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Global Buzz Report: 2013 11 01

ICAI Board Report:

At the time of the October ICAI Board Meeting, we had received 30 responses to our online membership survey.  It is still not too late to complete the survey if you have yet to do so.  You can find it here:

We have taken our first steps towards a new ICAI website to better support members and improve our communication capacity.  Some of the technical work has begun and we look forward to another global communications meeting soon to continue the discussion.

Dates and times for the Regional Gatherings and General Assembly have been set.  Regional Gathering dates/times are as follows.  The links will help you convert the times to your local time. 

The General Assembly will be Mon 16 Dec 12pm UK time

If you have items to add to the GA agenda or comments to share about the draft that was circulated, please share with us at: board@ica-international.org.

Staci Kentish          secretary@ica-international.org


Since 1st September 2013, ICA Benin has been conducting a small project on the right to water and sanitation, in the region of Donga (North of Benin)

The four districts of the region are: Djougou, Ouake, Bassila and Copargo. ICA Benin aims to train the members of Water Consumers Association on the right to water and sanitation issues in order to equip them with some skills for their daily work.

The project will end in January 2013 and is supported by Both ENDS (Netherlands)

Kassimou Issotina           issotina@yahoo.fr


A joint task force meeting was held on 26th October through a call conference to discuss the Ghoramara Project Proposal, the Faculty Development Proposal, and the Action Plan for the period - November 2013 to June 2014. Initially an ORID was conducted on the Faculty Development Proposal. The meeting reviewed Richard and Maria's feedback on the draft proposal for Ghoramara and Training, and work plan for the final revision was figured out.

Phulki project staff and Ghoramara village project coordinator visited the project twice and four times in November respectively. Chandpur team members met last week and discussed the need for reforming the Ghormara project oversight committee, by December, and the curriculum review and teacher performance before the next academic year. They also finalized the initial stage of the Gabua school project which will be starting to operate from January next year.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org




En las instalaciones del Centro de Educación Integral de Llanos de Morales.  En la  clausura  participaron  El Supervisor  de Educación de Sanarate Lic. Guillermo Moscoso,  el Vicealcalde Dr. Luis Fernando Flores,  cuatro integrantes de la Oficina Municipal de la Mujer de Sanarate, Licda. Elvia M. Chutan de los Hogares Comunitarios de Guastatoya, Licda. Ligia Isabel Villagran, Vicepresidenta de ICA Guatemala,  Madres de familia y niños.  Dirigió  el acto  la profesora Noemi Rodríguez,  Directora del Centro de Educación Integral PAIN de Llanos, la   Descripción del Programa  por Joaquina Rodríguez Ruz , facilitadora del ICA Guatemala, Palabras en representación de las madres de familia por María Elena ,  palabras en representación del alcalde por El Dr. Luis Fernando Flores, quien además de reconocer la importancia del programa de la Canasta,  hizo énfasis en el rol que ha tenido en la región el Instituto de Asuntos Culturales a través de los últimos 35 años.

Se agradece  la oportunidad de haber sido entrenada  por Angélica Rodríguez y Raúl Jorquera de Partners in Participation de Phoenix, Arizona, a Mary y Don Hopkins de Minessota por su tiempo en llevarme a visitar la universidad y centro de cuidado infantil de Minnesota.  A Elise Packard y Katie Kreutzman, consultoras de ICA Chicago por su visita y orientación en el sistema   A la familia Devor de Denver,  a la familia Horgan de Connicut por sus aportes hacia los materiales,  transporte, comunicación y refacción,  ICA Chicago por transferir el fondo de la familia Horgan.   

Proximamente se estará realizando en Guatemala Un curso para facilitadores de la Canasta de Aprendizaje,  dirigido a entidades que atienden programas para padres de niños y niñas de 0-5 años. Si tiene interés en este programa favor de comunicarse con

Joaquina Rodríguez Ruz, joaquinaruz@yahoo.com.mx or




This event was concluded  in the Integral Educational Center PAIN of Llanos de Morales.  At this event were the County Educational Supervisor, The County Mayor representative,  People from The County Women Office, SOSEP (Children Communities Center) from Guastatoya and the ICA Guatemala Vice-president and the director of PAIN of Llanos de Morales. 

Noemi Rodríguez  was the ceremony director, Joaquina Rodríguez described the program and the evaluation, María Elena Flores (a mother) described her experience of the program. The words of the County mayor representative, Luis Fernando Flores, reflected on the important role that ICA has played through the years in the development life of the county. Then the supervisor, Lic Guillermo Moscoso, described the importance of mother training and its results on their children, being the key to brain development and the emotional aspect, in a word, the brain synapses process.   Ligia Isabel, ICAG vice-president, talked about  the KEY description of ICA as a focus on human development and the need to set up limits and discipline with love.

Thanks for the training opportunity provided by Angelica Rodriguez and Raul Jorquera from Partners in Participation, Phoenix, USA , to Mary and Don Hopkins for their time and resources to visit the Children Center and the University of Minnesota.  To Elise Packard and Katie Kretzmann from ICA Chicago for their visit and orientation in USA. To the Devor family from Denver,  to the Horgan family from Connecticut  for their contribution to  materials, transportation, communication and  snack for the program which were key,  and to ICA Chicago for their transfer of the Horgan family  to ICA Guatemala.  And to Pathma V. from San Francisco - he reviewed my English

Soon we will be conducting a course in Guatemala for facilitators of the learning basket, directed at entities who attend programs for parents of children of 0-5 years. If you are interested in this program please contact:

Joaquina Rodríguez Ruz, joaquinaruz@yahoo.com.mx or

NEPAL:        October 01 2013

October 2013 was a month of celebration, fest and festivals. ICA Nepal Team joyfully celebrated Vijaya Dashami in October. ICA Nepal supported Centre of Excellence for PhD Studies in facilitating a Research Workshop in Palpa District. The workshop ran over 3 days and about 90 research students from all over the nation participated in the workshop. ICA Nepal is currently hosting a seven days long, Academic English Writing Training, October 27 to November 1, 2013

ICA Nepal is working as a collaborative partner of Rotary Club of Rudramati in the Drinking Water and Sanitation Project, targeted to provide drinking water access to 2500 residents of Bhalakhala and Challing VDC of Bhaktapur District. ICA Nepal team is working with local group Financial Service Association in mobilization of local community people. It is working for community empowerment through massive awareness and teaching campaigns to improve the local sanitation. Preparation on awareness campaign such as rehearsals on street drama, hand washing and sanitation workshop are being carried out.

Subba        ishu@ica-nepal.org