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Global Buzz Report: April 2016

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ICAI Board Report:

First off the Board would like to thank Nelson Stover, Ken Kinney, Puthrike Moonesinghe, Larry Philbrook, Tatwa Timsina and Robertson Work, as well as any others who contributed to the writing of, “Developing transformative leadership through authentic, diverse participation”, submitted as a formal statement to the 15th session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) to be held on 18-22 April at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  To read more, please follow this link: http://www.ica-international.org/2016/03/18/developing-transformative-leadership-enhancing-relevant-competencies-public-servants/

The Gathering of the Americas is set to take place in Azpitia, Peru mid-May.  The group intends to share best practices and tools, strategize on how to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Central and South American ICAs and explore how to increase support and collaboration between organizations.

More information will be circulated shortly about the upcoming virtual ICAI General Assembly in June.  If there are any changes to the voting representatives at your ICA, please let us know so we can update our contact list and ensure the invite and information gets to everyone.

Staci Kentish           staci.kentish@gmail.com

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Report of year 2 Activities

Activities Undertaken:
- Mass fertilization
- Targeting and cleaning of plots
- Exploration for new sites
- Monitoring of activities

Point 1: Mass fertilization
This week, the project team continued their fertilization campaigns explaining the project to the communities of the new sites targeted by the project for year 2. Sessions were held at Andepo/Segbevi/N’Chompo

Point 2: Targeting and cleaning of plots
M. Mure: The sites of the three sub-projects have been prepared. And the management committee set up to manage the three sub-projects this week has opened a current bank account for the incomes of their projects. ICA-CI's intent for good governance is being followed this year

Preparation of plots at Monsieur Mure

Land deregulated for chicken raising at N’chompo

Dey-Obodje: The chicken raising site was cleaned and the youth group expect that the local authorities will give their agreement to the use of the land for vegetable and or agroforestry sites that they choose, according to the president of the youth group we met.

Land deregulated for chicken raising at Dey-obodje

Point 3: Exploration/Targeting of new Sites
On the 09.03.2016, the project team searched for new sites in and around the village of Niamansra, located 55km from Agboville, just after Aboude Boua Vincent, to see if was possible to change the minds of the village people of Andepo, where there seemed little motivation among the young people and also to find available land for the implementation of project activities.

Point 4: Monitoring activities
This week the monitoring of activities was conducted by the project team, in chicken raising at Boka-Oho (2nd production cycle), and Aboude Dadie (3rd production cycle), as well as at Aboude Boa Vincent on the vegetable site. It noted that Boa Vincent has sold all the chickens of the 3rd production cycle.

Future activities:
- Fertilization in the Village of Niamansra
- Exploration for New Sites
- Distribution of Corn and the Implementation of Vegetable Nurseries.

Maraîcher à Boua Vincent


With the end of March, ICA Nepal
has successfully completed four months of project activities in the far and mid western region, supported by Misereor, Germany. The team of field staff is now working with community people for a ward level planning workshop. The workshop will cover 24 VDCs from the most rural part of the country. Another team of facilitators has been there to conduct a second phase of Facilitative and Leadership Development training. The team will also coordinate with the local community in conducting awareness raising activities through street dramas, community seminars and orientation programs. As the first four months of the project has been completed and with the start of the second four months, ICA Nepal has achieved the major objectives outlined in the project proposal.

ICA Nepal has successfully carried out the first phase of Facilitative Leadership Training and completed the task of setting up a ICA Nepal contact office in the rural and remote locations of Dailekh and Bajhang districts with the objective to link the rural communities with ICA Nepal.

The beginning of the month also marked the formal binding of ICA Japan with Nepal, when, Ms. Shizuyo Sato from ICA Japan, along with ICA Nepal Chairperson, Tatwa Pd. Timsina, and other ICA members, in presence of his Excellency, Mashashi Ogawa, signed the MOU at the Japanese Embassy in Nepal. ICA Japan is implementing community development activities in Changunarayan Bhaktapur in coordination with ICA Nepal and with the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Japan.

When delivering a speech on the occasion, Dr. Tatwa Prasad Timsina, expressed the commitment of ICA Nepal towards the development of human capacity and the community at large, and extended his thanks to the many important players, including MOFA, for all the support and coordination they have provided over the years, that has helped change the face of many such communities, and individuals themselves to achieve the goals set at a different point in time. Mr. Hiroshi Komatsu, from ICA Japan, is visiting Nepal during the month of April. He will be here primarily for overseeing the renovation of the ICA Learning Centre at Changu Narayan, in the Bhaktapur district.

The ICA Volunteering Program has always been a big part of ICA Nepal's objectives and has always welcomed volunteers from all around the world. In celebration of the spirit of volunteerism, ICA Nepal together with other major goals has revamped the program to ignite the spirit among interested individuals and groups of people and help bridge the gap between the two aspects of volunteering: the volunteers and the people in need. Along with the volunteering experience, volunteers will encounter various sectors of ICA influence, including rural communities, and local level organizations. It is also a golden opportunity to experience the beautiful country and its multidimensional society, rich in ethnicity and unique culture. ICA Nepal would like to take this opportunity to invite any of our interested members, to join hands with us in the empowering of communities and in experiencing the local life of Nepal. Any enthusiast can contact at us at: binita@ica-nepal.org or visit our website: www.ica-nepal.org for details.

