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Global Buzz Report: February 2016

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ICAI Board Report:

ICAI is easing into the new year with a focus on a few different TO DOs from our current strategic plan. Over the next few months we'll be exploring membership criteria and monitoring and what our best approaches might be when it comes to growing and sustaining our membership going forward. With so many new Associate Members, the timing feels right to revisit what ICAI membership means, what it requires and how we work with our members to foster a strong and engaged network. We look forward to your contributions to this conversation - please watch for more on membership soon and share your thoughts and ideas with us when the time comes.

It will also soon be time to begin thinking about new ICAI Board nominations for our Board election in December, and what the transition will look like. We are expecting 2-3 spots opening up on the Board and we'd love to have a few folks from the network working with us on the nominations committee again to ensure a thorough process. Please let us know if you're interested in joining the Board nominations committee or if you'd like to nominate someone from the network for a Board appointment.

With the decision to postpone our Global Conference this year, we hope to see the trend of face-to-face Regional Gatherings continue in 2016. The Regional Gathering of the Americas will take place in May of this year and dates for another Asia-South Pacific Gathering and another West Africa Gathering are later in the year are being floated as well.

Staci Kentish           staci.kentish@gmail.com

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ICA Bangladesh had an executive meeting on January 15th. The meeting welcomed the partnership with the Peoples Right – a non-profit organization to support some of the expenses for the ICA Phulki Street Children Project in Dhaka. A MOU is to be developed for this partnership by the end of February.

Another positive initiative was designed to continue the ICA Ghoramara Community School for the underprivileged children of the ex landless people sheltered in the Ghoramara shelter project in Chandpur. The team also submitted some fundraising applications to Chandpur Upazila Council, Chanpur Municipality, and Chandpur District Council. But there has been no answer yet. These days local funds are very limited, however, the team is trying their best.

Another online fundraising plan for ICA’s Phulki and Ghoramara project was decided to be held under the Working Gifts Program. Soon the call for donations will be posted on the ICA Bangladesh website. It is believed that ICAs and non-ICA organizations including individuals and communities will come forward to support ICA activities.

The ICA Board also offered thanks to Ms. Kohinor Urmee – a dedicated social worker, who is a university teacher by profession, she joined ICA as an honorary advisor, and she has expressed her willingness to raise funds for the street kids immediately.

Shakawat Hossain



 As part of the Youth at risk reinsertion project in the region of Agnéby-Tiassa, project executed by ICA-CI in collaboration with ICA-Japan, Mr. Wayne Co-director of ICA-Japan conducted a mission of 15 days to make a final evaluation of the project.


Activities during his stay were as follows:

Meeting with the executive management of ICA-CI focused on running the project management and year 2 project that will start on March 1st 2016. The arrangements for year 2 project execution and especially the efficiency in management of the three sub-activities. The best control of the financial managements while respecting the budget lines and providing the right supporting documents for accounting.

The second activity concerned the administration of a questionnaire for evaluation of the beneficiaries to help us to see the rate of our project realization according to our schedule and also to know whether the beneficiaries have learned something from the different trainings given by ICA during this year. This evaluation has also allowed us to see if we contributed to the economic recovery of the village and its visibility in marketing terms.

                     Survey at Aboudé Dadié                 Visit to vinyl house in Aboudé Dadié

This activity took place in the 6 villages (Bonikro, Ekissiho, Badoukro, Boka-Oho, Aboudé-Dadié and Aboudé Boa Vincent) that benefited from the year 1 project. We also made field visits to see how the palm tree, chicken and vegetable raising are developing.

We also made visits to the 5 new villages that were selected for the second year: Andepo, Mure, Segbevi, N'chompo and Dè-obodjè. His visits were intended to increase sensitization started in August 2015 in the new villages that were selected for Year 2. The sensitizations essentially carried on the three activities (vegetable raising, Agroforestry and chicken raising) contained in the project of reinsertion of youth at risk. In addition to these activities, we told them about the different trainings that will support their reinsertion through the project funded by the Japanese government.

Sensitization meeting in the village of Monsieur Mure

From 23 to 24 January 2016 we conducted a mission in Brobo to see the activities that ICA-CI  had carried out in some villages from 1996 to 2003 with funding from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Tokyo Union Church and AICAF.

The team visited the tomatoe fields in Pindikro and CAPMR, where young people are engaged in this activity with their hearts set because they realize many personal projects they can accomplish from the income of their tomatoe production.

Visit of tomatoes’ farms production in Pindikro

 Visit in Mr. Amani’s field of 2 hectares of tomatoes

The delegation visited the village chief, Nanan Brobo TCHIDJI Marie, and Mr. Alexis ESSI, the Resident Mayor. The two authorities have expressed the wish to see ICA-CI resume its activities in the region to support and train the youth Ahaly. This will for ICA-CI’s return is due to the fact that there is no company throughout the region to employ all of Ahaly’s youth. So that ICA-CI will help to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate.

      Visit to resident mayor of Brobo         Visit to Nanan Tchidji Marie Chief village of Brobo

Wayne said that the visit of our delegation was also part of the objective for the resumption of activities in the region and also the reopening of the ICA-CI School, to mark its effective presence in the region.

The delegation thanked the authorities and promised to do everything possible so that the youth could benefit again from ICA-CI support through ICA Japan and their partners.

