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Global Buzz Report: January 2018

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ICAI Board Report:

The ICAI board whishes you a happy new year!!

Please schedule your agendas for January 11th 2018, it will be our General Assembly, via adobe connect. We will have 2 sessions: the first one at 9:00 a.m. London time, and the second at 14:00 hrs. London time. The first session at 9:00 a.m., our Vice President, Yawo Gator Adufu, will be translating to French, with the aim to improve communication with the francophone ICAs.

We hope this 2018 will be full of success and great projects to share among ICAs!

Lisseth Lorenzo
ICAI President
Skype: lissethl

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Décembre mois des festivités de fin d’année, le staff de ICA-CI à néanmoins continué ses activités dans le cadre du projet de réinsertion, tout en mettant l’accent sur la construction du restaurant,  le CDC et le champ école.


La construction du restaurant à connue une avancée considérable avec le nouveau chronogramme établi et aussi l’arrivée de la saison sèche qui favorise les travaux des maçons et menuisiers. Conformément au planning, le montage des murs, la pose de la toiture et le plafonnage du bâtiment du restaurant devait finir le 25 décembre 2017.


La compagnie de construction a tout mis en œuvre pour respecter cette date, ce qui nous permet de dire que nous pourrions respecter le chronogramme si nous n’avons pas de situation catastrophique naturelle qui survient.


Concernant les actions des CDC, le 27 Décembre 2017 la case de santé du village de N’gorankro  a été équipée en médicaments, par le biais du cabinet de santé BIO-PHARMA  avec lequel il est en partenariat. La valeur des médicaments fournie s’élève a 400.000 FCFA. Notons que  les villages de Niamanzra et de Dey-oboguié auront bientôt leurs cases de santé équipées par le même cabinet médical.


 Des cultures maraichères et de riz ont été faits à base d’engrais chimique et bio. Afin de montrer les résultats de cette expérience à savoir l’utilisation de l’engrais bio et chimique sur les cultures aux bénéficiaires du projet, une visite sur les sites a été organisée afin de permettre aux bénéficiaires du projet de voir ce a été fait.
 Dans le champ école, il faut noter que le riz est arrivé à maturité et sera récolté dans le mois de Janvier 2018.

Visites des bénéficiaires sur les sites de cultures du riz et maraichères.



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December end of year and festivities, the staff of ICA-CI nevertheless continued its activities as part of the reintegration project, while focusing on the construction of the restaurant, the CDC and the moderne farm.


There has been considerable progress with the construction of the restaurant. The arrival of the dry season favoured the masons and carpenters. The installation of the roof and the ceiling of the restaurant building was due to finish on December 25th, 2017 and was on schedule.

Installation of the roof
Installation of the ceiling

The construction company has made every effort to respect this date, and we will meet our objective unless a natural catastrophic event that occurs.


Regarding the actions of the CDC: on December 27, 2017 the village of N'gorankro rural health center was equipped with drugs, through the medical office BIO-PHARMA with which it is in partnership. The value of the medicines provided, amounted to 400,000 FCFA. Note that the villages of Niamanzra and Dey-oboguié will soon have their health rural center equipped by the same medical office.


The vegetable and rice crops made use of both chemical and organic fertilizers. In order to show the results of this experiment, namely the use of bio and chemical fertilizer on the crops, the beneficiaries of the project, visited the sites of the project to see what was done.

In the school field, it should be noted that the rice has reached maturity and will be harvested in the month of January 2018.

Visit of the beneficiaries on the sites of cultivation of rice and vegetables.

Harvesting of egg plants at the school field in the presence of beneficiaries
Rice at the stage of maturity

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


Getting to the Bottom of ToP: Foundations of the Methodologies of the Technology of Participation  by Wayne and Jo Nelson has now been published!  It is now available from the publisher, iUniverse.com, and also from Amazon.com.  For now it is available as a paperback book. The ebook version should be available in January.

This is the book that Wayne Nelson started some years ago to document and share the foundations of ToP methodologies, and that Jo Nelson has worked to finish after his death. 

Here is the official description from the back cover:
“People demand authentic participation in decisions that affect their lives.  Technology of Participation (ToP™) Methods answer that call. ToP Methods work because they reflect how humans think, choose, plan, and develop. They grew out of decades of reflective inquiry into what works in real life, influenced by study of phenomenology and existentialism. This book explores the foundational understandings then builds connections to seven core ToP Methods to give the reader a sense of the methods as a deep body of knowledge.”

Review by a colleague:
A deep bow to Jo and Wayne for providing a profound and helpful exploration of the phenomenology of practice of ToP. I have longed for decades for this book. In this breakthrough work the Nelsons expose the philosophical foundations of the ICA’s ToP methods in ways that scholars and facilitators alike will find useful. By tracing ToP’s ancestry to the existentialist’s insights of Kierkegaard and Sartre, and the phenomenological methods of Husserl and Heidegger, this book not only provides conceptual clarity but releases a deep wellspring of motivation and skillfulness for practitioners of ToP. I will definitely use this book in teaching my NYU Wagner grad courses on innovative leadership.

