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Weekending: Saturday 2009 04 18


Location: Dhaka

ICA Bangladesh organized the inauguration ceremony for the Improving the Quality of Life of Street Children through Educational Development and Life Skills Training in Dhaka City project, on 15 April 2009 at 7pm at the Pacific Inn Hotel, Banani, Dhaka. It was a great occasion.


ICA Bangladesh Chairperson Mohammad Azizur Rahman chaired the event and Honorable Member of Parliament and Managing Director of Desh TV Asaduzzaman Noor inaugurated the project by the distribution of educational materials and stipend among 30 street children of 24 Ward of Dhaka City Corporation.

With the support of TUC Japan, ICA Bangladesh is implementing the street children project. It will include educational and life skills, combining literacy, awareness raising about love, respect, citizenship, organic farming, vocation training, environment, health, disability, leadership, and HIV AIDS. Mr. Noor also distributed certificates for international training on social artistry leadership, HIVAIDS and Technology of Participation to 34 individuals belonging to NGOs, universities and government agencies. This training was facilitated by Janet Sanders, Lauren J Oliver, Tatwa P Timsina, Shalik Ram Giri and Evelyn Philbrook.

Mr. Noor also awarded micro-grants to 8 persons for micro-projects on HIVAIDS in Bangladesh. These microgrants were given by Janet's friends. In his speech, Mr. Noor said that we should support good initiatives of NGOs like the street children and HIVAIDS micro-projects undertaken by ICA Bangladesh. He expects ICA will play a positive role in developing life skills, patriotism, nationality, citizenship and leadership among the young generation.

Special Guest Mrs. Evelyn Philbrook, Vice-President for Asia Pacific of ICA International, shared her appreciation for ICA Bangladesh's contribution to human development since 2004. ICA Bangladesh Honorary Chairperson and Assistant Professor of Bhashani University Azizur Rahman said that ICA is a unique non-government organization that works with people combining both human development training and community empowerment. Mr. Rahman hoped that with Government support, ICA can make a difference in the NGO sector with its activities based on culture of participation, lifelong learning and sustainable development.

The Advisory Board Chair of ICA Bangladesh and Sociology Professor of Dhaka University Dr. A I Mahbub Uddin Ahmed, appreciated ICA Bangladesh's training, facilitation, research and community empowerment activities. Participatory Action and Development Executive Director Quazi Baby, National University Dean professor Mohammed Bin Kashem and Dhaka ICA program officer Mr. T M A Fuad also spoke on the occasion. From May 1 ICA will start classes.

Mr. Asaduzzaman Manik and 24 Ward Commissioner, and City Corporation Councilor are helping ICA in implementing the street children project. On 16 April Aziz met with Dr. Aman and Professor Mahbub about ICA's next steps and the reformation of the advisory board and guardian group. Aziz, Kabir, Ferose, Fuad, Arshad, Farhad, Manaik and Ripon had a talk on 17 April regarding the treasurer position and Board election. On 30 April we are going to have the continuation of Action Planning Session initiated and facilitated by Evelyn on 15 April.

Aziz visited the government NGO Bureau to inquire into the Foreign Donation Registration and was happy to find that the file is moving positively from the Bureau to the Home Ministry. On 18 April, Shamim visited Ghoramara Human Development Project in Chandpur. He had a community meeting today. Nurul and Fuad are finishing accounts of training and monthly expenses for March and April. Evelyn left Bangladesh on 15 April following the great event.

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Location: Lima and the High Sierra

Jesusa Aburto and Alex Borjas are once again in the high Sierra doing another round of the Implementation Program for 30 people from a recent AVANZA PERU -AP- leaderhsip training program.  Meanwhile, Alison Hamje has been contracting another whole program along with Implementation from the same NGO to improve another set of their projects. 

Gloria Santos and Alison Hamje also went on a long day trip to the high Sierra above Chincha to market another AP for September, and came back with a bag of large native potatoes and a local herb to cook them.  We put the herb in a large pot with the potatoes and NO water, and in 20 minutes they were cooked and delicious!  We are constantly amazed and delighted by the new wisdom we encounter from the local people, even after the ICA has 30 years here in Peru.

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Location: Montréal

This past week saw development thinkers, practitioners and activists gather in Montreal at the Millennium Summit – an annual event designed to promote the achievement of the Millennium Development goals. Lambert and Michael were able to attend a number of events and a few of our interns were sponsored to attend based on their volunteerism and contributions to development. The message of the summit was clear: we have achieved much, but our progress in many areas has been slow and uneven, and much more work – from the grassroots to the highest levels of power– is needed if we hope to achieve the important targets that we have set. More than anything, we were reminded of the relevance and importance of the work that ICA does in communities around the world: we were reminded that our ambitious goals will only be reached by a combination of sound policy, political and economic commitment, and action by empowered, engaged citizens and groups around the world.

Michael traveled to Ontario for a meeting with colleagues from ICA Canada regarding their ambitious work combating HIV and AIDS in Africa. Participants reviewed the highly successful projects at Il Ngwesi and began discussing the best way to move forward with the replication of the success in other localities. There is great enthusiasm for the work accomplished by the communities in Il Ngwesi and the promise that this could serve as a model for communities throughout the region. ICA Canada staff will be in Southern Africa in the coming month and will have an opportunity to discuss possible projects with African ICA counterparts.

Lambert traveled to New York where he is attending the United Nations Forum on Forests meetings at UN headquarters. He is attending as a representative of civil society and will be promoting the need for just, sustainable solutions to the multiple crises facing forests around the world. He will take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a number of New York based organizations to promote the work of ICA and discuss possible funding and partnership opportunities.

The hiring process continued to move forward and progress was made on a number of key legal and administrative issues.

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