Visit to ICA-CI office in Brobo


12650713_1131786640165085_1083695109_n.jpgGlobal Buzz February issue
ICA Nepal has started the first phase of the project, ‘Facilitative and Leadership Development in Far-western and Mid-western districts of Nepal,’ which is supported by MISEROR.

A team from ICA Nepal has returned from Nepalgunj, where they were for the Five-day ‘Facilitative Leadership Training’. 32 people had participated in the training and now the team is preparing for the next training to be held in Kalikot District. 

training ad photo-page-001.jpgICA Nepal has geared itself up for the upcoming international training to be conducted this month. The two trainings are scheduled to be held from February 9-11 and February 20-21 respectively. Facilitative Crisis and Disaster Intervention to build Resilient Communities is going to be facilitated by Mark Pixley, who is an experienced facilitator and organizational change consultant with LEADERSHIP INC, a leading provider of facilitation services to the corporate community in China and Asia. Mark speaks on “Organizational Transformation: Methods of Self-directed Change.”
He is an IAF-CPF and a Certified ToP facilitator.

Dr. V.K Arora,  who is a Trainer/ Resource Person associated with the Management Associates Private Limited, India and is Accredited Management Teacher from AIMA in entrepreneurship and life member of IETE, CSI and NHRD, who also  conducts Career Counseling through career management and psychometric testing, is going to facilitate Entrepreneurship Development Training.

The preparations are on in full fledge. Flyers are out, invitations are sent and technical and human resources are sorted. The whole team has been working to make the event a grand success. We have been expecting many people from different walks of life to participate in the training and this is also a shout out to all others interested.

Disabled Welfare Fund has been recently started in order to support various disabled group. 

ICA Japan has received official INGO status after Ishu Subba on behalf of ICA Japan signed the agreement with Social Welfare Council, Nepal on 21st January. This brings bigger possibilities for the two countries to work together in a more coordinated way in days to come.

Prepared by,

 Britna Subedi         subedibinita93@gmail.com

        This link to our Oct-Nov-Dec. news letter: Himalayan Voice



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January 2016 | E-NEWS


Technology of Participation (ToP) Network Celebrates 25 Years of Facilitation!






On January 8 - 10th at the ToP Annual Gathering the ToP Network celebrated its 25th year.  Held in Phoenix, Arizona the event allowed attendees to take stock on how far the Network has come since its inception and discuss where they would like to see it go in the future. 

The gathering began and ended with a ToP Historical Scan, looking at all of the milestones of the previous 25 years. Each day as participants added more memories to it, the wall began to tell the story of the Network's journey.  The Scan created a way for old and new Network members alike to create a shared history. It also allowed closure on some parts of the history and set the stage for the Network and ICA to embark on a new journey together. 

Sessions offered at the gathering were plentiful and thought-provoking. They centered around adding to one's facilitation toolbox with innovative new facilitation techniques /application, or reporting on and moving forward the work of the Network. View a comprehensive list of the sessions offered here. 

Many of the local practitioners in Arizona came and shared their use of the ToP methods in community -grounded work. This exciting new energy coupled with a plenary session leading Network members through an Image Shift exercise created a sense of a new chapter unfolding for the Network and the ICA. 

Other highlights included a night out on the town in Phoenix, a celebration dinner that featured a performance by a network members band, a session led by colleagues who came in from Russia (picture below in the center), and The Maricopa County Department of Public Health receiving  the ToP Champion Award (picture below on the left). ICA commends the conference organizing team and hosts in Phoenix for a wonderful and productive gathering. 





New CTF's (left to right) Lisa Brawley, Courtney Lonergan, Brigid Riley, Sherry Johnson, Becky Foreman, Seva Gandhi, Laurie Dougherty


New Qualified Trainers (left to right) Stacey Daraio, Courtney Smith, Courtney Lonergan, Seva Gandhi   (not pictured -  Laurie Doughtery,   Becky Foreman, Dawn Newman & Jen Schanen)

Each year more people embark on the journey of becoming a Certified ToP Faciliator (CTF). CTF is a rigorous certification for facilitators and assesses that the applicants meet or exceed these competencies

Applicants submit an extensive facilitation portfolio and are interviewed and assessed by a CTF assessment team. This year 7 new ToP practitioners received their CTF (pictured above).  To learn more about the CTF program or to indicate your interest, please click here

Becoming a qualified trainer is different than receiving your CTF. A CTF denotes ones competencies to facilitate using ToP methods, while becoming a trainer denotes your ability to hold courses and train others on how to facilitate using ToP methodology. 

The process is also a rigorous one and interested parties join as Apprentice Trainers, and are coached by a Mentor Trainers through the trainer journey, until they become a Qualified Trainer.  This year, ICA and the ToP Network are excited to welcome 8 new Qualified Trainers. 




Promote sustainable behavior with us on a gardening focused Hub Day. In addition to a seed swap, there will be workshops on accessing citywide  garden resources &  ways to get engaged in Uptown and more!    
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Two interns from the Dominican University Masters of Library Science program have been working with the Archives team to help relate Town Meeting 76 to the future work of the ICA. Read more



ICA and three community organizations integrate Smart Grid consumer education into their neighborhood-based sustainability work. Continue the story

Thanks to Beret Griffith and many ICA colleagues, the Chronological History from 1952-1988 is now available in print. 
Book available here



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