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Week ending: Saturday 2010 10 23


Location: Dhaka

This week Aziz participated virtually in the ICA Global Forum in Telegaon, India, from his current base in Ottawa. Unfortunately the Bangladesh GA representative failed to join the meeting due to the delay of his visa. We regret the delay by the Indian High Commission; we expected the visa processing to be accelerated for Bangladesh as a SAARC member state.

On the ground in Bangladesh, the Chandpur team painted the newly constructed school building. Naimul took our Japanese intern Ayano for a tour around Dhaka, and Habib and Zaki met Ayano and staff to discuss the web site update. Photos are currently being collected for our web site gallery.

Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Lima and Canchan

Our team of Alex, Yanina and Hernan returned from the third Implementation consultation in Canchan with some exciting news -- one of the team that was trained by the ICA in Azpitia has been elected Mayor of the entire District.  This a huge victory for a new way of thinking and working for these communities since the previous Mayor was a total dictator and would not even allow outsiders into the community.  The project sponsor was so impressed that they asked us to continue working with the communities through 2011, and we are this coming week also writing a major 18 month proposal to extend our work to the communities of the entire District, along with full documentation of the results of our Self-Development method of community development.  Our staff is elated!

Meanwhile we have been invited to assist a company in relocating an entire community of 450 families which will be done using the methods we demonstrated in the earthquake recovery projects we did in Chincha three years ago. 

Three more large projects are now being worked on for presentation in November.  These are challenging and joyful times!

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Location: Chicago

Pilot Service Learning Program

Eighteen students and faculty from Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky spent a week in Chicago as a pilot program for the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA’s new Service Learning Program called “Developing Leadership for a Time of Transition”. The newly decorated rooms, abundant meeting space and proximity to numerous social service learning opportunities make the building an attractive and convenient location for groups of young adults traveling to Chicago.

Lindsey Wilson College (LWC) is a four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist Church. LWC is located on more than 200 partially wooded acres on a hilltop in Columbia, Ky., a small town about 20 miles from Lake Cumberland in South Central Kentucky.

Colleague James Addington is the creator and coordinator of the Program.  He is working to develop a Service Learning Program at the ICA-USA headquarters in Chicago, and planning for courses to be offered to local and national universities by January 2011.
The contextual frame of the Service Learning Program is:

  1. building a green society and the challenges of sustainability
  2. the persistence of poverty and the challenges of creating a just and equitable society
  3. discerning the linkages among those challenges.

James commented that “These are the practical challenges of peace for our time.”  The week with Lindsey Wilson College students will prepare ICA-USA to better clarify and sharpen the overall intentions and plans for the Program. James and volunteer foundation researcher, Lauren Markofsky, will be identifying grants as we gain momentum for this innovative program.

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