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Global Buzz Report: 2012 01 01

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      January 01 2012

General Assembly with 80 of ICAs actively participating.
Accepted Statutory members - (New) OPAD representing Zambia and (returning) ICA Guatemala and Nirado representing Nigeria.
Preparation for the Nepal conference is underway with people beginning to register
As many as possible who plan to attend should register and pay, so ICA Nepal has up front money to cover deposits etc.

Peer to Peer
National meetings in January of ICA Australia, US and UK are planned.

How to continue strengthening ICAs missionally, structurally, methodologically and financially.
How to use the event of Nepal as an opportunity for research, integration and growth of the ICA structure and community.
With local emphasis of each ICA how do we leap to regional and global strategies.

Next steps
Commitments from ICAs for Nepal.
Documentation of peer to peer initiatives that are starting and continuing.
Continuing to focus and simplify ICAI structures.


Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      December 01 2011

Thank you to Duncan Holmes, Bill Staples, Nan Hudson and others for pulling together the ICAI Audit for 2010 their long hours and extra work made a great difference.

A special thank you to an old colleague of ours Timothy Wright, who offered to do this audit for us, which considering the complexity of his health challenges and our organizational and location change from Montreal to Toronto it all made his job even more difficult yet he persevered.

Preparing for and facilitating dialogues with all regions in preparation for the GA

Criteria reports have been received from a majority of the ICA's

Magazine team is preparing for the global conference themes edition in February and needs articles from all ICA's

Conference preparation continues with the hotel chosen and a new version of the brochure being finalized

Pulling together the learnings from the year and proposals in time for the GA

Next steps
General Assembly Dec 10
Pursuing Peer to Peer initiatives as a GLT and as individual ICA members

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

AUSTRALIA:           December 01 2011

Richard and I continue some teaching of ToP methods, also a course on "Money or your Life" about financial and consumption awareness in relationship to life purpose and service and some facilitation, including pro bono.

We are particularly engaged in supporting reconciliation (Justice for Indigenous people) and with organisations and activities related to Climate Change and "Transition Towns" (Movement to support community resilience and cooperation in the face of climate change and peak oil), influencing policies and creating effective future directions and actions.

Through our intensive involvement with a new metropolitan organisation, the Sydney Alliance- bringing together community organisations, religious bodies and unions to strengthen civil society leadership and action. We meet many groups and "types" of individuals we previously had little contact with. By focusing on building personal relationships and finding out what people have most energy for to act on in the public realm. Following extensive "listening campaigns" 13 key issues that mattered most to people were discerned and three chosen for immediate and long-term action: Social Inclusion (dealing with isolation, discrimination, prejudices etc.), Health and Community Services (available when you need them, especially as related to children and families, mental health, aging and appropriate pay for workers) and Transport. Through broad-based grass-root research and conversations with experts etc. models and strategies are developed to elicit the commitment of politicians to work with the Alliance on developing the policies and resources to implement what is suggested and needed. For transport they developed the formula: 400,15,1, S,C,A,A. This means: public transport is available 400 meters from any home or workplace, running every 15 minutes and only one ticket for wherever you go, also it is safe, clean, accessible and affordable.

It is a joy to see local people in a rich yet often complacent country like Australia really getting excited to work together and bring about something good and important regarding a burning issue that not any one group nor the government could achieve alone. The wisdom behind some of these impulses and ways of organising go back to the Industrial Area Foundation and Saul Alinsky in Chicago and beyond that has operated for many decades in places of social challenge in many nations, somewhat related, yet also quite different from the ICA. We also deeply appreciate a growing impulse among many of them to more connect personally in order to take on the real big issues of truly sharing our one planet.

We also are involved with the difficult discernment of ICA Australia's future directions and keep connections to international ICA colleagues, especially in Bangladesh and recently in Germany where our colleague John Stringham had died.

Maria Maguire           mail@unfoldingfutures.net

BANGLADESH:           January 01 2012

ICA Bangladesh organized two Board meetings in December and reflected on the AGM agenda. We decided to form a new committee to oversee the implementation of the Phulki (Street children project) and GHDP (Chandpur village development project) activities.

For the street children project, the SCP Human Development Committee includes members from the slum community parents, guardians, a local government representative, partner club community leaders and ICA staff. The GHDP committee includes members from the two shelter projects, ICA school student guardians, a government appointed committee secretary and/or a general secretary, and ICA staff.

