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Week ending: Saturday 2010 04 03


Location: Brobo

Dear colleagues,

Once again, ICA Côte d’Ivoire experienced a death in its network. Miss Roseline, a community health officer responsible for following up with the care of individuals living with HIV, died during the night of April 5th 2010. She had been ill with HIV for a short time. This young lady had devoted herself entirely to her work, hoping to see medicine win its fight with the virus.  We kindly ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Chers collègues,

Une fois encore ICA-CI a vécu un décès dans son réseau. Mlle Roseline, une agente de santé communautaire chargée de faire le suivi de la prise en charge des personnes vivant avec le VIH, est malheureusement décédée la nuit du 5 avril 2010, à la suite d'une courte maladie. Cette jeune fille, porteuse du VIH, s'était entièrement dévouée dans son travail, espérant voir un jour la médecine vaincre ce virus. Nous vous prions de la garder dans vos prières et vos pensées.



Location: ICA Japan and International

This week at the ICA Japan Global Partnership Center we worked on nine proposals for ten different locations. We are excited to have received approval for the Isinya Kenya Agricultural follow up, as well as emergency aid for both Haiti and Chile. In addition, we have been asked to deliver a third round of aid to both Haiti and Chile following this delivery. Two of our staff will leave next Saturday, April 10, for Haiti.

At the ICA Japan Global Business Center we extended our services to government and the medical training services. We have finalized contracts for four seminars for the international medical society and four seminars to develop citizen participation and planning.

We are also exploring selling technical goods to an international market. We are working with the leader of a group of small businesses to determine which items will be best to market overseas.

The LENS logo has been acquired and we are now offering contracts to design professional web pages. Beginning in May 2010, Andrew Schafer will be working with us on marketing, design, and training seminars for the corporate sector.

ICA Japan Staff            staff@icajapan.org


Location: Nepal

Upon his return from the ICA-USA Think Tank in Chicago, Tatwa shared his experiences with his ICA Nepal colleagues. We were pleased to hear of the achievements produced during the meetings and to learn more about the conference to be held in 2012 and its relevance to ICAs in the Asian region. The ICA Nepal board has agreed to put the resolution from the ICA USA Think Tank on the agenda for the online board meeting later this month. 

This week ICA Nepal put its efforts toward strengthening schools through infrastructure upgrading and teacher training. A thorough field visit was carried out by a team in the far western regions of Nepal for establishing improved toilets, cook stoves and washing basins. We are excited that the construction work will start by the third week of this month.



Location: Taiwan

This week we find ourselves operating from several locations. Larry is in Bangkok, where he is facilitating the Appreciative Leadership Modules with 26 UN mid-level managers from throughout Asia. This is the first Encompass Module in Asia and has proven very interesting. Bangkok is in a time of political challenge and many conversations have begun regarding possible connections for ICA Taiwan in Thailand as well as with ICA Bangladesh and Nepal. There are also potential collaborative opportunities in Taiwan for several colleagues from China, Europe and other locations. We look forward to seeing what develops.

In Bangkok, Larry met with Kevin Balm of ICA Australia, and shared with him our work at ICA Taiwan. He also learned about Kevin’s work promoting facilitation and the ToP Methods in India and Sri Lanka, and about ICA Australia's process in moving toward ToP Accreditation.  A ToP Research and Development session is scheduled for July 3-5 in Bangkok; for further information, please contact Larry at larry@icatw.com.

In Taiwan we facilitated a Focused Conversation two-day course for 17 university students, and next week we will facilitate the two-day Consensus Workshop. We also conducted PSPs and Winning Strategy workshops for several individuals; facilitated a dialogue session for the board of a small family foundation; facilitated our FDP monthly Learning Gathering and Personal Mentoring; and Evelyn supported Social Artistry in Nepal from a distance.

We have many other projects in the works as well: we are preparing to facilitate an Open Space workshop with the Asia Pacific Green Network Conference in Taiwan; we are planning a three-day Open Space Learning Workshop in the Philippines; and the students who have been taking the ToP training at their university are organizing a workshop called Truth About Life. We are offering our Dreamwork monthly gatherings.

With Larry home next week we will take advantage of our Tomb Sweeping holiday to engage in some planning for the future.

Gail West


Location Chicago

On March 26th forty people came from all over the world to ICA-USA in Chicago for an International Think Tank. Representatives included colleagues from the United States, Canada, the UK, Bangladesh, and Nepal. They were gathered to generate strategic directions for ICA-USA’s organizational re-entry into international programming and partnerships with ICAI and national ICAs.

The weekend started with a video memorializing Don Elliott, a long-time ICA colleague and global initiative supporter. A riveting presentation by Robertson Work, who served at the Untied National for 16 years, caught all attendees’ attention. He provided an informative and compelling context for the entire weekend.

Discussions over the two days resulted in four Strategic Directions: Addressing Fundamental Issues with Organizational Power; Strengthening ICA’s Global Impact; Increasing Accessibility to ICA’s Work and Methods; and Growing Partnership Connections.
On Sunday morning, participants discussed the impact and implications of the four directions and how to develop global partnerships. Brief concluding skits followed and were full of high spirits and laughter.

Most participants stayed in the ICA-USA building at 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. where we have guest rooms on the 8th floor. One of ICA-USA’s priorities is to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status for the building. The beginning improvements that are intended to make the building green were evident.

Colleagues from the Think Tank and the Chicago area attended a reception Saturday night. Guests enjoyed getting reacquainted with former colleagues and learning about ICA-USA programs from the new CEO, Terry Bergdall.

Pat Druckenmiller

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Michael had the opportunity to attend the ICA USA International Think Tank meetings in Chicago, where he reconnected with many ICA colleagues, and also had the pleasure of putting more faces to names from within the network. It was encouraging to see how much passion and commitment there is to support human development work in communities all over the world. We look forward to working with ICA USA and others to enhance our global impact. Thanks go to ICA USA and ICA Canada, whose support helped make Michael’s participation possible. A selection of photos from the event is available here. Those seeking further information are encouraged to contact ICA USA directly or visit their website at www.ica-usa.org.

We continued to meet possible collaborators and submit grant applications for activities related to the Global Leadership Program for Schools, which aims to provide an opportunity for students in Montreal schools to gain greater knowledge, understanding and awareness of global issues, in order to prepare them for active citizenship and leadership roles. The program will allow us to share the lessons and work from our national ICAs with young people in Montreal, and help them discover ways that they can connect with and support community development initiatives.

Staff continued work on the next Network Exchange newsletter and are excited to incorporate new features in the upcoming issue, to be published in May. Colleagues with ideas or material for Network Exchange articles are greatly encouraged to send them in to info@ica-international.org
We would like to thank those ICAs that have submitted information for the 2009 Annual Report, and encourage members who have yet to submit their information to do so as soon as possible.

Staff           info@ica-international.org