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Weekending: Saturday 2008 11 08


Location: Dhaka

As of now 8 of recruited ICA Bangladesh participants already collected visa. By this week others will be getting the visa.

On 6 November monthly taskforce meeting November 2008 and local workshop on Japan Conference was held. The meeting agenda included Japan conference participation, accommodation, flights and 4 taskforces.

ICA Bangladesh booked a stall for presenting ICA work and charity fundraising. Aziz got acceptance for a case study paper presentation. Dr. mahbub, Fuad and Naimul also got acceptance for case study paper presentation.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Nepal

A team of ICA Nepal visited Far Western Nepal to monitor the development activities carried out in the region with the support of MISEREOR. A series of capacity building programme and construction activities are ongoing in the area.

We also supported a number of people who wanted to participate in the Human Development Conference in Japan. ICA Nepal had committed to participate as a group of 10. We are planning to exhibit our products in the conference and at present the group is preparing for it.

In the last few weeks, we carried out about 6 training, 5 days of each in various parts of Nepal for various organisations such as MS and ADRA. ICA Nepal is also planning to diversify its activities and a group is working on preparing a model for ICA Nepal's role in coming 6 years.

ICA Nepal also prepared a book on '10 years of ICA in Nepal' which will be distributed during the Human Development Conference. The 40 page book deals about various activities undertaken by ICA in Nepal. An electronic copy is available here. pdf 5.95MB

Tatwa P. Timsina


Location: Lima-Chincha

The team closed one large training contract this week with a major Swiss funded project operatiing in three departments in Peru.  It begins 30 Nov. and runs through March. 

Two more companies made the decision to use the 3-week Avanza Peru program in 2009 to form new leadership in the communities of their employees, plus to use the new ICA Implementation Program to establish the new Promoters in their leadership roles in the communities.  We have now established the Implementation Program as an excellent tool to deal with budget cuts in the current economic downturn by posturing it as a tool for making all other community investments more productive. 

Receiving the first payment for the ongoing Hanns Seidel Foundation small industry program put our bank accounts back in the black this week.  Two companies contacted us this week to ask for assistance in relocating and rebuilding workers communities, where we would be training the community leadership to guide the transition process. 

In the midst of all of this activity, the team joyfully contributed to the development of the ICAI Vision dialogue for the Global Assembly in Japan.

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Location: Montréal

The ICAI team is currently dispersed, but will be present in Takayama and Shirakawa-go for the upcoming conference and GA meeting.

Mike traveled to Japan this weekend, and is now working with our colleagues in Tokyo on last minute conference planning and preparation.

Sarah is in Tajikistan, working with ICA EHIO on their organizational capacity building until mid-week.

Lambert leaves this week for Japan to participate in the conference, GA and Board meetings.

Katie has been keeping busy with travel arrangements, conference and GA prep, and secretariat fundraising and communications.

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