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Global Buzz Report: February 2018

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ICAI Board Report:

Thanks to all that joined the January 2018 General Assembly! It was great to have a conversation on different topics. After our General Assembly, as a board we are going to focus on peer to peer collaboration among ICAs. How to improve communication, ToP Global implementation working groups, and also figure out how to fulfill membership criteria to be active members of ICAI.

As soon as possible a survey will be sent on line to approve the 2018 budget and a new associate member of ICA: ICA Associates Philippines. Please be aware that ICA stands for Innovative, Creative and Analytic technique. We will be looking forward to your vote to approve these 2 items.

Lisseth Lorenzo
ICAI President
Skype: lissethl

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Les activités du mois de Janvier se sont déroulées autour des points suivants : Au niveau de l’élevage les poules pondeuses des fermes de Nimanzra 1 et de N’gorankro sont en ponte ainsi que les poules venues du Japon aussi. Les coqs issus des poulets japonais ont bien évolués ce qui nous a permis de les vendre dans ce mois de Janvier.

Pour augmenter la connaissance des bénéficiaires sur les techniques avicoles, une formation leur a été administrée du 18 au 19 Janvier 2018 sur l’alimentation du poulet par Mr Dédé qui fut introduit par de Mr Miyamoto. Les bénéficiaires ont pu comprendre que L’aliment un facteur important et occupe 70% de l’élevage. Les autres éléments tels que l’eau sont des compléments. Manger c’est fournir à l’organisme les matériaux indispensables à son entretien, à son développement et au bon fonctionnement de celui-ci. Il existe pour chaque animal, une quantité et équilibre de nourriture optimale qui le permet d’atteindre le meilleur physique, la meilleure productivité et le meilleur taux de croissance.

Les récoltes continuent dans les champs maraîchers avec les spéculations telles que : l’aubergine longue violette, le n’drowa et le gombo. Dans les villages de Badoukro, N’Gorankro et Ekissiho c’est l’installation de pépinière d’aubergines et de concombres pour le second cycle.

En Agroforesterie, les bénéficiaires sont au stade de l’entretien des plantations de palmiers, de manioc et d’agrumes dans tous les villages. Les palmiers de la première année ont commencés à produire leurs premiers régimes. Et les maniocs plantés il y a plus de 6 mois quand à eux ont commencé à produire des tubercules.

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The activities for the month of January took place around the following points:

At the farm level, the laying hens in the villages of Nimanzra 1 and N'gorankro farms, are laying eggs, as well as the hens coming from Japan. The roosters from Japanese chickens have developed well which allowed us to sell them in the month of January. To increase the knowledge of the beneficiaries on poultry techniques, a training session was given from January 18-19, 2018, by Mr Dede, introduced by Mr Miyamoto, on the subject of chicken feed. The beneficiaries were shown that food is an important factor, (70%), in the rearing of livestock; other elements such as water are complements. To eat is to provide the body with the essential materials for its maintenance, its development, and the proper functioning of it. For each animal, there is an optimal quantity and balance of food that allows it to achieve the best physique, the best productivity and the best growth rate.

Harvests continue in the vegetable fields with the expectation for good crops of, long violet eggplant, n'drowa and okra. In the villages of Badoukro, N'Gorankro and Ekissiho, it is installation of the nursery for eggplant and cucumbers for the second cycle.

In Agroforestry, the beneficiaries are at the maintenance stage of palm, cassava and citrus plantations in all villages. Palm trees in the first year started producing their first dates. And the cassava, planted more than 6 months ago, when they started producing tubers.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com

ICA Global Archives:


April 22 (arrive) – April 28 (depart)


TASK:   Create enticing forms to make our wisdom appealing on the new Archives                    Website.

Working in small teams we will work in several arenas:

  1. Website structure  continuation

  2. Indexing 40 video stories taped during Fall Sojourn

  3. Creation of storyboards (templates) and videotaped “elevator talks” for specific collections (program arenas) to make the material interactive and enticing

  4. Begin work on indexing the content of 60 JWM talks.  Thanks to Michael May these have been transferred to CDs and need table of contents for each

One of the gifts of this gathering is that we can also share what colleagues are doing in their locations to carry on “the mission”.

Cheap flight sales are on now.  No previous archive experience needed.  Early registrations get a choice of rooms near bathrooms.


Location: ICA Greenrise Building Learning Laboratory  (aka  Kemper Building)

4750 North Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL   60640

Sleeping rooms on the 8th floor – Couples - $45.00;   
Singles – ($30.00 per bed)

Food - $20 per day for 3 meals (Monday through Friday)
Parking fee -  $7.50/day:  $45.00/Sunday - Saturday
Registration fee - $30.00 to cover conference materials and expenses

For additional information, contact:
Jean Long (+1 720-633-5008)       Jean.long512@gmail.com

ICA Associate - Leadership Inc.:

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Leadership Inc, ICA Associate in China, undertakes a range of educational, governmental and community building projects in 2017 including:

Prof. Loren Weybright visit to Shenzhen
Dr. Loren Weybright, an American educational consultant active in Nepal, visited Leadership Inc in July to review creative educational practices for children.

We accompanied Loren to visit XinQing, an educational NGO, to learn about their “Young Teacher Support Project” which arranges for volunteer teachers to teach at poor villages in China.

Breakthrough on Collaboration with State Assets Administration Committee (SAAC)
Ivy Luo and Karen Lim facilitated 60 members from State Assets Administration Committee of Shenzhen (formed by the government to administer state-own companies in China) on 22nd August to discuss the topic on “Breakthrough on Collaboration”.

The participants came up a lot of ideas though a workshop process which were then activated through an “Acting out” approach. The participants felt the ideas become vivid and achievable and were more confident about cross industrial collaboration.

