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Weekending: Saturday 2009 07 18


Location: Dhaka

On the 18th July we had an ICA meeting at our office to discuss the agenda for the FDR - Foreign Donation Registration -, membership dues, orphan high school children project, and the Chandpur Ghoramara project. Sarwat, Kabir, Shamim, Fuad, Ripon, Arshad, Nurul and Aziz attended the meeting. The meeting attendees also discussed the approved TUC donation for the school building in Ghoramara.

It was also decided at the meeting that the 2nd visit to the Bagerhat orphan high school project will be 28 July. Life skills training will start on that date.

On 16th July, Ghoramara community leaders visited the Deputy Commissioner's office with regard to his support for the ICA project implementation. Mizan, Khair, Shamim, Ripon and Manik helped them in this regard. Sujit and Aziz spent the week visiting the Prime Minister's office for FDR.

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Location: Canada

Duncan Holmes, Bill Staples and associate Jerry Mings taught our 6 day 'Art and Science of Participation' to 15 participants. Duncan Holmes took a day off the course to facilitate a planning workshop with the City Of Guelph.

John Miller facilitated a 3 day planning workshop with the  municipality of Lake of Bays in Ontario's cottage country. The fact that it will be the site of the next G8 summit meeting has accelerated infrastructure development in the region and factors large in their planning processes.

Wayne Nelson continued work on adding content to our new web site and began work on a paper on the foundations of ToP methods

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Location: Azpitia--Lima

The staff closed out another, 3-week ADVANZA PERU leadership formation school, with leaders from 6 communities in the sierra above Chincha where we did so much work on earthquake relief over the past two years.  This AP had a lot of improvements from previous ones, including some excellent new technologies introduced by Alex Borjas.  This group is the strongest we have worked with and has a detailed plan to make full use of the Implementation Program that the ICA team will facilitate in their communities over the next four months.  From this experience, we learned the importance of having the 4-month Implementation Program dates fixed before doing the 3-weeks of training. 

Shu Sun arrived this week from England to volunteer for a month with us, and we are already making use of his specialty in manufacturing, to move our proposals forward toward implementing a Business Incubator demonstration for rural districts.  He has teamed up with Luis Tarazona of our staff and they are having an interested time using their limited knowledge of each other's language to move the project forward.  The team, along with Ken Hamje, is also investigating the possibility of introducing an alternative currency system in Peru related to the Business Incubator, a very interesting challenge to take on in a developing economy.

Now the staff is ready to turn its attention to the development of new curriculum for the Professional Course in December, and to begin our new life of constant intensive programming.  In preparation for this, Rocio del Aguilar has been working on a standard program report format to free up the teaching staff which will only have one week of turn around time between programs beginning in September.  We seem to be surrounded with new creativity wherever we turn.

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Larry spent the last week in Santiago Chile first collaborating with an US based organization called Encompass on a Leadership training program for the UN introducing an Appreciative Leadership approach.  Following this program he met with Isabel Delamaza, Eduard Christiansen, and Ana Mari Urrutia as well as several of the team facilitating a Community leadership ToP training: Laura and another Isabel were the trainers. 

Larry also had the chance to go to visit Sol D'Septiembre the old ICA project the women's bakery cooperative is still there and the bread is great.  We planned together a return trip in October where we will jointly offer several programs.  The final topics are still being decided but possibly Open Space Training, Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and other elements.

Meanwhile in Taiwan Dick's study group continued and preparation is ongoing for the TOP Research and Development  session in Taipei Aug 23- 25, the IAF Asia  regional session on August 28- Sept 1 and the Global Open Space on Open Space Oct 15 -17

Evelyn is still in the US working with her Family and attending a Jean Houston Training session

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Location: Montréal

Renée and Marie-Eve have been busy with the organization of the HIV and AIDS fundraising event that will take place in October. The event will feature food and special entertainment. We are all very excited about promoting the work of ICA in combating HIV and AIDS. We have also been busy with the recruitment of a new Communications and Development Officer, a position we hope to fill in the coming weeks. Once this person is on board we will again have a stable staff team of five individuals.

The newest edition of the Network Exchange newsletter will be published shortly – we look forward to sharing a few exciting stories from ICAs around the world. For the first time, with the help of our Spanish speaking interns, Marilu and Nicolas, we are excited to be providing the Network exchange in Spanish, French and English. We hope this will be a useful service that will allow us to reach many more individuals around the world.  We plan to re-establish our regular schedule of NE, and invite all ICAs to submit articles for publication in future issues.

Michael was in South Africa (having been invited by the Cape Town convention bureau to learn more about hosting major events in Cape Town and the other ‘Best City’ destinations) and met with colleagues from ICA South Africa. He was thrilled to be able to learn more about ICA South Africa’s current and future projects, and to visit a project in Alexandra township that supports orphans and vulnerable children. Readers will be able to learn more about this wonderful initiative in a future issue of Network Exchange. Michael is back in the office from Monday 20 July.