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Global Buzz Report: May 2018

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear all
Thanks to all of you who filled in the survey monkey voting for the budget and for our new associate member. Also thanks for taking the time for giving useful information, that will help us move forward to peer to peer strategy.
As soon as possible we will send you a summary of the responses.

I want to give a warm welcome to our new associate member  ICA Associates Philippines, and thank ICA Japan, ICA Taiwan and ICA Australia for your support for our new associate member.


Lisseth Lorenzo
ICAI President
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Avril 2018 les activités du projet de réinsertion malgré celui-ci à pris fin officiellement le 09 mars 2018 se poursuivent pour les agents et dans quelques villages. Les champs des bénéficiaires des villages de Mure et de Niamanzra ont commencés à produire des aubergines. Les nouvelles parcelles pour la mise en place des champs maraichers pour cette année.

Les fermes des pondeuses de N’gorankro et de Niamanzra 2 produisent toujours des œufs et seul le village de Bonikro continu l’élevage de poulet de chair. Le village de Niamanzra 2 à fait le vide sanitaire et a aussi passé la commande des poussins de chair pour un nouveau élevage. Les poulets Japonais ont bien repris la ponte et les coqs sont devenus bien vigoureux.

La Direction d’ICA-CI (le Directeur Exécutif et le Coordonnateur) avec la Coopérative poursuivent la sensibilisation auprès des bénéficiaires des autres villages pour qu’ils reprennent toutes les activités du projet. Concernant le camion qui a été remis à la coopérative nous avons entamé la démarche pour la mutation au nom de cette coopérative.

Le Maquis Resto Momiji qui a ouvert depuis le 03 mars 2018 commence à se faire connaître par les clients timidement dans la région. Il faut noter que les recettes actuelles ne peuvent même pas payer les travailleurs dudit restaurant, cela est un problème car comme nous le savons si notre activité commerciale ne nous permet pas de couvrir ses propres charges il va s’écrouler.

Le 05 Avril 2018 la Direction de ICA-CI a été invité à la cérémonie officielle de remise des clés de l’école primaire de Ayabo-Abouokro construit par l’Ambassade du Japon. Cette manifestation a été présidé par le premier conseiller de son Excellence l’Ambassadeur du Japon. Ce projet qui avait été soumis par ICA-CI a été réalisé avec succès à plus de trente millions de franc Cfa. La population a distingué le représentant de son excellence en chef Akan du nom de Nanan Koffi.


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With regard to the April 2018 activities of the reintegration project. Despite that it officially ended on March 09 2018 we are continuing to help the agents in some of the villages. The fields of the beneficiaries of the villages of Mure and Niamanzra have started to produce eggplants. And we are hoping to establish new parcels of vegetable fields this year

The farms of N'gorankro and Niamanzra, with laying hens, are still producing eggs, and only the Bonikro village continues to raise broilers. The village of Niamanzra 2 has made space, and has placed an order, for the breeding of new meat chicks . The Japanese chickens have resumed their laying and the roosters have become very vigorous.

The ICA-CI Management, (the Executive Director and the Coordinator), along with the Cooperative, continue to raise awareness among the beneficiaries of the other villages, to take over all project activities. Regarding the truck that was handed over to the cooperative: we have started the process for the transfer of the vehicle on behalf of the cooperative.

The Maquis Resto Momiji, which opened on March 03, 2018, is starting to make itself known to more clients in the region. It should be noted that the current revenues are not sufficient to even pay the workers of the said restaurant. This is a problem, because as we know, if our commercial activity does not allow us to cover its expenses, it will collapse.

On April 05, 2018, the ICA-CI management was invited to the official ceremony of handing over the keys of the Ayabo-Abouokro primary school, built by the Japanese Embassy. This event was chaired by the first adviser to His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan. The project, which had been submitted by ICA-CI, was successfully completed at a cost of more than thirty million CFA Francs. The people have chosen Nanan Koffi to represent his chief Akan.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


20 years of ICA in Nepal
On the occasion of completing 20 years of the wonderful journey of ICA in Nepal, we aim to publish a book or magazine containing the information and activities that ICA Nepal is currently doing, and has conducted in the past since its establishment in 1998. Content writing and designing of the magazine is completed. The magazine will be published soon.

Brochure Design for Moringa Nepal
Moringa Nepal has been launched by the TBi Group of Nepal in collaboration with ICA Nepal to make nutritious food for Nepal through the promotion of Moringa farming. A preliminary step has been taken by designing a brochure. The brochure illustrates the the initiation and objectives of Moringa Nepal, the benefits, and products. The brochure is written both in English and Nepali, so the information is available to everyone.

Welcoming Colleges from ICA Japan
On April 29, we welcomed our colleagues from ICA Japan, Ms. Shizuyo Sato and Mr. Masahiro Hamada. Mr. Hamada has been assigned as the project coordinator in Nepal for our combined project for the construction of the Community Learning Center for Disaster Evacuation, and the Strengthening the Livelihood Skills in Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal. He will be working from Sindhupalchowk’s office for the project.

Meeting with ICA Japan
With the arrival of our Colleagues, we convened a Preliminary meeting and a Finance Meeting at ICA Nepal. The preliminary meeting was basically focused on the project planning and the preparing of a schedule for Ms. Shizuyo visit, whereas in the Finance Meeting discussed the budget and the planning for the upcoming Sindhupalchowk Project.

Meeting at the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens
Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina from ICA Nepal along with Ms. Shizuyo Sato and Mr. Masahiro Hamada had a meeting with the Honorable Minister Tham Maya Thapa at the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, in Sighadurbar Kathmandu, Nepal. The issues and agendas relating to the Sidhupalchowk Project were discussed in the Meeting. We received a positive response from the Minister, regarding the project implementation.

Prepared by:
Yashoda Nepali
Program Officer


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