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Week ending: Saturday 2009 10 31


Location: Dhaka

Under the Educational support and life skills training of Orphan High School Children in the cyclone-affected Sharonkhola - whose Bagerhat project is funded by the Taipei American School Foundation - ICA Bangladesh enrolled Saifuzzamn in a 6-month-long vocational training course on October 26, 2009 in Dhaka. ICA Bangladesh selected Saifuzzaman who lost his father in the Sidr cyclone in November 2007. Due to economic circumstances caused by the death of his father, ICA Bangladesh first supported his grade 11-12 education in 2008 under the Educational support for the cyclone-affected parentless children project for 100 orphan children funded by TUC Japan.

Under the current project, ICA Bangladesh has been supporting 30 cyclone-affected high school children. It is expected that through this course, Saifuzzaman would be able to find a job in the garment factory - a dynamic sector in Bangladesh. Saifuzzaman has chosen the course by himself, and ICA Bangladesh is providing special support for him. Other children are being supported locally within Bagerhat District - the northern coastal district 400km away from the capital.

Aziz went to Waterloo on October 31 with Jo, who facilitated the KW Art Gallery Planning Session. Aziz documented the meeting's outcome. Special thanks to Jo for supporting Aziz and ICA Bangladesh.

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Location: Lima and Azpitia

We had another 30 women Promoters in training this week in Azpitia as they prepare to launch another phase of the Women's Small Industry project in Chincha, a project which extends through 2011.  It's always motivating for the staff to experience the tremendous change that happens to the women in just 5 days, and to anticipate the results as several hundred new family businesses emerge in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the staff managed to send staff teams into the field to conduct three implementation visits to communities in the high sierra.  These two day visits, done by two staff, enable the newly trained leaders to be recognized by the community as they lead a community planning forum followed by a big Miracle Day workday when a major physical challenge is transformed in the community. The photos from these events are really awesome as we get to see traditional Andian women standing in front of their communities, leading a consensus workshop -- a role that no women have ever played before in these communities.  It's sometimes hard to grasp how quickly people can change when they have a new vision for their community, and for their own role.

Our challenge now is to find more qualified full time staff to support our calendar of events, especially since Doris Artica has returned to her university work to complete her degree.

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ICA International:

Location: Montreal

The "Group Facilitation Methods" course hosted at ICA International's office was a success. Flora and Renée also attended the course and learned more about facilitation strategies.

We are also happy to announce that ICA International has moved offices. Our new address is:

417 Rue St.-Pierre
Suite 804
Montreal, QC H2Y 2M4
Tel: +1 (514) 875-7111
Fax: +1 (514) 875-0705

Please note that our fax number has also changed; the phone number is the same.

Thank you to everyone at ICA International for their hard work in making sure the move went as smoothly as possible.

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