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Global Buzz Report: August 2018

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear all ICA members

Please schedule in your agendas, our next General Assembly for August 29. The agenda will be circulated as soon as possible, we will be using adobe connect, your participation is really important.

ICAI board has received financial requests to do regional meetings. As soon as we approve them, we will let you know dates and places where these regionals meeting will be held.


Lisseth Lorenzo
ICAI President
Skype: lissethl

The new Winds and Waves magazine

We are delighted to invite you to share your stories
via medium.com/winds-and-waves which is the public platform
we have moved to now, to publish Winds & Waves.
Please see the attachment which sets out how you can now
personally publish your stories for Winds and Waves magazine.

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ICA Associate - Leadership Inc.:

Leadership Inc continues to develop community building and education related projects…

Over the last six months, Leadership Inc, an ICA Associate based in China, undertook a range of community building and education related projects.

The community building activities focused on helping develop governmental and NGO capacities to undertake participatory community development in China.  Our Director, Karen Lim has taken the lead on this initiative with a range of projects including.

  • A “Participatory Community Development” program with 60 participants from Shanghai, Pudong including street officers and party’s secretaries. The program introduced the benefit and methods of letting community people self manage their communities and how this aligns to the country’s vision.
  • Speaking about “Education for more Compassion and Children involvement in Community” at 2018 International Caring for Life Education Innovation Forum organized by ACT Asia Animals Protection Group and Suzhou Technology University at Suzhou.
  • Speaking about “The Values of Participatory Community Development” for 250 government officers and community leaders at Zhenjiang Government Civil Hall.
  • Leading a “Participatory Community Development Lite” for 30 people Zhenjiang street officers and community leaders. This stimulation program, developed by Leadership Inc, lets participants experience how to make a plan with concern for the influence of global and national trends.
  • A programs on “NGO participation in Public Services and Social Governing” with leaders of local Chinses NGOs and Association of Physical disabilities Officers.   This program was held in three cities in central China and included handicapped participants. They learned to utilize ORID and Consensus Workshop to gatheri their ideas, suggestion and thinking to involve in policy advocacy of handicap benefits.

The education related projects involved working with college students and professors to create creative experiences and dialogue.  Mark Pixley has coordinated a range of program including:

  • Facilitating a one-day discussion about “Hong Kong City planning based on the ideas of Jane Jacobs” with college students, professors, city planner and architects, and
  • A four day tour of Shenzhen and Guangzhou for a group of 10 professors from the US looking at Society & Religion in China and India.  The program was design to provide a Kaleidoscope of urban images... from the urban villages to the Hi-tech Parks.

We have also continued our work with disaster recovery and building community resilience by leading a two day GFSC (Global Facilitators Serving Communities) training program on “Facilitating Disaster Recovery” with a group of 30 facilitators in Seoul, Korea.

Mark Pixley           mjpixley@gmail.com
Leadership Inc


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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/b3-Yq1OaHN6pINVS923nORigFk9ggPVt5qMfEeQqwNH9R1_GkR5USNz219x3uQVLQrcL-GxOtZ-Z4cv02eS2BCxmEseVU20l1_AyME6WkycsJAO_vPsyJkdM9pI9qtrouHQQpsbX       Creating The Future Of Our Past        https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/GNpDB6g73eCizebmdkgGerIuytAY3hMBmvuB_HyoYhEu8Sgv3-baD56uDZqxQbn4jM0pWc47a-cKhIRsjans7Z_aF8PR21DP9ZKW8EJFNNIKdeTuAplkLCy17iO2q_WV5Aw0a5k4

Inviting you to attend the:

GLOBAL ARCHIVES FALL SOJOURN      October 21 – 27, 2018

JOIN US in transforming more than 50 years of programs, projects, methods and training by staff and volunteers – to an ICA Archives Website to be launched by the end of the year accessible to anyone in the world.
Nine collections are revealing our foundational wisdom and experience:




Community Development

Changing Images

Profound Engagement

Social Change Processes

Facilitation Methods

Interior Life

Community Forums

Collaborative Networking

Global Movement

What areas would you like to assist us with as we make them visible to the world? We are currently working on these four areas: Social Change Process (New Social Vehicle);  Changing Images; Facilitation Methods; Interior LIfe. Include your priorities in the registration information you email to jean.long512@gmail.com - see lower down.