We did not have such a formal committee for the Phulki, but we have been facing some issues regarding the functionality of the committee in the village project. Our members and staff are working on developing terms and conditions to make the committee effective through consensus workshops.

Ahad completed the student survey for the Ghoramara ICA school. Manik, Mizan and Ahad are going to organize the community meeting in January. Tahmina completed the evaluation of the Phulki project and submitted recommendations to management. The Board emphasized the need to update the website and the reports and inturn to ask the Chief Operating Officer to submit a report to the authorities and those providing funds. The Board also decided that the January workshop should prepare a strategy for the recruitment of delegates, for the 2012 ICAI Global Conference in Nepal.

Good news: we submitted the final report of the terrorism study project to the Scoial Science Research Council of the Government of Bangladesh, during the 2nd week of December. The most exciting news for ICA Bangladesh is that we have received two donations, one from ICA Australia for office and staff support, and TUC Japan for the Phulki street children project in Dhaka City. In the midst of a financial crisis, these donations will enable us to meet the debt and continue the street children project successfully. Our team is also contacting Tatwa of ICA Nepal for a potential fundraising interest in certain ICA Bangladesh activities.

Happy New Year!

Submitted by Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.or

NEPAL:           December 01 2011

ICA Nepal started a one month long training programme on Office Management for the government staff of Nepal. The Personnel Training Academy of the Government of Nepal gave this assignment to ICA Nepal. This is the first time that the government has given this responsibility to any NGO in Nepal.

The Conference Team of ICA Nepal were also busy preparing for the conference, and a meeting was organized by the media team, as we are planning to start a series of human development episodes at the national level on TV and radio.

We are also implementing three different projects: drinking water, women's empowerment and women's health, with the support of Rotary International.

Atma Ram Timsina           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np



On December 16th the ICA-Peru staff closed out the largest program year in our 32 year history with a great staff celebration meal with wonderful reflections on the year, before closing the offices for two weeks of holiday vacation. This year saw our programming extend to 11 of the 24 Departments of Peru through a great expansion and deepening of our collaborative relationships, especially with sponsoring companies which was the key to the recovery from our economic challenges in 2010. Our staff has grown tremendously in their ability to coach emerging community leaders from the many different cultures of Peru.

Now as we look to 2012 we are able to schedule 11 major programs in our Training Center and currently have program requests from over 20 entities. However, due to uncertainties from ongoing political policy changes of the new central government we have not been able to contract even one program for 2012, so January promises to be a very intensive month as we move our collaborative relationships forward to commitments in time to appropriate the full potential of our program calendar. It seems that we live in an age of last-minute-decisions and we are still learning how to operate effectively in these dynamic times.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

EHIO Tajikistan:     December 01 2011

Every week PO Ehio-Farhang va Tarakkiyot conducts a staff-meeting in our office to summarize the organizations activities on projects IREX, TSEP, GIZ, WB and to discuss plans for the following week.

IREX Project
In November we monitored a drama study group in J. Rasulov, Isfara and Kanibadam district. We also made preparations for theatrical groups travelling to Dushanbe. The groups prepared stands and video rolls on the topic, 'My Vision on ForumTheatre.' We organized a party to celebrate the end of the Program for Youth theatre and Peace in Dushanbe that will run from November 29 to December 2, Those attending will be the young people and adults from the theatrical groups of Sogd and Khatlon along with guests from the American and Britain embassies, also donors and partners of the program.

All those who participated in the theatrical groups, presented an account of their achievements over the past two years in the program, and told of their travels to Bishek and to the drama study groups in their communities. This helps everyone to be more flexible and gain knowledge and skills by sharing their experiences.

World Bank Project
We continued to conduct training in agriculture and gardening on the topics of: Cutting and forming fruit trees, and also on drip irrigation techniques and their application for cotton growing in the dekhan farm lands. Other topics were pest and disease control as applied to the growing of vegetables and the preparation of seedlings.

GIZ Project
For the GIZ project in November we conducted two training sessions on the topic of preparing green houses for the winter period. And we monitored the agronomic system for the practical application of knowledge gained from the training sessions, also the women's accountancy groups.

TSEP Project
For the TSEP project in November we held training sessions on the production of handouts for Household Budgeting, and the printing and binding of the TSEP modules used in that project for the first and second year.

