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Global Buzz Report: March 2017

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ICAI Board Report:

During both January and February, we held our monthly meeting of the ICAI board members. In my new role as President it has been a challenge, learning all about my new resposibilities, but I found it wonderful getting to know the new board members. I met Gerd Luders, via skype, in his new role as Vice President of the Americas. I was pleased to learn that he has a business background, knows ICA methods and values and can give a new perspective to the ICAI Board. I was also really happy to reconnect with Archana Pawar after 12 years; we had met in Arizona in 2005 at the International ToP Trainer of Trainers, and now we will be working together.

A team effort among the board members over the past two months has been key for the smooth induction of the new members, and we will make every effort to support ICA Statutory, and Associate Members.

As board members we are presently in the budget approval process. We will be in contact with you very soon, to ask for your approval. If there have been any changes to the voting representatives at your ICA, please let us know so we can update our contact list and ensure the information gets to everyone.

Lisseth Lorenzo
Skype: lissethl


English below

Le mois de février à été riche en activité de visite d’expert Japonais, de terrain et de formation au niveau de ICA-CI qui achève son dernier mois de sa deuxième année de projet de réinsertion dans la région de l’Agneby-Tiassa.

Au titre des visites d’experts, nous avons reçu du 08 au 14 février Mr Ishizawa expert en élevage avicole pour partager avec lui ses connaissances sur l’utilisation de l’incubateur et des méthodes de pratiques d’hygiène sanitaire dans les fermes d’élevage. Cette mission avait aussi pour but de voir le comportement des poulets reproducteurs de souche Japonaise.

A la fin de son séjour il a donné une formation sur le cadre de vie des volailles, des soins, des périodicités des vaccins et le temps d’éclairage dans les bâtiments de poule pondeuse. Il a ensuite instruire les bénéficiaires les stratégies de commercialisation de leur production pour leur permettre de faire plus de profit.

Du 18 février au 02 mars ICA-CI a été visité par Mme SHIZUYO Sato Directrice Exécutive de ICA-Japon dans le cadre du suivi et évaluation des activités des la deuxième année du projet de réinsertion que nos deux bureaux réalisent avec le financement de Ministère des Affaires Etrangères du Japon (MOFA).

Cette mission de deux semaines nous a permis de passer au peigne fin toutes les réalisations des deux années tant en réussite qu’en activité non encore accompli. Les insuffisances relevées au niveau des sous projets on fait de résolutions pour les améliorer en année trois.

Pour aider ICA-CI et les bénéficiaires au projet, Madame Shizuyo à en plus des visites effectuées dans les 11 villages ou sont exécutés les projets, donnée une formation en leadership de trois jours au staff et aux bénéficiaires.
Elle a informé le personnel de ce que le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères du Japon a approuvé le financement de la troisième année du projet avec toutes les activités nouvelles qui seront réalisées. Au titre des activités nouvelles pour cette troisième année nous avons la construction d’un restaurant, d’un kiosque de point de vente, d’un camion pour le ramassage des produits maraîchers, d’un incubateur de 4224 œufs et de deux éclosoir.

En plus de toutes ces bonnes nouvelles nous avons été gratifiés par l’accouchement d’un joli garçon de notre collègue Ange KOUKOUA Olga en date du 27 février 2017 en présence de Madame Shizuyo.

During the month of February we had many Japanese experts visiting us for field training activities at the ICA-CI level, which ended its final month of a second year of the reintegration project in the Agneby-Tiassa region.

As part of the expert visits, from the 8th to the 14th of February, Mr Ishizawa, an expert in poultry farming, shared his knowledge on the use of the incubator and the methods of sanitary hygiene practices on breeding farms. His mission was also aimed at observing our methods for the breeding of chickens of Japanese stock.

At the end of his stay he gave a training session on poultry care, covering intervals of vaccination and the hours of light required in the laying hen buildings. He also instructed the beneficiaries in marketing strategies, to ensure maximum profit.