The work of the Archives week will include:

  1. Assessing what is going on in the world and in our work presently.
  2. Searching the Archives to document past wisdom.
  3. Creating web pages with photos, videos, articles, programs that will showcase the work of the past and present.

Cheap flight sales are on now.  No previous archive experience needed.  Anyone who can -- come in early to help with prep (from Thursday, 10/18 on).
For additional information, please call Jean Long (720-633-5008) or email jean.long512@gmail.com.  (For registration information see below.)


Dates:  October 21 (Sunday arrival) * - October 27 (Saturday departure)

ICA Greenrise Learning Lab,
4750 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60640

Sleeping rooms on the 8th floor – Couples - $45.00;   Singles – $30.00 (per bed) (Rooms across from the bathrooms go first.)

Food - $30 per day for 3 meals (Monday through Friday)

Parking fee -  $7.50/day: $45.00/Sunday - Saturday

Conference fee - $30.00 to cover conference materials and expenses

Payment:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Check

To register:  e-mail Jean Long   jean.long512@gmail.com **

**When you send in your e-mail registration to Jean Long - jean.long512@gmail.com please include the following information:

  1. Name(s) address, e-mail and phone number of those registering.
  2. Dates of arrival and departure
  3. List two or three priority areas that you would like to work with while you are here. (Chart on the first page of this invitation.)

*Anyone who can - come in early to help with prep (from Thursday 10/18 on).

Jean Long


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Les bénéficiaires du projet poursuivent les activités dans les villages respectifs avec un enthousiasme et une fierté car ils voient pour la plupart les premiers fruits de leurs plantes.  Aussi les productions des œufs des poules pondeuses Japonaise (Momiji) et celles achetées localement sont régulières dans les villages de N’gorankro  428 poules pour 10 plateaux d’oeufs par jour  et de Niamanzra 1, 300 poules pour 6 plateaux d’œufs par jour.  Les villages de Niamanzra 2 et de Bonikro viennent de finir la vente de leur poulet de chair.

 Le développement des goyaviers et des orangers sont visibles après deux années sur certaines plantes. Les entretiens des plantations de palmier, d’orangers et de goyaviers se font régulièrement puisque les bénéficiaires ont commencés à voir les première fleures dans ces champs.En maraîcher les bénéficiaires dans certains villages ils ont pu faire le premier cycle de production d’aubergine et de Gombo dans le mois de Juillet.

Réunion avec le Conseil Régional à Abidjan

Dans le cadre du projet Banque Mondiale les activités se déroulent dans une ambiance cordiale avec le Conseil Régional et les autorités villageoises des quatre (4) localités sélectionnées. Nous sommes au stade de l’enrôlement et de la validation des listes des 200 bénéficiaires du projet. Cette étape va nous permettre de faire la mise en place de l’Association Villageoises d’Epargne et de Crédit dans les quatre villages, à savoir : Elibou, Grand-Yapo, Boussoukro et Skrogbo.

Le groupe religieux Catholique
Le restaurant« Momiji »est toujours en activité malgré la grande saison des pluies de juin et mi-juillet. Bien qu’ellesoit nouvelle sur le plateau d’Agboville, elle commence à être mieux connue, c’est ainsi que le 29 juillet un groupe de religieux Catholique a choisi le cadre pour la fête patronale. Se fut un moment de joie sur le site du restaurant  et nous espérons que dans l’avenir d’autres groupes pourront choisir ce cadre enchanteur que ICA-CI a ouvert pour leur différentes cérémonies.