Robertson Work,
author of A Compassionate Civilization, NYU Wagner professor, and UN consultant


ICA Nepal, 2017: December Report

Looking back on 2017: the year has definitely been a wonderful one for our country, Nepal, as Legislative and Provincial Assembly Elections were held. The year is memorable for ICA Nepal as well, in terms of achievements, initiatives, gatherings, exchanges, collaborations, learning and challenges.
We ended the year with some remarkable activities.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Leadership and Management Training

Organized by

MCSP/JHPIEGO, Save the Children/Global Fund and
Epidemiology Disease and Control Division(EDCD)

Dec. 15 – 17 and Dec. 29-31, 2017
Kanchanpur and Chitwan

For the last 15 years, Dr. Tatwa Timsina, Founder Chairperson of ICA Nepal has been facilitating the Leadership Development Program following ToP methods, with various organizations, institutions, government departments and individual groups. In December, he facilitated a series of leadership development programs for the health personnel sponsored by MCSP/JHPIEGO, Save the Children/Global Fund and Epidemiology Disease and Control Division (EDCD) in Kanchanpur and Chitwan district. See above.

Monitoring & Evaluation of INGOs’ Project for Social Welfare Council
Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina led a team of evaluators, comprising members from the Government of Nepal and the Social Welfare Council, to evaluate projects of international NGOs operating in Nepal. In 2017, he led three such teams and submitted a detailed report to the SWC.

Nepal Government Declares Jhapa District a Rubber Zone

 ICA Nepal in collaboration with the Institute of Rubber, and Jathropa Research (IRJR)  USA, initiated a Natural Rubber Plantation Program in 2017. The program was led by Mr. Tilak Bhandari, natural rubber scientist. We have carried out a series of training programs for farmers, an interaction program with stakeholders, and a series of meetings that have advocated the Government's work of promoting Natural Rubber Plantation in Nepal. Following this: recently, The Nepal Government Agriculture Department has declared the Jhapa district as a Rubber Zone. The initiative is aimed on building a movement, utilizing the marginal and unutilized lands of the eastern parts of: (Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari and Lower Part of Ilam).

Celebration of International HIV and AIDS Day and International Human Rights Day Celebration
Last month, December, continuing the past trend, ICA Nepal celebrated the International Human Rights Day and the International HIV and AIDS Day. We conducted interactive programs among the school children in Dailekh district, one of the far flung areas of the mid-western region. The program was coordinated by Gagan Shahi, field officer for ICA Nepal.

We focused on the active involvement of youth in human rights implementation.

Collaboration with TBi/BB Trust
ICA Nepal has signed a memorandum of understanding with the TBI Group Pvt. Ltd. TBI (Total Business Institute) is one of the leading corporate conglomerates providing services in the hotels and resorts sectors, food and beverages network, aviation, travel and tourism FMCG, ICT, media, infrastructure, trading, education and apparels. TBi has been providing services in Japan, Nepal, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, the USA and India.

ICA Nepal will be working as a “Project Development and Capacity Building” partner. TBi is working in the sector of social service and human development through BB Trust. ICA Nepal has a long working association with BB Trust since 2013 and has collaborated in supporting marginalized communities like, visually impaired children, orphans, physically disabled people, and elderly citizens. In 2018, ICA Nepal and the TBi group will be working on building entrepreneurship through agro-tourism.

Lets Talk Periods: Wall Magazine

ICA Nepal worked with the Surakshya Club of Glen Buds School in making their role effective, for proper menstruation hygiene management. The members of the Surakshya Club are working with the School to make the school toilets, girl friendly. They addressed the school authority via a letter. Now the school has started providing emergency sanitary napkins for the students, also a dustbin and water, are now available in the toilets. The Surakshya girls are starting up a Wall Magazine at their school entitled “Lets Talk Periods” ICA Nepal is providing the club with all the required materials for the Wall Magazine. We are very happy to find that the students and the school committee have implemented the steps towards MHM.

Please help us continuing this initiative through donating:  https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/training-and-support-for-grassroots-organizations/ 

Prepared by:
Ishu Subba           subbaishu@gmail.com


Evelyn spent a week in Manila with our new colleagues with ICA Associates Philippines along with Shizuyo Sato and Muryama San from ICA Japan
Met in Chicago with Seva Gandhi, Ted Wysocki and Jim Troxel from ICA USA to discuss and share

Worked with Shawn Chung and Laura Hsu on planning and sharing in Shanghai

Program with Paulina Chu and May Han in Beijing
Held the Spirit of Facilitation course in Taipei Taught by Frieda Lin, Larry and Evelyn

Designed and delivered the ToP week (see below for details) – Hosted colleagues from Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and China

Completed Yunlin project with Elders Planning in association with Yunlin Technical University

