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Weekending: Saturday 2009 03 07


Location: Dhaka

On 6 March ICA Bangladesh organized a general and task force meeting. Sarwat, Farhad, Shipon, Kabir, Ripon, Aziz, Fuad, Mamun, Sikder, Naimul, Shamim attended the meeting.
All members are very shocked at the killing of more than 60 army officers on 25 February in the Bangladesh Rifles Headquarter in Dhaka and expressed their condolence for families. ICA Bangladesh appreciated the Government's necessary steps and patience of the armed forces in this connection. ICA Bangladesh  hopes the perpetrators will be identified and given examplary punishment.
One of the outcomes of the meeting is to come up with emergency fundraising for staff support through loan from members provided that we would be able to generate income by the end of the year.

Monica Gray, Youth Ambassador working as Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh visited ICA Office and discussed about training programs and 8 March event participation at Nicolien's house in which Selina will give a presentation.

Dana from ICAI had a phone talk on 6 March proposal for fundraising and shared about possible sources. Mike introduced her as intern for working with national ICAs. ICA Bangladesh team thanked her for joining ICAI and helping in fundraising.

ICA Bangladesh submitted a proprosal to Orphanage club in Taiwan for funding Education and life skills training for 30 High School Orphan Children. Evelyn is assisting us in this connection.

On 5 March, Fuad, Shamim, Mamun and Aziz finalized and sent the Ghoramara Project Documentation in Bangla for new village development committee which will be forwarded to local administration for approval as well.

On 4 March we have finished our audit for 2007 and 2008. Thanks to Nurul Islam Sikder for his kind assistance. NGO Bureau documentation is almost complete. We hope to submit in the next week.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Reporting for 2 weeks

Jo Nelson taught Group Facilitation for Educators in Lethbridge, Alberta and facilitated a workshop in Ft. Macleod. She went from there to facilitate another workshop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with a First Nations pre-school program. She also facilitated a 2 day workshop with the Eagle Lake First nation in NW Ontario related to their governance project.

Duncan Holmes taught Group Facilitation and Meetings That Work in Vancouver, BC.

John Miller taught Group Facilitation in Ottawa, Ont. We are expanding our presence in the nation's capital - home to the most facilitators, trainers and consultants per square kilometer in the nation.

Bill Staples taught a one day facilitation course with the Quality Health Network in Toronto. He also taught Meetings That Work to a group with the Ontario Public Service.

Wayne Nelson updated our own website http://ica-associates.ca and added a section Strategic Planning to the ToP Facilitation website - http://topfacilitation.net. We have found the section on ICA's strategic planning model helpful in talking with clients. Wayne also worked with Manfred Humphries to upgrade our computer back-up systems.

Bill, John and Wayne continue to work with Redwerks to develop an newly designed website for ICA Associates.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Pune

Session on leadership development and strategic planning.  

IICA India hosted a three-day workshop on leadership development for residents of their target villages at Pune. ICA Japan’s co-Directors Mrs. Shizuyo Sato and Mr. Wayne Ellsworth, along with ICA Japan project coordinator Kayo Goda, were present to facilitate the workshop.

ICA India with collaboration and support from Japan International Corporation Agency for supporting four villages for livelihood activity like, Dairy Project, Biogas, Water irrigation, and tree plantation for coming three years.

Biogas units under construction in the village. Biogas dramatically improves the life of women, as it frees them from the need to cut and transport fuelwood, and protects them from harmful pollutants associated with burning wood indoors.  Biogas systems are easy to use and maintain.   Village leader and ICA India staff at training center.

Shankar Jadhav


Location: Lima

The staff submitted two more program reports in order to release funding this week, and delivered a truck load of donated materials for the women's small busineeses in Chincha. 
I team went to Chincha to participate in the first sewing machine training. 

Two budgets were submitted for new programs -- one in the deep selva on the frontier with Brazil, and the other in the high sierra for a community over 4,000 meters high.  We are constantly amazed at the diversity of experiences in our lives as we respond to the requests that come to us.

Staff           kenh@ica-peru.org


Location: Taiwan

We continued our Facilitation Certification program with the Imaginal Learning Course in January and the Dialogue course in February and are now revising the Spirit of Facilitation course to be conducted in March.  Colleagues facilitated a public session Thriving on Uncertainty with 59 present using world cafe method - This session was initiated at the Group Mentoring session in January when Dick West lead a conversation on Uncertainty.

Gail West has continued her work in Taitung County with community leaders, expanding to Taichung and Taipei County. Several Open Space programs and leadership training programs have been conducted with the team of Tsai Shu Fang and Gail.Dick West continues personal coaching and healing as well as the Dharma Drum University project and participating in the global Earthrise study on Hot Flat and Crowded.

Evelyn Philbrook is preparing for her work with ICA in Nepal and Bangladesh in March and April.  The Nepal program is a joint program between ICA Nepal and the Jean Houston Foundation working with Social Artistry.  In Bangladesh Evelyn, Tatwa Timsina and Jan Samders will work with Aziz and his team to introduce social artistry and to support ICA Bangladesh work.

Larry Philbrook and Laura Hsu have taken the next step to work with UN Leadership globally as a part of a team of facilitators pulled together by Encompass.  This program will include trainings in different parts of the world and hopefully give Larry a chance to work with other ICA's although the actual UN program is being staffed by Encompass. While in the States for the training Larry spent some time with the ICA USA staff and the new board and experienced some of their great conversations about the future - learning from the past while creating a distinct and creative future.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com


Location: Montréal

The past week was an exciting week; following the board approval of the advisory team recommendations the secretariat is working hard to move forward and put the recommendations into effect. Immediate concerns are the recruitment of staff and ongoing work on fundraising and program development. We wish to extend a heartfelt thank-you to members of the advisory team for their extraordinary ongoing work. We look forward to working with national ICAs, board members, and other supporters throughout the network to ensure a vibrant, effective and sustainable organization.

Lambert traveled to Ghana for a workshop on Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation, hosted by ICA Ghana and sponsored by the Global Forest Coalition. He will take advantage of the trip to meet with national ICA staff from Togo and Benin in order to discuss a range of issues including future collaborative projects.

We continued to receive exciting reports from national ICAs for inclusion in the ICAI 2009 annual report, and look forward to receiving further reports this week.