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Weekending: Saturday 2008 07 12


Location: Australia

The next ICAA event is to be held from Friday 25th - Monday 28th July, at 'Winbourne' Reatreat Centre, Mulgoa, just out of Sydney. Colleagues will travel from various parts of Australia, to re-fresh and work together. This week the NSW team gathered to put the final touches on the weekend gathering. The theme for the July gathering  is 'Unlocking Potential to build a new world together'. The weekend program will include time of sharing stories and inpsirational presentations on a 'New World', networking and lots of fun!

There will be time spent on shairing accomplishments and workshops on the major aspects of our work together, in global and local partnerships.  On the Sunday we will travel to the beautiful Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains to enjoy a celebration of 'Living Sustainably'. This will be followed by our Board meeting on the Monday.  As with all our events there is always a magic element of surprise!  All are welcome, from near and far...whether in person or in spirit!  We really love it when it is in person!



Location: Dhaka

Aziz returned home on 11 July. On his way back from Montreal, he visited IDRF and Plan Canada in Toronto and AJWS in Nework. Jabber - a ICA Bangladesh associate member accompanied him in Toronto. IDRF is going to start partnership process with ICA Bangladesh as expressed in the meeting. AJWS also expressed their possible support for Bangladesh through joint proposal between India, Nepal and Bangladesh in the future.

On 11 July morning, Selina, Alamgir, Naimul and Aziz had a meeting at Selina's house to share about Canada visit and next steps on Aziz's return. In the same day evening Manik, Naimul, Mehdi, Kabir, Delwar met at TSCn of Dhaka University about Nepal Social Artistry training, Aziz's Canada staff training and next taskforce meeting date.

On 12 July at 10am Aziz, Nicolien and Naimul met at Nicolien's house in Gulshan. Nicolien invited ICA members to attend a dinner and have taskforce meetings in which Nicolien wants to participate and host a dinner for all ICA members, advisers and supporters on 18 July at 4 pm. Nicolien is also going to declare a sponsorship for Japan conference participation in that meeting.



Location: Canada

Bill Staples taught Meetings That Work to a group from the Ontario Public Service. He also facilitated a strategy planning workshop with a group in Winnipeg and a special day with Durham Public Health department.

Duncan Holmes completed the final public consultation event of a long series for the ministry of Northern Development and Mines. He facilitated a workshop with CNDD.

Jo Nelson continued work with the Griffin Centre and spent a day working with the distance education project in Edmonton Alberta.

John Miller taught Meetings that Work to a full house in our office. 

Jerry Mings taught Group Facilitation. Many of the participants are part of the 3 course series that prepared people for IAF certification.

Wayne Nelson attended the ICAI inugration in Montreal on behalf of ICA in Canada and met with Assem Kamel from ICA in Egypt about a training program for Egyptian NGO leaders. He also helped us get our websites back online after a server failure.

Wayne Nelson


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief

Carmen Ruiz finished up the school in Montréal and is on her way back to join our staff with great enthusiasm. 

Peter Ellins has put our new 12 minute DVD up on our web site to document the effectiveness of the Avanza Peru 3-week training program -- go to www.ica@peru.org and take a look! 

Meanwhile, the work continues on well with the Community Kitchens project in Chincha, and it is now attracting the attention of other agencies who are asking us to assist them with their programs in the area. 

This week we were told by JICA of the Japan Government that they are going ahead with two proposals which they recently asked us to quote on.  These programs along with three others already approved means that we now need to add more staff in the coming months.  In response to that, Jesusa Aburto has pulled together a great file for new staff with a large compendium of ICA methods instruction materials -- all in Spanish.  Are there any Spanish speakers out there who would like to work in Peru?


ITERLENG ICA South Africa:

Location: Johannesburg

Today the ICA team is out in Alexandra for the monthly VCT awareness campaign. Muzi and Fisser completed all projects quarterly reports and sent them out respectively. We are busy working on a master proposal for the orphans and vulnurable children of Soweto, after having completed a needs assetment in the past week.

Muzi Mbonani


Location: Handeni

This week the ICA-Tanzania launched a new project in Handeni district, Tanga region. The project is to support the most vulnerable children in the area, including, but not limited to orphans and those children affected by AIDS.

The ICA-TZ has received a grant from the Global Fund to verify those children that have been identified as vulnerable, and to assess their needs. We started the verification this week, and have almost completed one out of ten wards. The program itself aims to reach almost 3000 children in total, divided between their most urgent needs, including nutritional support for those under five, school supplies and uniforms, bedding and mattresses, and clothes.

Each family with an identified child will also receive a CHF health card which permits the whole family to benefit from treatment. This project is a major undertaking for the ICA, and they have benefited from the assistance of Heather Keachie and Caryn McGilvray, Canadian interns from the University of Toronto, as well as several volunteers from Moshi and Handeni.

Heather Keachie           heatherkeachie@yahoo.com


Location: Chicago

Nino Tillman, Executive Director, and Timothy Duszynski, Director of National Programs at ICA USA have both completed ToP Facilitation Methods courses in recent weeks. Nino took part in the Denver, Colorado course June 20-21, and Timothy took part in the Madison, Wisconsin course June 25-26. Both were impressed with the wealth of information and tools they acquired in such a short time, and have implemented the methods at our mid-year staff retreat and program meetings. It is expected that all new staff will have participated in a ToP Facilitation Method course, and in some cases a ToP Strategic Planning course, by the end of 2008.

Cheryl Zaleski           czaleski@ica-usa.or


Location: Montréal

This week has included both the finishing up of a few activities and some new beginnings.

Mike and Lambert met with the folks at Montreal International to discuss the final arrangements regarding the office inauguration and everyone agreed that the event was a complete success.

The ICAI team is also following up with many of the new friends and contacts made at the opening to explore new possible linkages for the ICA community.

Sarah and Katie have been working hard this week to complete the ILHD training program reporting. Sarah has been compiling all of the resources, notes, photos and other program materials and proceedings. Katie is also focused on accounting matters, evidenced by the organized piles of papers and receipts on her desk.

I am happy to be back in the office and focusing my efforts this week on outreach for the Global Conference.