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Global Buzz Report: May 2016

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ICAI Board Report:

At our April meeting the ICAI Board agreed a draft agenda for the upcoming June 23 online General Assembly meetings, which has now been circulated to members. As usual, two online meetings will be held at 10am & 5pm UK time to accommodate different times zones, and online voting will be by surveymonkey over the following 10 days. Please contact us if you have any additions or revisions to the agenda, and please let us have any papers to be shared (and in particular any resolutions for a vote) before the next Board meeting on May 19 so that we can circulate them soon after that.

We have also announced a change of date for our second GA meetings of the year, to be held now on October 20 instead of in December. This is to bring forward the Board election so that any new members will have a couple of months induction period before their new term begins.

Education for Global Citizenship. We are grateful to ICA Japan Board member Shizue Inagaki for accepting the Board's invitation to the membership to be nominated to represent ICA International at the 66th United Nations DPI NGO Conference in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea from 30 May-1 June "Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together". Please contact us or ICA Japan if you would like to connect with Shizue about the conference.

Best wishes to ICAs and ICA colleagues from accross the Americas for their face-to-face regional meeting being hosted this month by ICA Peru.

Martin Gilbraith           president@ica-international.org

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La deuxième année du projet de réinsertion des jeunes à risque et personnes vulnérables de la région de l’Agneby-Tiassa a véritablement débuté ses activités le 10 mars 2016 avec les rencontres d’informations et de sensibilisations que nous avons eu à faire dans les nouveaux villages sélectionnés.

Nous avons profité de ces séances d’informations et de sensibilisations pour annoncer aux bénéficiaires des villages sélectionnés que la formation en Développement Communautaire, la formation en leadership, la gestion du compost, son utilisation, l’utilisation d’une couveuse et le marketing seront des appuis que nous allons leur apporter en plus des kits d’installation.

Nous avons en plus des 5 nouveaux villages qui bénéficient de l’élevage des poulets de chairs ajouté 2 anciens villages pour l’élevage des poules pondeuses, les activités de culture maraîchère et d’agroforesterie aussi bénéficient d’un appui en semences, pépinières et en conseils techniques. 

Après nos passages les bénéficiaires ont commencés le nettoyage des différentes parcelles choisies pour les champs et la construction du poulailler.

Dans l’optique d’une bonne exécution du projet nous avons reçu du 11 au 25 avril 2016 Monsieur Wayne en Côte d’Ivoire pour la formation des bénéficiaires en développement communautaire dans les 5 nouveaux villages. Cette formation à permis à chaque village de sortir son plan d’action de développement communautaire à travers des actions concret à réaliser sur une période de 6 mois.

Ainsi chaque village à clairement identifié des projets de développement communautaire qui peut lui permettre son essor dans la région. Les bénéficiaires qui pour la première fois reçoivent une formation en développement communautaire ont vraiment été très heureux de savoir qu’ils peuvent à travers des exercices simples concevoir des projets de développement pour leurs villages.

La présence des différents chefs  chaque village à cette formation nous a démontré que les populations ont besoin de formation en développement communautaire et en planification stratégique pour ensemble classifier les projets d’avenir pour leurs villages et leurs zones.

Les 5 villages (Dè-obodjè, Monsieur Mure, Niamanzra 1, Niamazra 2 et N’gorankro PK101) ont par leur présence massive aux séances de formation prouvée l’intérêt qu’ils attachent au projet que nous allons réaliser cette année.

The second year of the Youth at risk and Vulnerable people, implementation project, in the region of Agnéby-Tiassa, truly began activities on March 10, 2016, with information meetings and awareness campaigns directed at what we have to do in the new selected villages.

We were able to benefit from these information sessions and awareness campaigns, to announce the beneficiaries and the selected villages. The meetings included Community Development training, leadership training, compost making - and how to use it, use of an incubator and marketing skills. It also covered details of the support that we will bring them, in addition to the installation kits.

We have now added 5 new villages that will benefit from chicken meat raising, in addition to the 2 older villages. This is for laying hens, vegetable raising activities, agroforestry and also to have support with the planting of seeds, maintaining nurseries and technical advice.

After our information meetings, beneficiaries have started cleaning up the different plots chosen for the construction of a chicken house.

Mr. Wayne was with us from the 11th to the 25th of April for the training of the beneficiaries, in the 5 new villages, in community development. The training allowed each village to come out with its own community development action plan, through specific actions to be implemented over a period of 6 months.

So each village has clearly identified community development projects, that may allow its development in the region. Beneficiaries who have for the first time received community development training, have been really happy to know that they can go through simple exercises for designing development plans for their villages.

The presence of the chiefs of each village in the training sessions, has shown us that people do need training in community development and strategic planning, in order to implement future plans for their villages and areas.

The 5 villages, Do-obodjè, Mr. Mure, Niamanzra 1, Niamazra 2 and N’gorankro PK101) have by their overwhelming presence at the training sessions, proved the interest they attach to the projects that we will achieve this year.

Kouame Konan           konaneug@gmail.com


ICA Nepal welcomed Mr. Hiroshi Komatsu, from ICA Japan, on 10th of April. He is here for overseeing the renovation of the ICA Learning Centre at Changu Narayan in the Bhaktapur district. The Project ‘Renovating Learning Center for Women and Children for strengthening local community post-earthquake in Changu Narayan, Bhaktapur District, Nepal’ has taken pace, as the reconstruction of the quake-hit ICA Learning Centre has started, with the official agreement between the Construction Company, ICA Nepal and ICA Japan. Mr. Okoshi Toshio, expert architect, has also arrived in Nepal, and will stay here for 10 days to look after the construction works in Changunarayan. Side by side, staff working on the project, have also started the community rebuilding process through psycho social support. The preliminary activities for the renovation of learning center, and community development works, are being carried out.

On 24th of April, ICA Nepal conducted a one-day training course on psychological support for the staff members of the renovation Project at the ICA Training hall with 14 participants. The course was facilitated by psychologist, Shruti Rana. Participation included the staff members of the Changunarayan renovation project, who will be dealing with the community people in the Changunarayan area at many levels. The training on Psychological Support was aimed at enabling participants to understand the psychological and emotional needs of the disaster-struck community people of Changunarayan, and introducing the Psycho Social methods and techniques of dealing with the victims of disaster, in this case the earthquake victims. The training focused mainly on introducing the various possible psychological and emotional distress areas any victim might go through, and ways of dealing with them, through various means and instruments of psychological and emotional intervention.

ICA Nepal is geared up for the International training sessions on, Social Artistry Leadership Development, which has been scheduled to be conducted throughout May. Ms. Evelyn Philbrook, Ms. Janet Sanders and Mr. Richard are arriving in Nepal on the 3rd and 4th of May . They will be conducting a series of training sessions for PWDs, Teachers, and youths. The Training will put the emphasize on women's empowerment and the advancement of Social Artistry.

Prepared by
Amba Datta Bhatta
ICA Nepal

 Binita Subedi         subedibinita93@gmail.com