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Week ending: Saturday 2010 12 04


Location: Canada

Bill Staples, John Miller and Duncan Holmes have begun the second series of focus groups at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - U of Toronto's faculty of Ed. The first focus groups led to a consensus on their values and vision for the future. For educators, these were rich sessions.  The current focus groups are focused on discerning contradictions and strategic actions.

Jo Nelson continues her work with the James Bay Cree.  Her experience is showing the power of a well formed team, made up of a variety of people, including an outside consultant, as one of the keys to success in these longer term projects oriented toward whole systems. In this case, the effort is focused in the area of self-governance and will obviously trigger changes throughout the member nations.

John Miller taught Meetings that Work to a group from the City of Burlington.

Bill Staples taught Facilitating Conciliation and Duncan taught our Human Development course - including image change and Courage to Lead studies - at our Toronto training centre.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Sichuan Nepal  Taipei

This past Friday, Janet Sanders and Evelyn Philbrook in Nepal completed the third day of a public Social Artistry course and will hold an imaginal education course Sunday and Monday. Truth About Life session on Spirit Based coaching at the ICA Office included sharing about possible online methods for journey support of colleagues.

Larry Philbrook is in Sichuan doing the second Imaginal Learning Course with an earthquake affected school. Joining Larry are Jorie Wu, Jessie Hsiao, and Eva Chen, volunteer facilitator trainers from Taiwan, and 7 other volunteers from across China. The program is going well and next year we may have another school or schools involved in a similar program

Larry Philbrook along with the rest of the ICAI Leadership Team has been making calls to all ICAs making sure the GA report is clear and finding what local ICAs are initiating in there peer to peer work. Terry Bergdall, Nan Hudson and LT member Dick Alton visited Montreal to work with Antsa in closing the office and transiting the secretariat. We will send a report to all ICAs as soon as the plan for transition is clearer.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com