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Weekending: Saturday 2008 11 01


Location: Dhaka

ICA members are preparing for Japan Conference. Farhad applied for visa on thursday. Mahbub, Nasrin and Aziz submitted on Sunday. Naimul, Alamgir and Fuad are furnishing new office and working on Decemeber and January ToP training and facilitation servicec. Khair and Manik visited ICA Ghoramara project and found the site for Sign for the community developed by themselves while ICA Bangladesh organized a community  action and visioning workshop in last December with Maria and Richard.



Location: Canada

Bill Staples facilitated a group from the Regional Municipality of Durham in a strtegic planning process. He also trained staff from Ontarion Public Service in Meetings That Work.

John Miller taught Group Facilitation to a group from the city of Mississauga.

Wayne Nelson completed the new ToP Facilitation website. It is now live!!!!!!   Go to http://topfacilitation.net

Wayne Nelson          wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Lima and Chincha

The 30 new Promoters in the Chincha small business project received their backpacks and caps this week, and Gloria Santos reported that the team in Chincha was excited about the work they have underway with the small businesses.  Three donated used computers showed up in our office this week to assist with this work.

As the staff is intensively preparing for a three week leadership school for 30 participants in November, we received approval this week for another school for 30 participants for December.  Altogether these 5 weeks of programming will have participants from 4 of the 26 Departments in Peru.  We also added a major new Implementation Program to follow each school to give 3 months of follow-up with the new Promoters in the field.  This is an exciting addition to our programming and we had an immediate client to follow up on the December school.

We made an informal presentation of our new Single Mother project this week to the Inter-American Foundation and received an invitation to submit a three year proposal in November for quick approval.  This project would enable 900 young single mothers to work in circles of ten women to dramatically improve their self esteem and the practical economic and social situations of their lives, as well as those of their children.  There are hundreds of thousands of single mothers in Peru who can be benefitted with this program.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

As many of you are well aware, the 7th Global Conference in Human Development is now only 2 weeks away. Conference organizers at ICA Japan and ICAI are working around the clock to bring all final elements of this event together, dedicating much of their time to assisting international delegates with visa applications. A comprehensive information package was sent out electronically to all registrants, detailing important instructions on travel and accommodation arrangements, as well as what to expect in Japan. To be re-sent this document or to register for the conference now, please email Michael Watson at mwatson@ica-international.org

Sarah Farina is currently in Bosnia & Herzegovina on a capacity building visit with ICA BOSPO, and will be travelling to Tajikistan to visit ICA EHIO this week.

Katie is loving our amazing volunteers more than ever.