Click pictures to enlarge

The beneficiaries of the projects continue their activities in the respective villages with enthusiasm and pride because they see for the most part the first fruits of their plants.

Also the production of eggs from the Japanese (Momiji), and the local chickens equels 10 bags of eggs per day from their 428 chickens in the village of N'gorankro, and in Niamanzra, their 300 chickens produce 6 bags of eggs per day. The villages of Niamanzra 2 and Bonikro have just finished selling their broilers.

The development of the guavatrees and orange trees is visible after two years of cultivating these plants. Maintenance of the palm trees, orange and guava plantations has been going on regularly, ever since the beneficiaries began to see the first flowers in these fields.

About vegetable raising: in some villages they were able to make the first cycle of eggplant and okra production in the month of July.

Meeting with the Regional Council in Abidjan

In the context of the World Bank project, the meetings have taken place in a cordial atmosphere with the Regional Council and the village authorities of the four selected localities. We are in the process of enrolling and validating the lists of the 200 beneficiaries of the project. This step will allow us to set up the:Village Savings and Credit Association, in the four villages, namely: Elibou, Grand-Yapo, Boussoukro and Skrogbo.

The religiousCatholic group
The restaurant "Momiji" is still active despite the big rainy season of June and mid-July. Although it's new on the Agboville plateau, it's begging to be better known, so on July 29th, a group, members of the Catholic religion, chose the place for the patronal feast. It was a moment of joy for the restaurant site and we hope that in the future other groups will be able to choose this enchanting setting that ICA-CI has opened for their various ceremonies.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


We are ready to publish our 2018 - 2020 Catalog of Courses complete with 8 trainers and a listing of 45 accomplished courses. Paul will begin marketing these programs in September.

Working with ICA Nepal, we are nearly ready to work with Global Giving to raise funds for ending the ancient practice of Chaupadi, the traditional act of banishing girls and women from houses, schools, during their Period, which is still widely practiced. Nepalese people lack the adequate knowledge and information regarding the need to maintain menstrual hygiene, which may lead to serious reproductive health issues.

Yet we all know that during the time of their monthly period, girls are in need of personal washing places, sanitary napkins and comfort. Our project "Lets talk period!" has a clear goal. We will provide the production of low cost sanitary napkins and transformational hygiene education to 5000 young women.

You can help us in this goal. Please tell everyone about this noble project and prepare to support us in September. We must raise on-line donations of at least US$5000. from 40 or more concerned people. Next month, we will fill you in on how to support us with as little as $15, which is only one nice meal at a restaurant.

After we succeed with this particular campaign, we can enter other ICA projects needing support.

We did a half day of Personal Styles training, in preparation for our offering a course introduction at the annual Global Festa two day event September 29 and 30. About 20,000 young people will pass by our booth and learn that ICA Japan offers valuable training as well as strategic projects for Japan and overseas.

We had two very productive ICA Japan Board & Staff all day long meetings using Japan style long talks followed by workshops. The heart of these two days was the total board were included and made a new statement of our common Philosophy, Value, Principle, and Mission.

Wayne Ellsworth           wayne.ellsworth@icajapan.org


Ministers of different ministries taking part in CPAC meeting along with ICA Nepal and ICA Japan representatives.

CPAC Meeting at Social Welfare Council

ICA Nepal had a Central Project Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting at Social Welfare Council in the presence of the Member Secretary, Mr. Dilli Prasad Bhatta and with other ministers of respective ministries. The meeting was held with representatives of ICA Japan, for the project entitled, ‘Renovation of the Local Community Learning Center for Vulnerable People of Disaster in Changunarayan Village, Bhaktapur district’. ICA Nepal is working as a local implementing partner for ICA Japan in the Sindhupalchowk project to improve the livelihood of community people this year. Another local implementing partner for this project is, Rural Youth People Concern Forum (RYPCF). Ms. Ishu Subba and Mr.Mohan Bahadur Karki attended the meeting whereas Mr. Masahiro Hamada from ICA Japan attended.