Nigina Sadikova          nigina7811@rambler.ru

TAIWAN:         January 01 2012

  • Richard West leads 2 day corporate in-house program based on Styleflex, Great responses
  • Dick attends ICF Taiwan Coaching Conference
  • Applied Facilitation Practicum - final course for Facilitator Development Program and celebrate completion of 3 facilitators (2 from Taiwan and 1 from China)
  • Participate in ICAI first virtual Global Assembly
  • 3-day ToP Assessment - now have 8 CToP Facilitators and 6 Assessors
  • Celebrate Christmas with friends and colleagues
  • 4th TAL dialogue on the Future of Education
  • West's join painting party to prepare for Philbrook's move to new apartment with elevator
  • Chu, Yi-Ching, ICA's office manager goes beyond the call of duty to help with move, and hand wires green see through nylon net to balcony so cats can enjoy apartment life without fear.
Peer to Peer:
  • Good virtual meeting with Jean Watts about PJD and getting clearer on assumptions and course intent for session one with Larry, Evelyn, and Dick. Look forward to more talks on other sessions.
  • Confirm Participatory Strategic Planning facilitator training for ICA Paris February 2012.
  • Europe ICA gathering in Vienna shared virtual check in with ICA Taiwan
  • Larry prepares for ToP Trainers Network meeting in January through 4-5 virtual meetings.
  • Gail supports Open Space Asia Global meeting in Philippines end of March 2012.
  • Evelyn and Larry help connect Keli Yen to meet ICA Nepal to talk about Peace and Environment Streams in January with face to face meeting during her Asia visits.

As we look to leading from the future, how do we let go of past assumptions to be open to what the future needs in the present.
Where do we need to make a paradigm shift?

Next Steps:
What can ICA Taiwan provide as a service in our current cultural, economic and political climate?
What is ICA's unique service edge for the future of the planet in human development which the Nepal conference can provide? We want to keep our eyes on both the local and the global.
What is the role of CTF in ICA Taiwan's future? What is the role of Open Space in ICA's future?
What is the next step for the Profound Journey Dialogue?

Coming Events:
Reflection on past year and Projections for future
TTN Conference in Sacramento, CA
Appreciative Leadership contracts continue with UN
Dreamwork and Truth About Life monthly gatherings

Submitted by Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful@icatw.com

TAIWAN:        December 01 2011

  • ICA Taiwan Advisory Board has been formed
  • Over 70 people attend Annual ICA Thanksgiving Party
  • Company work included Abbott, ANZ Leadership, PM Beijing Leadership.
  • Participation in Philip Thomas Dialogue program hosted by Yen Foundation
  • Meeting with colleagues from the Philippines and China regarding an Asia-wide Open Space event with Harrison Owen in March in the Philippines
  • Hosted 3rd in a series of Truth About Life Dialogues around the Future of Education
  • Revising the Applied Facilitation Practicum - final course for FDP members in December.
  • Hosting of monthly Dreamwork sessions
  • Planning process for DaYeh University Design students and Visual Arts graduate students
  • On-going coaching and mentoring
Peer to Peer:
  • Participated in ICAI Asia Regional Meeting hosted by Kevin Balm and supported by Nadine Bell
  • Supported all four interchange calls to North and South American, Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Asia.
  • Paris Training planned for February 2012
  • East Africa Training planned for September 2012

Balancing global and local opportunities with income needs and time constraints
What is the new service edge for ICA Taiwan?

Next Steps:
Participation in Nepal Global Conference 2012
ToP Course Schedule for 2012
Winds and Waves article preparation
PJD Next Steps?

Coming Events:
First Greater China CToPF certification pilot in December 2011
Sichuan School Imaginal Learning Project

Submitted by Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful52@gmail.com

UNITED STATES:         January 01 2012

Students Pitch In with SATW Project

The Institute of Cultural Affairs - USA’s (ICA-USA) Accelerating Change in Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods project is moving ahead with six area universities now participating in the research.

The ICA, with the cooperation of students and professors, is working to catalog the sustainability efforts in each of the city’s 77 community areas. So far, Northeastern Illinois University, University of Illinois-Chicago, DePaul University, Chicago State University, Roosevelt University and St. Xavier University all have students participating in the research either for a formal class or simply credit. Nina Winn, program coordinator, said that the students are coming from a variety of disciplines including journalism, geography and conservation psychology.

The project is part of the ICA’s 50th anniversary celebration, culminating in a Sharing Approaches That Work (SATW) conference in September 2012. The conference will have selected sustainability projects from each community area sharing resources with each other.

