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Week ending: Saturday 2009 10 10


Location: Dhaka

Celebrate! We finally received the NGO Bureau Affairs Foreign Donation Registration on October 8th. Aziz had been dedicated to ensure the successful registration before he moved to Canada for his upper-level studies. In the process, many colleagues, staff, and friends from home and abroad contributed and ICA Bangladesh is grateful to them and especially to Aziz, Ripon, Habib, Selina, Manik, Naimul, Nurul, Nasrin, Fuad, Kabir, and Mizan, Sujit Kumar Nandi, Tayebur Rahman, MP Asaduzzaman Noor from ICA Bangladesh, Maria and Richard, Robyn and John from Australia, Wayne from Japan, and Lambert from ICA International for their role in helping ICA Bangladesh apply, submit documents, plan, raise funds, send the commitment letter, pursue officials, and so on. We must express our deep gratitude to Aziz and Ripon’s family for their time.

We also thank and remember all of our members, staff, advisers and supporters on the day of receipt of the certification and we firmly believe they will continue their support for ICA Bangladesh. While in Canada, Aziz has been working for ICA Bangladesh and would like to have an online meeting with ICA colleagues. Jo from Canada offered to help organize the meeting which is scheduled to be held in late October. As part of the plan, on October 10th, Jo organized an introductory meeting using the online software and Habib and Aziz practiced how to facilitate using the online tool. They hope that Maria and Richard as well as other colleagues who may be interested will take part in the meeting.

The first online meeting will focus more on simple agenda as we are first time users of the online tool. The meeting agenda will try to review our work in the past, accomplishments, successes, challenges and possible steps for the coming year. Jo and Wayne will assist in hosting the meeting. We are so grateful to them for their open-hearted support.

Pintu sent photos and report of his Micro-grant HIVAIDS project on October 7th. Ferose already collected the Final Workshop Report on the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Bangladesh from the printing shop on September 17th and Aziz got a copy for ICA International. He is also supporting the publication of the book on Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Bangladesh.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.or


Location: Toronto

Staci Kentish, Director of the Youth as Facilitative Leaders Program returned from a week-long trip in Sudbury and North Bay, Ontario where she facilitated various training courses and orientation sessions for the start of Phase II of the Young Community Leaders Project.  Phase I is nearly complete and the Community Consultation Reports the youth volunteers completed are up on the website for viewing.

Another Courage to Lead course began on October 6th with co-facilitators Duncan Holmes, Daphne Field, Ken Dietz and Staci Kentish anxious to guide another group of participants through this powerful book study.

Staci Kentish         skentish@icacan.ca


Location: Canada

Jo and Wayne Nelson facilitated our first online meeting using Elluminate. The web address is http://elluminate.com if you want to try it out.  Elluminate is an online meeting service and we bought a license to use it.  The meeting was with a national educational enhancement project. We facilitated the strategy planning workshop that conceived this project and it has become very successful in helping 'at-risk' youth stay in school, become successful and move on to higher education. The meeting was a great success. People from all over Ontario and Quebec were there. They were able to do their collaborative work without travelling.

Bill Staples has taught several sessions of Community Development to people from the Greater Toronto United Way.

John Miller and Jo Nelson are revising the curriculum of our Advanced Facilitation Tools course. It's one of our 3-day advanced courses. We have taught it a couple times so Jo and John are integrating what we have learned.

Bill Staples announced to us that he has secured a contract with the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Care Access Centre to teach 30 of their staff our entire Facilitative leadership curriculum over the next 18 months.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Many

Hanoi Vietnam Cleaning the Water
Eiki Kubokawa travelled to Hanoi as an advisor and translator for partnership team planning to clean water in some of the 50 lakes within the city.

Japan Facilitation

Shizuyo, Wayne, and Casey facilitated Pharmacists from 5 nations on how they can make a significant improvement in leadership and in the Clinical Pharmacy profession.  We used an advanced version of PSP preceeded by a historical medical scan and a trends analysis.

Two Global Festas
Staff and Volunteers attended the annual Global Festa for two days in Hibiya Park, sold materials from partners around the world, and personally gave 1000 flyers to people for ICA Japan's Festa on October 31, 2009.

Emergency Aid for the Philippines
We prepared a proposal and budget for emergency aid for the Philippines and prepared our Philippino counterparts to begin distribution next week.

Millennium Facilitation, Training, and Consultation
Wayne is summoning qualified facilitators and trainers to invent a completely new version of our facilitation and training website.

Committed Global Support
In the total absence of the GA committed resources amounting to US30,000 this year and a few small donations, ICA Japan borrowed US30,000 for two months, and which must be repaid by October 31, 2009.  All voluntary donations to ICA Japan or ICAI so that ICAI could provide ICA Japan a portion or all of the committed core bugdet would be graceously appreciated.

Wayne and Shizuyo           staff@icajapan.org