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Weekending: Saturday 2008 10 25


Location: Timor Leste

Elaine and John Telford spent two weeks in Timor Leste following up contacts from previous ICA Australia work. There is a real spirit of hope in the country and people we spoke with were very optimistic. Alex Gusmao, CEO of Timor Aid is using ToP methods frequently e.g. in training workshop leaders for the 3rd National Womens Congress held in September.

Alex and Denorah, new CEO of the NGO Forum, are committed to organising an intensive ToP training event mid 2009 for which ICA Australia would send trainers. Other capacity building possibilities in both the public sector and the non-government sector were explored.

Timor Leste           thetelfords@gmail.com


Location: Dhaka

Selina and Fuad applied for Japan visa and they already succeeded and they are now planning to attend the Global Conference. Selina altready confirmed her air ticket as Nicolien sponsored her. Hilarious, Manik, Naimul, Shahadat also applied for visa and now they are waiting for the result.

Manik, Naimul, Fuad and Aziz had a office management meeting on 25 October and they are working on office set up and upliftment.

ICA Australia sent Aus Dollars 6000.00 out of which 5000.00 is for office and staff support and we are expecting 3000Aus Dollars plus which are about to receive from Julie in ICA Australia  which will be used for office support, Ghoramara project and Japan conference participation. Under the initiatives of Maria and Richard, colleagues in Australia raised office and staff support.

Khair, Sajib and Sanjida met and discussed about ICA Primary School in Ghoramara Project in Chandpur.



Location: Canada

Duncan Holmes, Dereck Strachn, Wayne Nelson and Jo Nelson walked in the Toronto Marathon to raise funds for ICA Canada's support for HIVAIDS programming by our African ICA colleagues.
We each walked a half-marathon - 13 miles - 21 km.  At the end, we were sore, tired and absolutely elated to have expended our energy on behalf of our colleagues.

Bill Staples taught Meetings That Work to a group from the Ontarion Public Service.

Jo Nelson taught Meetings That Work and Group Facilitation to teachers from the Edmonton Board of Education.The previous week Jo facilitated a planning process for Timiskiming Social Services and Bill Staples taught Meetings That Work in our Toronto training centre.

Duncan Holmes facilitated a planning workshop at the Allen Howard Waldorf School.

Jo did a training workshop with a community group in NW Toronto.  We have also recently taught courses in Vancouver, BC, Red Deer, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Montréal

Thanks to all of you who have sent us updates from your ICAs for this year’s Working Gifts program! We are now gathering this information updating the WG website in anticipation year 2 of this global fundraising initiative. This year, we hope to get more exposure and gain increased funding for the local human development programs that Working Gifts supports.

Due to popular inquiry, I would like to introduce the new 2009 ICAI Board of Directors:

Ali Dessouki

Derek Strachan

David Rebstock

Isabel de la Maza

Stephane Bordeleau (pending GA vote on extending Board in honour of a tie)

Tatwa Timsina

Wimke Kleinhouts

And returning:

F. Nelson Stover

Ruth Gilbert

Robyn Hutchinson

Gerald Gomani

Evelyn Philbrook

Mohammed Azizur Rahman

Shizuyo Sato

Pranay Shah

Vijay Lokhande

Contact info and details will be made available online in due course. In Montréal, we remain occupied with funding proposals and preparing for the conference. Sarah Farina is currently en route to Bosnia and Tajikistan on a capacity building visit. We look forward to hearing her reports from this time spent with our colleagues at BOSPO and EHIO.

Katie Burke