Longtime Colleague Celebrates with ICA-USA

Dick Alton, a longtime colleague working with International Initiatives for ICA-USA, celebrated his 70th birthday at the ICA Friday, December 16, 2011. About thirty people heard an update of ICA programs related to GreenRise 4750 (e.g., six new wind turbines on the eighth floor roof, total light retrofit, green roof) as well as the status of the SATW conference which will celebrate sustainable initiatives in all 77 Chicago community areas in September 2012.

Dick had many highlights for the past year. He shared one through photos taken of his trip to Nepal to work with ICA staff in preparation for the ICAI Conference there in October 2012. The second highlight was assisting his church in Oak Park, Illinois, to finance and install a new geothermal heating system. The third was his obtaining eighteen commitments from Chicago's sustainability leaders to be a part of the ICA Advisory Committee for the SATW project.

ICA-USA Contributes to Potali

The Potali Project, a family development and literacy agency, entered a new phase of Project Stabilization through its new partnership with the ICA-USA and the Kishor Mitra Charitable Trust, Pune, India.

The partnership is financially supported by the Spencer Family Foundation of Australia. The project is continuing already established work in the cities of Mumbai, Thane and Khed and starting new work in Nagpur through the Samata Mahila Foundation.

The project expanded its work in the next quarter starting in July with the establishment of its partnerships with the ICA-USA and the Kishor Mitra Trust. The project was also able to add both practitioners and supervisors. The Potali Project was able to serve more than 644 families over the six month period.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org

UNITED STATES:         December 01 2011

ICA Board Elects New Officers

The Board of the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA (ICA-USA) held its annual meeting on November 13, 2011 at 4750 N. Sheridan in Chicago, elected new officers.

The Board elected Randy Williams, as chair, Larry Loeppke as chair elect, Cheryl Kartes as secretary, and Alan Gammel as treasurer. They'll serve as officers for the next year. The next three-year contract for Terry Bergdall, ICA President and CEO, was approved with a unanimous vote of the Board.

Alan reported the expenses of the organization are the same as projected, with the ICA's gross profit at 75 by the end of the 3rd quarter, ahead of projections. Program expenses are 28 of all expenses. The ToP Network is doing more classes and selling more services. Alan concluded that programs are beginning to pay for themselves.

Terry added that ICA has started setting aside money to make mortgage/loan payments for next year. It was recommended that the Finance Committee review the reporting documents to clarify actual and projected numbers.

ICA Staff Member Connects in Africa

Seva Gandhi, Program Coordinator for Service Learning at ICA-USA, has returned from a month-long trip where she visited and worked with national ICAs in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya and with a project she initiated in Uganda.

Seva said that the trip was a fascinating experience. She saw methodologies very similar to ICA-USA but with aspects and situations that were wildly different.

She started her visit in the Zimbabwe capital of Harare where she took part in training and facilitation for HIV/AIDS testing and education. "Because of the subject matter, it was helpful to be from different culture," Seva said. It allowed her to be more up front and go into more detail than someone from the area could comfortably do.

Her work in Lusaka, Zambia and locations in rural Kenya and Uganda had a strong focus on sustainable development, conservation farming and providing tools for people to help themselves.

The trip as a whole was a success, allowing ICA-USA to reach out to sister organizations. "The staff everywhere was great," Seva said. "But for pure vistas, Kenya was the most beautiful."

Reaching Out to Help Others Quit

The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) is working with the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHA) and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) on a new program to help people quit smoking.

The effort is called The Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project and led by RHA and the CDPH, is "making Chicago great" by helping Chicago residents overcome the deadly habit of smoking. The project has partnered with organizations that serve at-risk populations which use tobacco at high rates. The ICA, based in the Uptown neighborhood on Chicago's north side, is one of those partners. The ICA Center at 4750 N. Sheridan building is the largest non-profit center in the Midwest.

The ICA is offering the Courage to Quit classes, a group tobacco treatment program for adults. Program leaders provide information, practice skills and support to help class participants reach their smoke-free goals. A booth, based on London-style red telephone booths, also offers a direct line to the Illinois Tobacco Quitline.

"We were very happy to take part in the program," said Terry Bergdall, President and CEO of ICA. "The financial and health costs of smoking have a larger effect on those who are already struggling. Plus, the project is exactly in line with our goal of giving people the tools to improve their own situation."

The Courage to Quit classes will begin at the ICA's building at 4750 N. Sheridan on December 15. The booth and materials are already available adjacent to the main lobby of the building.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org