Asia Gathering in Nepal with Yahui and Lemon as well as Larry
IAF Paris to work with Lan Levy and IAF colleagues
Worked with IAF ICA Mou task force to complete the report for the board


9-10 Dec

11 Dec

13-14 Dec

15 Dec

16 Dec

CTF and ToP Trainers Greater China and Korea

Open Space: Edge of Facilitation

ICA Values Dialogue


Korea Journey 2018

9-10 December ToP Trainers and CTF weekend

Dick and Gail West, Larry and Evelyn Philbrook, Dr Young Seok Lee, Heejae Yoo, Laura Hsu, Shawn Chung, Paulina Chu, Frieda Lin, Jorie Wu, Mark Pixley, Karen Lim, Eric Tsung

1. Criteria for accepting trainees to TOP
  1. They obtain a CTF accreditation
  2. Integrity – Respect IP and acknowledge any past discrepancies
  3. Demonstrate ICA spirit or being (service to community including ICA Community and the facilitator community and regional development)
  4. Recommended by at least one current CTF or ToP trainer
  5. Continue practice as an active facilitator

 2. ToP trainer Trainee Framework – including assessment process and minimum training experience

3. We will continue to operate with a minimum public program price agreement in China

4. Expectations of ToP Trainer

Lead Trainer Obligations

Working for ICA ToP program

Working for self organized public ToP training program

  • Make self available for at least 1 program per year
  • Mentoring – Making self available for at least one CTF candidate per year (who was in your program as a trainee)
  • Participating in research activity
  • Have permission from ICA before initiating a public ToP training program (including public program that contain a part a toP training
  • Contribute !000 USD /Year to ICA ToP Asia (not yet agreed to depends on proposal for ToP Asia or ToP Greater China)

5. ToP Asia Formulation – Strategic/ ToP Asia ICA Network -
Agreement to meet in Jan 9 to work on the ToP Asia Model (or top Greater China)
  1. Vision or strategy exercise
  2. Proposal to ICAI GA on Jan 10

11 Dec - OPEN SPACE The Edge Of Facilitation and Future of Participation

44 people
Session Topics

  1. How do we train the self (being) as a facilitator/ Human?
  2. How can we support self participation during individual development journey?
  3. How to easily support children to learn effectively (primary school students)?
  4. Why do people want to participate 10 years from now?
  5. How can facilitation work with other technologies? Spread inclusion of facilitation in the world of VUCA?  CN/OD/Theory U/Agile
  6. How do we extend learning after programs perhaps virtual mentoring?
  7. What do you envision an ICA website to look like in the future? Other than face to face, what kind of interaction would you like to have with ICA TW?
  8. How can facilitators cooperate to expand the impact of facilitation?
  9. How to open everyone to be ready for change at the beginning of a meeting?
  10. How to lead the change from the bottom up?
  11. Virtual facilitation and sharing
  12. Facilitators opportunity and challenge in AI
  13. Using a simple way to lice a facilitation life not just in events
  14. How to apply facilitation/participation in education system
  15. How can we help develop leaders to be facilitative and adaptive?
  16. What are specific and doable actions can we do to help ICA to promote ToP Facilitation in Chinese areas?
  17. ICA Asia Pacific Regl Mtg in Taiwan 2018
  18. How do we design facilitation into school systems
  19. Courage and strength to face vulnerability

ICA Values Dialogue 25 people – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore

Two- day dialogue on Values we as top trainers are trying to live into.

9:00 Check In - Context – ICA Journey Overview
Journey – Individual Life Timeline – Connection To Facilitation And Connection To ICA Compassionate Listening In Threes Group Reflection 11:30 ICA Journey – Addition Bergdall 4x4

1:30 Being Present To The Way Life Is Context: ( 10 Mins) The Way Life Is Our Story Line. Personal Story/ Pair Sharing Of Personal Story Group Reflection: ( 10 Mins) Dialogue What Is Required To Make Lucidity A Habit? Final Reflection
Affirmation - Respect Where I/You Are Accepted Affirmation Exercise Affirmation And Intrusion Context Exercise Exploring Intrusion Affirmation Is A Decision The Yes Experience Dialogue

9:00 Check In (Content-less Method Short Course)
Responsibility -Living In The Tension Game – Push Hands Debriefing Conversation About Holding Tension. Exercises 1-3 Grounding Trans-establishment Image
11:30 Social Pioneer - Serve Common Good - ON BEHALF OF No Longer Not Yet Individual Exercise No Longer And Not Yet
Reflection And Sharing
Being A Social Pioneer Exercise
3:30 ICA Context And Offer Moving Forward – Those Who Care Declarations And Closing

Lawrence Philbrook          larry@icatw.com

January 11th 2018, it will be our General Assembly, via adobe connect. We will have 2 sessions: the first one at 9:00 a.m. London time, and the second at 14:00 hrs. London time.

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