the 21 who had not participated in those meetings. This was designed to help the ICAI Board to make this year's gatherings and GA more inclusive and more effective. Our conclusion at the January Board meeting is to keep doing the Adobe Connect meetings this year, because those who attend appreciate them and are increasingly familiar with the technology. We will try to make them more inclusive by looking into free-phone audio options and by supporting people to improve their internet access or to attend the meeting from somewhere where access is better. However we will do this format of adobe meetings only twice in June and twice in December, instead of three times in each of March, July & December, to allow extra time to support the regions to experiment with other approaches such as google hangout, Skype or simple tele-conferencing.  For the GA we will use adobe for the meeting but do the voting by surveymonkey over 10 days to allow everyone to vote.

The Board has announced a special General Assembly meeting to be held 1-2pm UK time on Wednesday 26 February.  This special meeting will be to discuss and vote on a resolution to revise the ICAI Bylaws, as discussed at the GA in December.  Some minor revisions are needed in order to comply with new requirements under Canadian law  for all Canadian-registered non-profits such as ICAI to obtain a 'Continuance'' in order to continue. The one hour meeting will be held online using Adobe Connect, to allow for questions and discussion as needed, and representatives of statutory ICAs in particular are encouraged to attend.  For the voting we will use surveymonkey, and allow 10 days for responses from the time of the meeting, so that all statutory ICAs are able to vote even if they cannot attend the meeting. Please ask for details if you are interested and have not received them.

I have been in New York this week attending a conference, and have been able to take the opportunity to collect a UN grounds pass and attend a briefing session on behalf of ICAI for NGOs with consultative status. I am looking forward to meeting with Larry Philbrook and Seva Gandhi on Monday, as they are here also to deliver a course.

We have been shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected death this week of Wayne Nelson of ICA Associates in Canada. Our thoughts are with Jo and his family, and also his close ICA colleagues in Canada.  Wayne has been greatly involved and supportive of ICAI over his long years with ICA globally and in Canada, and will be sorely missed.

ICAI Board          president@ica-international.org


ICA Australia is having its AGM on Saturday 22 February 2014.

ICA Australia's wholly owned company, ToP GIFL (Global Institute for Facilitative Leadership), is currently having its Post Graduate Diploma in Facilitative Leadership reaccredited under the Australian Qualifications system and expects to continue with this level of accreditation and also to soon add a Diploma in Facilitative Leadership. Having ToP courses recognised within a national accreditation system provides credibility for the techniques and programs globally.

Karen Newkirk           karennewkirk@creatingeternity.com.au


On December 27, we received support for delivering Emergency Relief Aid to Mindoro Island, the Philippines, and on December 28, Shizuyo Sato & Wayne Ellsworth went to Manila and on to San Jose and Roxas, Mindoro. We were joined by Willy, the local cooddinator and Methodist DS, about 20 volunteers, and 6 individuals from Aldersgate College including Pres. Junifen Gauaan. We began arranging and delivering Food Aid to 3500 families who were hit by Typhoon wind of over 200 km/hour, had their houses blown down and away, had most food crops and fishing sources destroyed.

On Jan 12, Motoko Imagi and Maki Tsutamoto arrived in Mindoro to continue the distribution, and Shizuyo & Wayne returned to Japan to write a Phase 2 request for providing longer term relief in terms of seeds and seedings for 1250 families, and turned in the request Janurary 31st. They were delightfully assisted by Mayumi and Makiko.

Most of the people were highland indiginous families or shoreline indiginous families. As such, they had little to be blown away, living on the fringes of society. Yet their food sources vanished and their livelyhoods threathened. On neighboring Leyte Island, where the central force of the Typhoon hit, the people had more visuable to loose, and all other aid responded to their needs. ICA Japan was the only NGO responding to the needs of Mindoro.

Next week Shizuyo goes with a few companies to Vietnam for only 3 days to introduce our contacts to the companies. Hopefully, this will become a long term relationship with ICAJ providing social guidance and ToP training.

On Friday, ICA Japan received another grant to continue our work in Japan in the northern Tohoku area. We provide workshops and Flower Planting to create new vision and hope for people who lost everything including most of their human relationships, homes, and jobs. They were placed in temporary housing, not knowing any of their neighbors, and the flower planting was the means to get these people together, talking, laughing, and having new hope for their lives and communities.

Pune ICA, Naomi Sato (now in Okinawa), and Shizuyo are finishing an end-line survey for JICA and how the lives of people have improved over the last few years of women's development. The report will go to JICA on February 3.

Please oee our WEB reports (www.icajapan.org) and our Facebook news (ICA JAPAN ) & (ICA JAPAN OFFICIAL) (https://www.facebook.com/icajapan.org) for further reports, photos, and news.

Wayne Ellsworth           wayne@icajapan.org


On January 6 and 7, 2014 the Social Artistry Team of ICA Nepal conducted a two day social artistry training session for community mobilizers and outreach workers of Prasansa Sanrakshan Samuha (PSS), and a NGO working on HIV and AIDS in Kanchanpur District. The training was facilitated by Mr. Amba Dutta Bhatta and Basu Dev Bhatta. The logistics and local support were provided by PSS, Nepal.

In 2013, ICA Nepal had initiated a Social Artistry Micro Grant Project. At Present, the Progressive Women's Group of Changu Narayan, with a micro grant support are motivating local young girls to use hygienic practices via using sanitary pads. Currently, they are producing low cost sanitary pads at the local level. This project is coordinated by Ms. Dewaka Shrestha, who has been trained on Social Artistry Tools. In addition, Ms. Parmila K.C is coordinating a micro grant Social Artistry Project for school going children. Ms. K.C provided social artistry tools to students who are members of the Interact Club as well. At present, students are developing a project to set up a garden at school.

Continuing the collaboration with the Centre of Excellence for Ph.D. Studies, ICA Nepal is conducting regular classes on research methodology and SPSS.

Ishu Subba        ishu@ica-nepal.org


- Community Development Introduction with 27 people from across Taiwan including community project residents, staff, NGOs working in Taiwan, Nepal, and the Philippines, facilitators and teachers - Larry Philbrook with Gail and Dick West
- Gail West and Larry Philbrook Supported Open Quest for the Power of Facilitation Conference in Shanghai with more than 100 people present for the day with Shawn Chung, Frieda Lin and Laura Shu
- Launched a global research project with colleagues in Taiwan and around the world to discern the next edge - If you haven't seen it you can still go to
and fill in your thoughts
- Truth About Life dialogue centered around "Exploring a 4.0 Society" ala Otto Scharmer's levels of consciousness.
- Celebrate Lunar New Year with ICA staff to welcome the Year of the Horse before a week long holiday.

What is the new context that makes sense out of what is occurring and supports transformation?

Next steps
- Launching our year long ToP Public calendar with the Feb GFM 1
- Larry Philbrook will work with Seva Gandhi, and Lisel Burns in Brooklyn to do a Community Development Introduction course

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com