On the 9th of March, Creative Little Women’s Association, in coordination with, Little People’s Association, organized a cultural program to raise funds for the empowerment of little people, (dwarf people). The event was supported by ICA Nepal.

Currently, ICA Nepal is making preparation for a Social Artistry Program to be held in the month of May. It has been confirmed that Ms. Janet Sanders, and Ms. Evelyn Philbrook, will join ICA Nepal for the undertaking ICA Nepal’s social artistry initiative.

 Binita Subedi         subedibinita93@gmail.com


ICA Taiwan Buzz February-March- April-2016

Human Development virtual gathering facilitated by Larry Philbrook supported by Svitlana

Power of Facilitation 1 for Open Quest in Shanghai with 27 attending

PSP refinement exercise in Taipei ICA Taiwan team 2016

Swire Nanjing GFM 2 with Frieda Lin, Yvonne Yam & Larry P.

GFM 2 Taipei lead: Frieda Lin, Eric Tseng, Evelyn P. & Gail West

Facilitating Mindful Dialogue and Coaching with Paulina Chu in Beijing

Forum in Beijing facilitated by May Han on Theory U Coaching Clinic

Taipei IAF Facilitator Forum: Conflict Facilitation- 45 people by Larry P.

Top Network Virtual Dialogue on Brand development

NCKU prep session TSP series: Gong-Guan with reflection Wall of Wonder, Eric Tseng, Larry, Evelyn and Jane Lewis

Spirit of Facilitation in Hong Kong- Larry P. & Evelyn P.

Difference & overlap of Conflict Facilitation and Mediation with IAF Hong Kong and Hong Kong University Law College – Larry P.

ICA Taiwan Buzz Report for December 2015 and January 2016

Spirit of Facilitation Taiwan - Redesigned Journey for Facilitation

GFM 1 (Focus Conversation two day course) in Taipei

Imaginal Learning (for facilitators and coaches two day) HK - 13 people

Transformative Action Planning in HK - 14 people

Lloyd and Lela Philbrook visit Taiwan and Thailand with Larry & Evelyn

ICA Thanksgiving Celebration Dec. 27, great collegial event!

CKNU Transformative Scenario prep and village visit near Tainan

IAF India Organizational Analysis Dec., 34 high energy by Larry.

ICA India holds ICAI Asia Regional Conference Nov. – Dec

IOC representative joins regional conference for one day.

India Imaginal Learning 2-day post conference program L & E

India GFM 1 & 2 held pre conference program L & E

India Social Artistry every morning of Asia Regional Conf. Evelyn

India Social Artistry One Day Chikale Teachers Training Event by Evelyn, Archana, Loren & Puthrika with Mrs. Lokhande

UN Erbil Team Learning support sessions Larry

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com


To support the 5th annual One Earth Film Fest (OEFF), ICA hosted 2 films and discussions on Saturday, March 5th. OEFF aims to use films as a catalyst for community action, so ICA selected their films strategically to connect festival attendees to current ICA initiatives.

To complement ICA's solar project, ICA screened Catching the Sun as the morning film, which is a documentary that explores the growing solar industry and the global and local opportunities and threats associated with it. Resource people from Cook County Community Solar and Illinois Solar Energy Association discussed ways for audience members to follow up on the film, either in their community or in their own homes. Damien Blanchard, ICA Facilities Manager, also shared information about the solar installation at the GreenRise and led a tour of ICA's solar array. Exciting feedback from the morning included that, in addition to the film and audience discussion for this film, some of the audience had traveled a distance specifically to see the solar array and learn from ICA's expertise.

To complete the day, ICA screened This Changes Everything, a documentary guided by Naomi Klein's book of the same title. It re-frames the climate crisis as more urgent than previously understood, highlighting the impact of unchecked capitalism and extractive practices on communities across the globe. The film's call to action looks to the powerful community work across the globe to create sustainable energy alternatives. To connect film viewers to action they could personally take, resource partners from Chicago 350United Nations Association,Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network, and Eco Up, an Uptown group of residents aiming to coordinate sustainable community engagement, all engaged with the audience in post-film discussion. CEO Ted Wysocki reported that the film was even more powerful the second time around.

   Right:Panelists for This Changes Everything; Left: Panel discussion for
Catching the Sun

Samantha Sainsbury           ssainsbury@ica-usa.org


ZIM50 Replication

As part of peer to peer support for some ICAs in East and Southern Africa, they had an opportunity of visiting Zimbabwe to learn and share their work in HIV/AIDS, This took place between the 7th and the 11th of March and the countries included: Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. The meeting was facilitated by ICA USA.

The main objective of this gathering was to learn, from ICA Zimbabwe, details of their HIV/AIDS project, (named Zimbabwe 50/Zim 50) in order to replicate the model to their respective countries.

ICA Zim shared their model, which is in a special package/ tool box, and is hoping to publish it for wide use in different communities. During this meeting each ICA shared their HIV/AIDS work in their respective countries.

During the meeting there were two components that required the most attention; these were:

  • To learn about the prepared tool box, and to visit the project, (participating in a peer educators graduation ceremony)
  • Prepare a small grant proposal to market the replication of Zim50 in other countries. These proposals have been submitted to ICA USA for financial support.