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Weekending: Saturday 2009 05 16


Location: Dhaka

On 12 May Indrajit met Aziz upon return from conducting a survey in the Sidr area. Based on the survey findings, the team has added some new ideas to the action plan.

On 13 May a taskforce meeting on the Sidr Orphan children project was held at the Pacific Inn Hotel. Forhad and Aziz had a long discussion on the survey, action plan and second visit schedule.

Ripon and Aziz met on 16 May. Ripon received two cheques on behalf of ICA Bangladesh in the amounts of $5000 USD and $1000 USD from Taipei American School Foundation to support the urgent needs of 30 cyclone Sidr affected orphans. Evelyn Philbrook had made efforts in raising funds for the orphaned high school children. The taskforce wants to support educational and life skills needs, as urgent needs, for effective outcome of the project. The project will be officially inaugurated on 25 May.

Aziz attended Shamim's wedding on 15 May. He also met with Iqbal, Khair, Mizan and Shamim to discuss dressmaking by Ghoramara women to support needy children. Mizan is going to organize the dressmaking for street children, Ghoramara children, and Sidr orphan children's school uniforms.

Razab Ali Khan Nozib - Executive Director of a disability NGO met Aziz and Fuad at the ICA office and asked to use the resources for a partnership. He asked ICA to order educational materials for printing and book binding to be produced by visually impaired people; in this way ICA can contribute to the welfare and empowerment of disabled people in Bangladesh.



Location: Toronto

Wayne Nelson completed another Movie Clip. This one is for our Meetings That Work course. watch it at http://ica-associates.ca/Template/NewCourses/MTWVideoIndex.cfm

Wayne also joined the Virrtual ToP facilitation team in exploring the possibilites in Second Life. It is a virtual world in which we may be able to set up online facilitation  and perhaps even training sessions.  Second Life is the -Wild West- of the internet.

Bill Staples taught Facilitating Conciliation in Chicago. Jo Nelson facilitated a planning workshop for the Peel Public Health Department.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Lima -- Azpitia

This concludes the second week of another AVANZA PERU 3-week leadership formation program, this one for a great group of mature community people from the central highlands.  Their first week focused on the cultural dimension, and they deeply engaged in new perspectives of their lives and the cultural gifts of their community and nation.  This week focused on the economic and they were highly animated by the new perspectives and opportunities they have discovered, while also working seriously on their pedagogy for facilitating their first TOP events next week.

This week we also had the pleasure of have Rocio del Aguila join our permanent staff as a part of our marketing team.  Rocio brings us 25 years of teaching experience, and a long history as an ICA colleague who is excited about starting a second career in marketing while polishing her skills with the ICA methods.  Her first assignment was to document the work of the students in the Azpitia formation program, and now she is taking the lead on preparing and marketing our new Leadership Formation Program for professionals working in communities.  WELCOME ROCIO!

We also received two new Associates into the ICA family this week, both who are well known professionals in Peru with a long history of support for the work of the ICA.  Carlos and Alina have both offered to serve on our new Board of Directors beginning in January 2010, and we will introduce them publicly at that time.  Alison Hamje, Martha Sanchez and Marlene Casteneda secured the restoration of the official status of ICA-Peru to receive  donations which earn tax deductions for the donors, and with that we received the donation of two computers and the approval for another major program for July. 

Little by little our infrastructure is being brought up to date, and the staff is feeling very good about our ability to serve for the long term.

Staff           kenh@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

This week we are excited to welcome Michel Greiche to the ICA International secretariat as our new Director of Development and Communications. Originally from Montreal, Michel has recently returned to Canada with his young family after nearly 15 years living and working in Europe. While abroad, Michel worked with a number of leading consulting firms in the UK and Italy to help companies develop creative, strategic responses to difficult and complex internal and external realities. He combines exceptional skills in communication, leadership, partnership creation, and business development, with a clear passion for the work of ICA, and keen sensitivity toward the needs and realities of the organization. Michel will work with other members of staff to help ensure a strong and sustainable base for the organization, and to help ensure that the ICA story is told powerfully and effectively. We hope that you will join us in warmly welcoming Michel to our team.

This week Michael and Lambert continued to work with members of the steering committee on the UN Forum on Forests Major Groups initiative. The initiative is designed to increase and improve stakeholder participation in the negotiation and implementation of UNFF, and involves a major international meeting that is proposed for May 2010 in west Africa. ICAI is taking a lead role in organizing the initiative.

Recruitment for new interns continued this week, and staff interviewed a number of very interesting and enthusiastic candidates who are applying to support our work in communications, capacity building and policy within the office. We hope to welcome new interns on board in the coming days.

Staff           info@ica-international.org