Ms. Shizuyo Sato, Executive Director of ICA-Japan visited ICA-CI from February 18th to March 2nd, as a follow-up to evaluate the activities of the second year of the reintegration project that our two offices carried out with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

This two-week mission allowed us to thoroughly scrutinize all the accomplishments of the two years, both in success and in activity not yet completed. The shortcomings, identified at the sub-project level, have been resolved in order to see an improvement in year three.

To assist ICA-CI and the beneficiaries in the project, Ms. Shizuyo, in addition to visits to the 11 villages were the projects are being implemented, gave a three-day leadership training course to staff and beneficiaries.

She informed staff that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has approved funding for the third year of the project and for all of the new activities that are to be carried out. As part of the new activities for the third year, we are to build a restaurant, and a point-of-sale kiosk, acquire a pick-up truck, and set up a 4224 egg incubator and two hatcheries.

In addition to the other good news we were delighted to hear of the birth of an attractive boy for our colleague Ange Koukoua Olga, on February 27th, 2017 while Mrs. Shizuyo was in attendance.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


The month of February started with a farewell to Mr. Hiroshi Komatsu who coordinated the project in Changunarayan and stayed in Nepal for 11 months, and, the welcoming of Rotarians from Denver, USA, who visited several villages where ICA Nepal has been working.

This month, Team ICA Nepal, visited Thuloparsel, Kavre, where it has carried out the Women's Empowerment Project along with the Rotary Club of Rudramati. The ICA Nepal team visited and provided an orientation of the second phase of the project which is to be launched soon on the renovation of the drinking water system and sanitation activities. During the orientation almost 25 people from Thuloparsel participated.

On the 24th February, we welcomed 11 members from the Rotary club of Denver Mile High, Rotary Parker club, and Denver Cherry Creek Rotary club. The Rotarians visited Changunarayan, Thuloparsel, Parbat, and Pokhara, during their stay. The purpose of their visit was to evaluate the impact of the project they have supported, mainly in Parbat for 15 years and recently in Thuloparsel. During this time, they also visited the learning center at Changunarayan and visited the sites they had supported earlier. Their visit was to last until the 5th of March which was helpful, as we could explore more areas to work in the future.

The one year project in Changunarayan is nearing the end, and during these last days, we conducted a program for the elderly citizens and an awareness program on menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins at local schools. On the 1st of March, the program for the elderly citizens was held with 23 participants, where they discussed the follow up for gatherings of the senior citizen club.

Similarly, ICA Nepal carried out an awareness program on menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins among the school students of Dolagiri School in Changunarayan on 1st March, 2017. The program was carried out with the purpose of encouraging teenage girls to use sanitary napkins during their menstruation and how to take care about their reproductive health and hygiene in different ways. The program also highlighted the act against the social restriction and taboo related to menstruation. A total of 29 students participated in the program which was facilitated by Ms. Pritha Khanal and Ms. Sarala Timsina. Also, ICA Nepal supported the school with packs of sanitary napkins produced by the local women of Changunarayan to support students when they get their periods during school time.

Prepared by
Pritha Khanal          pritha_khanal@yahoo.com


The Institute of Cultural Affairs-Togo, using its own funds, has already planted 8000 teak plants on two school plots at Hové and Tokpanou, situated 50 km from Lomé, the capital.

The board members of ICA-Togo, went to the Hové site in February. The purpose was to verify how the community had been using teak with regard to a request made by the school there, in 2015. The school had wanted to repair the roof of one of the buildings. ICA-Togo had authorized them to cut a certain number of trees for the repair work. Along with the cut trees, and iron sheets they bought, the school was able to repair the roof. They were also able to build a water tank for the school. The trees cut were replaced by others that are growing well.

Another visit was made to Gbatopé, a locality situated 45 km from Lomé. ICA-Togo planted trees there on the banks of the river Lili last year. The trees cover an area of 20 hecters along the banks. The height of trees that average 1.6 meters in height, are not a problem. But some of the slow growing ones, between 50 to 60 centimeters are sometimes damaged by people or are planted in pour soil. The coming rains will hopfully help the trees grow and enable us reach our objective, which is to have a gallery forest along the river Lili.

Images of the visit to the site of Gbatopé

Samuel K.M. Adonyon           ica.ong.togo@gmail.com


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