Participatory Community Building in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
Leadership Inc helped the Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhenjiang City, located between Shanghai & Nanjing, to develop a long-run “Participatory Community” project involving ninety eight communities.

We kicked-off the project with a community workshop including 15 representative from Jingkou Community on 18th September to discuss how to address issues of poverty, security for women and children, and environment protection in urban villages. Karen facilitated them to identify the existing problems and resources, to think about their 2 years vision, and brainstorm what they could do together.

This was followed by two workshops for government officers including a training for 100 officers about focused conversation in community development and an exploratory meeting on “How to collaborate to provide good community services?”

Women Federation and Youth Projects in Shenzhen
Ivy Luo facilitated several projects to support women and children development in Shenzhen including:
• 35 women representatives from the Longgang district, Shenzhen to explored “How do women can contribute to the society?” on 28TH October. • 20 people including District officers, women leaders and volunteers from Bao-an district Women’s Federation discussed “How to encourage charity and volunteering?” on 17th November.
• 30 children at Shenzhen on 20th November to explore the topic of “Fireproofing in our community” with suggestions presented to the Mayor.

Karen Lim facilitated 70 people members of the Youth Communist party from Longgang District, Shenzhen on “The opportunities and challenges of innovation and start-up for young people” in an Open Space workshop on 1st December.

Mark Pixley           mjpixley@gmail.com
Leadership Inc


PROPOSALS were submitted for additional Community Development Grants. ICAJ is waiting for the Nepalese government to approve receiving the grant, and Shizuyo will fly to Kathmandu to sign the acceptance document. We continue to document ICA Cote d’Ivoire’s receipts and activities, that will show an outstanding success and sustainability of the 11 villages efforts toward re-integration of villagers to living with the new societies.

Promotional Briefs were given to ICA Japan from 16 country ICA’s. PowerPoint was the media, and each ICA submitted outstanding Briefs that all should read. They are not using the conventional report format, but instead they have presented their OUTSTANDING WORKS that got us really excited with ICA’s. Did you know that EPDI is working with ToP in schools, and they have outstanding photos of their activities?

These 16 Briefs will be shown at the ICA ASSOCIATES PHILIPPINES INC startup ceremony with an expected attendance of 200 to 300 people. Shizuyo Sato will give a short talk during the Opening Ceremony and Evelyn Philbrook is helping coordination. Paul Murayama, chairman of the Board of ICA Japan, and his wife are a part of the promotion team of ICA Associates Philippines.

Bill Staples is coming to Japan in May, to lead facilitate the Japanese version of Meetings That Work. We find Meetings That Work very useful in preparing our own meetings, and larger organizations find MEETINGS THAT WORK essential to succeed.

We received a Panasonic Grant to pay for outstanding people to lead the way for creating a more effective ICA Japan in 2018. It will review ICA staff and Board, and train us appropriately.

Submitted by Wayne Ellsworth
Co-Director, ICA JAPAN     wayne.ellsworth@icajapan.org


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ICA Nepal, 2018: January Report

Proposal and Report Writing Training

Dr. Tatwa Timsina has been providing training and facilitation services toNGOs, INGOs, government offices and business for many years. This month he facilitated six days training on Proposal and Report Writing for the senior officials of the Nepal Police Headquarters in Kathmandu.

Sindhupalchowk Project Site Visit

At this transitional phase of Nepal Government, Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Nepal, has proposed the project entitled: “Constructing Community Learning Center for Disaster Evacuation and Strengthening the Livelihood Skills in Sindhupalchowk District", Nepal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan.

To keep the regular update about the above mentioned project, ICA Nepal is in continuous touch with the local government offices as well as the local partners of Sidhupalchowk. In the middle of the month, with the purpose of project preparation, the ICA Nepal team, visited the related local government offices, local partners and project site there.

Moringa Oleifera Farming
Moringa Oleifera is considered one of the world’s most useful trees, as almost every part of the tree can be used for food or has some other beneficial property. The roots, leaves, bark and pods are said to have medicinal properties. Considering the medicinal as well as economic value of Moringa, ICA Nepal is exploring the different benefits and aspects of Moringa.

And with the purpose of Fighting against Nutritional Deficiency of Nepal, and providing a unique opportunity for income through Moringa Oleifera farming, ICA Nepal is planning to come up with its new project “Moringa Oleifera Farming”.

Collaboration with Sambriddha Nepal
ICA Nepal has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sambriddha Nepal a non-governmental / non-profit organization, situated in Baglung district, Nepal. Sambriddha Nepal is a young organization, currently providing different training for women's empowerment in Taman Khola Rural Municipality, Baglung.

ICA Nepal will be working as the “Project Development and Capacity Building” partner. From now onwards, ICA Nepal and Sambriddha Nepal will be working together to improve the livelihoods of Baglung District.

Yashoda Nepali



Our programmes are comprehensive in that they aim at empowering and transforming both individuals, community groups and organizations. This includes developing the total man i.e.  physical, social (relationships and emotions), mental and spiritual (aka the four human energies), using the ToP participatory processes

“CATCH THEM YOUNG” for Elementary Schools

Our work with MEPOL PRTMARY SCHOOL, LAGOS in January:
We started this term with a discussion on Excellence. This was to challenge them to more committed in their studies,  with tips for striving towards excellence.

We had two sessions with the children and about forty nine children (27boys & 22 girls) were in attendance.

“A WALK TOWARDS ADULT”: Life Skills and Sexuality Education for Secondary Schools

We had a session with the students who are preparing for their final examinations. We had discussions on “The Dangers of Examination Malpractices.”  This was to encourage the students to do all they can to do things the right way and ensure a solid foundation for their future.

In attendance were forty five (45) students (20 boys and 25 girls).

Hannah           epdi2008@yahoo.com



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