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Weekending: Saturday 2008 03 01


Location: Chandpur

Aziz and Khair met District Administration and Sub-District Administration in Chandpur on 28 February for formal distribution of working gifts items in the ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project. Deputy Commissioner DC -S M Monirul Islam and Upazila Nirbahi Officer UNO - Md. Jahangir Alam gave their consent on 6th March to attend the event.

Manik, Khair, Tithi and Aziz visited Ghoramara Community on 29 February and handed over the items to the Formed committee to manage items which will be officially opened up by DC and UNO on 6th and by Nicolien from Dutch Embassy and ICA Netherlands Member on 5th March.

Nicolien is visiting Chandpur project and inaugurate the ICA Dressmaking Training and Income Generation Project on 5th March in Chandpur.

Dhaka ICA management taskforce and projects taskforce members - Delwar, Billal, Naimul and Alamgir met on 29 February at Dhaka Office and discussed about the forthcoming events and office book keeping.



Location: Canada

John Miller facilitated a strategy Planning workshop with Lethbridge Collegiate Insitute - a secondary school - in Alberta. He is also working with TAB in Sudbury, Ontario.

Jo Nelson is training a group of advanced facilitators with John and Ann Epps in Kuala Lumpur at the end of her trip to Thailand.

Bill Staples is working with Ontario Ministry of Ag on an organizational development project designed to invigorate the organization's culture. He also taught another module in the community development series for United Way leaders.

Duncan Holms taught Group Facilitation to another group in the Brittish Colombia Ministry of Health.

Requests for facilitation and training are coming to us every day. This is becoming an extremely busy time. Some of our staff hardly see each other for a month's time.

Wayne Nelson


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

As we finish up the last of the 3,450 temporary homes being built with funds from the Japanese government, we have been invited to submit over one million dollars of proposals for additional temporary housing as well as for permanent housing.  With three large proposals in process our small staff has had its hands full in both doing the research on low cost permanent housing as well as dealing with the bureaucratic details of major proposal submissions.  Our new volunteer Wimke arrived from Holland and immediately headed off to Chincha to be part of the team there.  In addition there are plans afoot to hold a training school next month to prepare additonal people to join our staff and support the work in Chincha for the next few years.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: UK

Martin has been away this week, Jonathan has facilitated one event for a local Health Trust and prepared for further events. Amelia has hardly touched the ground all week, delivering sessions to various groups involved in the youth programme.

Jonathan Dudding           jdudding@ica-uk.org