Developing Far Western Region

Community development is the core objective of ICA Nepal. Continuing our past activities this month we also kept going on for the community development project of the Far Western Region. Construction of toilets are already in their last stage. Most of the houses have now toilets at a quick distance. Far Western have always suffered from slow pace development. The real suffering occurs when there happens to be some health issues which is mostly caused by unhealthy personal hygiene. Keeping this in mind ICA Nepal came up with the toilet construction project to lessen the spreading of diseases. In the same manner, to break the boundaries, an adult literacy program was also conducted in the community.

Coordinating with ICA Japan for MHM Project

Menstruation is still a topic that is to be talk behind the wall in Nepal. Most of the girls or women have always faced difficulties in managing sanitary napkins while traveling for work or for other reasons. ICA Nepal is working with Wayne Ellsworth and his team of ICA Japan to create a menstrual friendly environment for adolescent girls in the schools of Nepal. We are intending to apply for a Global Giving Grant. We, the ICA Nepal team, as well as ICA Japan, are communicating on a regular basis to prepare an interesting document for the grant.

Orientation Program at Irkhu, Sindhupalchowk

The Orientation Program was carried out in all the villages of Sindhupalchowk district as a preliminary activity of the project funded by ICA Japan MoFA. In the month of July the same program was conducted in the Irkhu village of Sindhupalchowk district to propose the general idea regarding our project to the people close by. The program was facilitated by Mr. Atma Ram Timsina and Mr. Masahiro Hamada from ICA Japan. We were successful in providing the local people with objectives, strategies and the mission of our project.

Our project ‘Improving the Poverty Situation of the Earthquake Disaster Survivor of Sindhupalchowk’ mainly intends to deliver income generating skills. In the coming months we are hoping to also give some agricultural training, such as Vermicomposting, Shitake mushroom farming, bee farming etc. Training will be given to the local people of Sindhupalchowk in coordination with Rural Youth People Concern Forum (RYPCF) which is a local implementing partner for this project.

Deepa Lama           deepalama63@gmail.com

Program Officer
Institute of Culture Affairs (ICA) Nepal


EPDI, NIGERIA May-July 2018 Report


     A. MEPOL Primary School, Ojodu, Lagos
We continued our discussions on Sexuality Education with the pupils of MEPOL during the term and treated topics such as:
  • Fire on the Mountain: The need to avoid or flee from things that would corrupt their minds e.g. bad movies, pictures, books, friends and predators.
  • The gates of the body: ears/hearing, eyes/seeing, mouth/taste, hands/touch and how to protect ourselves.
  • Songs to drive home the messages e.g.
  • “ Oh be careful little eyes what you see,
  • for your Father up above is looking down below, oh be careful little eyes what you see”

End of year closing Ceremony
In July, the School celebrated the close of the session in a grand style. Various presentations were made by the children from Nursery class to Primary six. Below are some pictures of their activities:

    B. Melville College, Berger
I had a discussion with the students of Junior Secondary School (JSS 3) on Dealing with Peer Pressure. WHO research findings in 2002 says: “Worldwide, young people suffer from unplanned pregnancies, STIs, HIV and other reproductive health problems which can have serious medical, psychological, social and economic consequences.”
This is even more so now than ever, today’s youth is more exposed and in danger than ever before. Some of the tips shared were:
  • Choices made at this stage make indelible marks on their lives and destiny, therefore they need to be deliberately authentic and realistic with their choices.
  • Peer pressure can be positive or negative, therefore, to have a fulfilled life in future they need to make right choices and avoid negative pressures that would lead to regrets.
The students were appreciative of the discussion. A total of thirty three (33) students (11 boys and 22 girls) were in attendance.


Universal Periodic Review Advocacy Strategy Workshop by NNNGO
The Nigeria Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NNNGO) in collaboration with CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, organized a one-day workshop on the Universal Periodic Review Advocacy Strategy.

