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Week ending: Saturday 2010 10 09



Recently Richard and Maria Maguire had the opportunity to offer two, ToP group facilitation courses, through local government councils in the Sydney area and another one is scheduled with a third council in November. The councils invited members of the community and staff from local community organisations to take part in the courses in order to strengthen their ability to provide facilitative leadership and build cooperation and connections with one another. Two of the courses had a special emphasis on environmental and social sustainability, including bush care, permaculture, alternative technology, biking groups, and many others.  The registered response to the first course was so great that not everyone could come so the council has already made plans to schedule another one early in 2011

We were impressed and glad to experience the participants' eagerness to learn the methods and tips to make a difference in their work with one another in the community, to attract more people to participate, and to enable understanding and behavioural change.  We also find it impressive and promising that these local governments have been willing to invest the money to support this kind of community engagement. The participants have already begun implementing suggestions they made to one another during the courses that have happened already.

RIchard           unfolding@smartchat.net.au



With a condolence message, our ICA Bangladesh team expressed their blessing for ICA Australia colleague Elaine Richmond, who passed away last month. We pray for peace for the departed soul. We acknowledge and appreciate the great life and work of Elaine and her direct and indirect support for ICA Bangladesh since 2002, when we we first started ICA work.. No one here had an opportunity to meet her, but we all knew about her work through our mentors, the Maguire's and Hutchinson's. May God offer solace to her family for her absence.

Ayano, an international intern from Japan arrived in Dhaka on October 12th. to work with ICA Bangladesh during October and December.

The Chandpur team reported that the school building construction is finished and that they are handing it over to the District Administration, as per the government's rule. They are seeking permission to continue the project under ICA's support.

Our Terrorism Study project team submitted a letter to obtain permission to conduct interviews with the police administration and convicted terrorists at the Dhaka Central Jail. The team is not sure if the permission will be given due to restrictions of prison visits.

ASM Saifullah and Habibur Rahman applied for a visa to go to India, but due to financial circumstances, only Siaf will be going to take part in the GA. ICA Bangladesh would like to thank ICA Australia for supporting one delegate's participation in the GA in India.

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Location: Chicago

Update on Collaboration with Oklahoma City University

The Oikos Scholars Program for Social and Ecological Responsibility at Oklahoma City University now has an office in the Dawson-Loeffler building. Dann May, Oikos Faculty member and Director of the Vivian Wimberly Center for Ethics and Servant Leadership, and Joe Meinhart, Oikos Faculty member, will be located there.

Terry Bergdall, ICA-USA’s CEO and colleague James Addington are working to develop a Service Learning Program at the ICA-USA headquarters in Chicago.  It is planned that the courses be offered by Oklahoma City University for college credit for Oikos Scholars and for students from other Chicago area and national universities as well.

Local Grant Awarded

ICA-USA/Ecumenical Institute has been awarded a matching grant of $130,900 from Chicago’s Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) for repair of the 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. building’s façade. The historically significant eight-story structure will receive the money from the Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) that allocates funds to improve the infrastructures of Uptown neighborhood buildings.

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