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Weekending: Saturday 2008 07 19


Location: Dhaka

Taskforce meeting was held on 18 July at Nicolien' house in Gulshan 1 in Dhaka. Nicolien also offered a dinner on this occasion. Fourteen persons were present in the event.  Four taskforce agenda - training and advocacy , projects and funding, relationships, and office and marketing were discussed. Manik welcomed all, Selina did introductions and context sessions.

Aziz conducted an ORID session to recall ICA activities in the past and review strategic plans and come up with action plans for next 3 months. Among the activities, local fundraising, proposal submission, training offering and Japan conference participation listed top. Nicolien and Hilarious Costa will volunteer in fundraising and Japan conference recruitment. Aziz and Naimul will work in project accomplishment reporting, Aziz, Nicolien and Bin Kashem will volunteer in proposal writing, Selina, Shipon and Ripon will volunteer in charitable fundraising.

Five members from ICA Bangladesh joined the 8 day long Social Artistry Leadership Training in Nepal. Naimul, Mehdi, Habib, Afroza and Khair will also visit ICA Nepal Activities there. ICA Nepal has raised funds for 3 persons and Tatwa tried his best to support for all 5 persons for capacity building of ICA Bangladesh.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.or


Location: Canada

We are in the midst of The Art and Science of Participation - our 6 day advanced facilitation course. This our largest program since its launch in '94. There are 20 participants, so many that we had to move to a space outside our own training room. We're at a community centre very near. Jo Nelson, Bill Staples, John Miller and Jerry Mings are teaching.

The course includes several people who are taking our 3 course series to prepare for IAF certification. Some will move toward our own ToP Facilitator Certification. We are in conversation with one participant about becoming an associate facilitator.

Wayne Nelson           


Location: 7th Global Conference

The 7th Global Conference on Human Development

About 150 people have quickly registered for the conference, in less than four weeks!  We expect to have 350 registered from overseas by the August 31 early registration deadline.  Next week begins the Japanese campaign, with many already committed to attend.

Mr. Komiyama and Shizuyo Sato met with Satoshi Iwakiri, the Executive Assistant to Mrs. Sadako Ogata, the President of JICA, to request that she deliver the keynote speech at our forthcoming Conference on Human Development. She and the Vice President of JICA will discuss carefully delivering the keynote speech, and will inform ICA Japan within a couple of weeks if one of them will be available.

Three from ICA Japan visited Hida Earth Wisdom Center again to firm up the space usage in November.  The center offered a much more flexible space usage plan, providing up to 20 working group rooms in the conference hall, 20-30 company exhibit booths in a seminar room, enough poster and table exhibit space for non-profit organizations, and a grand theatre for the evening performances!

Shizuyo Sato           staff@icajapan.org


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

Carmen Ruiz has returned from the International Training School in Montreal with a whole new perspective on the importance of the work of the ICA, but also with a huge amount of wonderful decor for our freshly painted offices. 

Alison Hamje, Martha Sanchez and Carmen had the opportunity to host a key person for the Japan Cooperation staff -- JICA -- in our renovated offices as they continue their preparation for issuing a couple of grants for reconstruciton in the southern area earthquake zone.  Clearly the ICA work of training volunteer Promoters to do the work has captured their attention.  Meanwhile in Chincha, Gloria Santos headed up the staff team to begin the distribution of much needed pots, utensils and sun shelters to the 300 community kitchens being reactivated, and construction moved into a more visible phase of the six demonstration community centers.  The excitement and engagement in the community is now very tangible.

Staff          admin@ica-peru.org


Location: UK

This week the ICAUK Board approved our new strategy for the next three years which is going to see us more focused on specific arenas within our three main programmes, international, UK, and young people. A summary will be posted on our website in due course.

Three new people were also appointed to our Board- Kate King, Arzu Ulusoy-Shipstone, and John McDougall and we are all excited by the different types of experience and expertise they bring.

In addition Jonathan facilitated the second of a series of seminars for the Commission for Social Care Inspection, a national body which serves both as a regulator and a support for adult social care services, Martin led a training on Focused Conversation Method in Liverpool, and Amelia spent more time in the office than usual catching up with all sorts of stuff.

Jonathan Dudding


Location: Montréal

We are continuing to enjoy the aftermath of the recent office inauguration and speaker series launch, with relationships being built with organizations and individuals who became aware of ICAI through this public event. It’s great to be making these connections with others in our city who share the ICA vision.

The secretariat also focused in on finances this week, as reporting continues for the training program and we take time to review the conference budget.

In other reporting news: just a reminder that the secretariat produces monthly staff reports on our activities and outcomes for our members. To find out more about what we’ve been working on, please feel free to check out the May/June report, available in the members section of the ICAI website.