NNNGO gathered NGOs together to develop advocacy strategies for effective Civil Society participation in the upcoming UPR evaluation. Participants, numbering about fifty (50), worked in teams to develop advocacy strategy to reach out to the government, after which different teams made presentations. These would be collated by NNNGO for use in engaging with government officials in preparation for Nigeria’s review at the UN Human Rights Council in November 2018.

It was held at the Vantage Hub 2nd Floor (OPAL HALL), Mosesola House, 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday June 6, 2018.


A week-long train the Trainers course was organized for South West Nigeria by Tearfund and facilitated by Rev. Samuel Ajayi, of TOCCOMI. The purpose was to raise facilitators in the zone to reach out to Churches in the South West as Rev Ajayi was the only trained facilitator from the area.
Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) is a new kind of development that begins with the local people. It aims at empowering people to transform their situation using their own God-given resources in a sustainable and holistic way. CCMP is a tool that is used to awaken the Church so that it can in turn awaken its immediate community.
Some of the topics treated at the training were:

  • CCMP: Concept, Objectives and Stages
  • CCMP as a tool of transformation
  • Pillars of CCMP
  • CCMP Bible Studies, including practice sessions

At the end of the training each participant developed a six-month action plan to practice learnings in their various locations.

CCMP Evaluation by Consultant and master facilitator, Francis Njoroge and Esther Lindon, CCMP Desk Officer, Tearfund UK. They were accompanied by the Nigerian Desk Officer, Ven. Isaac Danung, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, on July 23 -24 at Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria for the South West Zone.

We had a review of the post training experiences, with participants sharing what they have done and the impacts so far which was really encouraging. On the second day, we had a test to assess understanding and comprehension of CCMP, after which Dr. Ngoroge did a review of CCMP and it was quite enlightening.

Hannah           epdi2008@yahoo.com

Spain    (España)

Young people and politicians from Spain and the Netherlands organized a Seminar about “Ethical Practices in Intercultural Youth Work”, sponsored by the KA3 Structured Dialogue of the Erasmus+ programme. Our partnership comprises: The Institute of Cultural Affairs (https://institutoasuntosculturales.wordpress.com/), Autismo Sevilla (http://www.autismosevilla.org/es/), and European Students Forum (AEGEE) in Spain and partner: Restarter (https://re-starter.org/) from The Netherlands.

  • The aim of the seminar was:
  • To gain new perspectives and understanding of ethical youth practices in Spain and the Netherlands
  • To learn new skills and digital tool kit for enhancing ethical practices within democratic life
  • To connect with and forming new relationship among youth changemakers and diaspora leaders from the Netherlands and Spain
  • To develop ownership and a sense of personal and collective responsibility towards combating unethical practices and corruption against democratic life.
38 people participated in the Seminar, including residents from Spain and The Netherlands. Their countries of origin were Colombia, India, Iraq, Palestine, Spain, Syria, The Netherlands and United States, making it a highly culturally diverse group. There were 7 politicians/policy-makers, from 5 different political parties in Spain and 2 policy makers from The Netherlands, representing a broad spectrum of political ideologies. The event was held in Gran Canaria to offer equal opportunities for young people of the Islands to participate in Erasmus+ activities.

Catalina and Abel
Coordinators Ethics Works!


Dear friends of the Institute of Cultural Affairs,

 Welcome to the ICAI Asia Pacific Regional Conference on November 10 -18, 2018 to be held in Taiwan.

Please find the attached flyer and sign up online at www.icaaprc.org   

 Once you have signed in, you will receive information about details for accommodations, transportation, food options, and the payment for the programs you have selected.

 We look forward to you coming to Taiwan!

If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone and we will respond. 


Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook               Lemon Li ??? (?????)
Home office:8862-02873-3007       TW cell:886-912436061
TW Cell:886-926682821                Email:lemonpin.backpacker@gmail.com
Email:Joyful52@gmail.com   Speaks Chinese

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