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Global Buzz Report: January 2016

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ICAI Board Report:

Happy New Year from the ICAI Board to all ICAI members, and to all ICA friends and colleagues worldwide.  We are grateful for all your support for ICA's global mission of advancing human development in 2015, and wish you the best for all of your activities in 2016.

Fourteen representatives of 10 member ICAs participated in two online ICAI General Assembly meetings on December 10, and seven of 10 current statutory member ICAs voted in the online GA poll over the following 10 days to December 20.  Thank you to all who participated.

As a result of the GA we are pleased to welcome two new Associate members to ICAI, both nominated by ICA Kenya with the support of ICA Tanzania and ICA Uganda, and both approved unanimously by the GA - NCOC Kenya (Nairobi Community Organisation Consultants) and SCR Kenya (Support for Community Response) are both led by long-time colleagues of ICA in Kenya.

During the GA meetings we heard updates from the ICAI Global ToP (Technology of Participation) policy working group and the ICAI Global Conference working group, and also discussed global communications and peer-to-peer support for new members of ICAI.

We are grateful to the 28 ICAs who have already responded to our recent global survey on members’ usage of, capacity for and aspirations for ToP facilitation methods, and to the Global ToP working group that is now analysing the responses in order to make recommendations for peer-to-peer support and collaboration among ICAs in implementing our new global ToP policy.  We urge members that have not yet responded to continue to do so – please contact us to ask for a link to the online survey form.

We are also grateful to the ICAI Global Conference working group for its work with Initiatives of Change (IofC) exploring possibilities for a joint conference in Human Development at IofC Caux in Switzerland or elsewhere, now perhaps in 2017 or 2018.

The December issue of ICAI's Winds & Waves magazine 'Climate Change' was published on the 25th, as a Christmas gift!  We are grateful as ever to the tireless editorial team, who work so hard to enable us to share stories and insights on human development  in this magazine three times each year.  I echo the appeal of Peter Ellins in this latest issue – please do contribute to the magazine in 2016, and please contact us if you may be interested in joining the team to support with commissioning, reporting, editing, layout and design, social media, or in any other way.

WINDS and WAVES Editorial Team:

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Subject: weekly report of activities from 21 to 28/12/2015

Activities carried out:

1) - Follow up activities
2) - Questionnaire administration
3) - Solidarity event

1: Follow up activities:
Agroforestry: Some of the palm trees are growing well despite the dry season. The sites: Ekissi-Ho / Vincent were well maintained and beans seeds were planted last week.


About Dadie, the situation is worrisome; the beneficiaries are not always available and are less motivated. To reduce the problem of rodents, ICA-CI has ordered boxes for the protection of the palm trees that will be delivered to the beneficiaries.

Chicken raising: 4 sites out of 6 sites continue with their chicken raising activity.

Situation per site:
Boa Vincent: chicks are two weeks old, but there was a high mortality rate of 132 chicks due largely to the selection of chicks, (weight below average and chicks of third choice, bad selection of chicks). There was also, failure to respect the protocol recommended by the technician of chicken raising.

Bonikro: Arrival of 806 chicks and registration of 11 deaths. Chicks are two weeks old and are doing well.


Badoukro: For the second cycle, 7,704 chicks have been delivered with 7 chicks dead. The remaining chicks are doing well. The beneficiaries follow the advice of the technician, so they have a very low mortality rate.

Ekissi-Ho: 700 chicks have been delivered for the second cycle. The technician has vaccinated the chicks against disease: “Gomboro”

Dadie: For the second cycle, out of 1,150 chicks, 1033 chickens have been sold.
The chicken house was cleaned last week after selling the chickens of the 2nd cycle of production. Beneficiaries intend a 3rd production cycle in January 2016.

Boka-Ho: The second production cycle will take place in January 2016. An amount of 1.1 million FCA was given to CIA-CI administration, to order chicks, food and vaccines.

The second production cycle has been difficult to put in place because of the lack of rain and water points on some sites.
About the vinyl house: expectations grow very slowly as there are growth issues because of irregular watering by the beneficiaries.


But some plants such as pepper, okra and eggplant are growing well. For the group of women - the beneficiaries of Aboudé-Dadié, Mrs. Shizue Inagaki, during her stay, sponsored the award of a water pump to the brave women there, and gave them a symbolic amount of 20,000 fCFA . Next week ICA-CI will distribute water pumps to solve the issue of the lack of rain.

2: Questionnaire administration,
This week two new villages, for year 2, were visited by the project team for the socioeconomic survey, to better understand the environment of those new villages. The villages were Dey-Bodje and N’Choumpo.

3: Solidarity event
A Christmas tree was arranged for by ICI-CI, with help of Mrs. Shizue Inagaki, for about a hundred children at Ekissi-Ho on December 23rd. The ceremony, which brought together children from 1 to 10 years, from the three villages of the project, Bonikro, Badoukro and Ekissi-Ho took place in the presence of the village chief's, those responsible for the sub-projects, as well as the parents of the children. After the welcoming speech by Ekissi-ho’s village chief, (the village host), the executive director of ICA-CI, Mr. Kouame K. Eugene, spoke of how happy he was for this gathering on behalf of the children at this time of the year.

For the occasion, Mr. Kambe Hideki, coordinator of ICA-Japan, disguised as Father Christmas, distributed gifts which gave much joy to the children - this in a magical atmosphere and in the presence of much moved parents. The Christmas tree, provided by CIA-CI, was much appreciated by the communities and the project beneficiaries, who also gave a warm welcome to ICA-CI staff.


The wishes expressed by the Ekissi-Ho and Badoukro‘s chiefs and residents, was that this event for the children and their parents should be supported and perpetuated in the coming years.

Special thanks were given to Mrs. Inagaki and the staff of ICA-Japan and to ICA-IC, whose idea it was to give a special Christmas party to the children this year. And a special thanks were addressed to the Japanese Government and His Excellency Kawamura, Ambassador of Japan in Côte d’Ivoire, for his support for all the actions undertaken by Japan for the beneficiaries of the reintegration project funded by his government in the region the Agnéby-Tiassa.
Cifts for the children

Eugène Kouame


With the theme "One House, One Women, One Mobile" for Connecting Rural through Communication, a mobile throwing competition was organized last January with the objective of linking Mugu district to the Communication network. The event was organized by ICA Nepal in joint collaboration with the Rotary Club of Rudramati at Tudikhel, Kathmandu.

At the second phase of the event, 25 brand new mobile phones were distributed to the local rural women of Mugu District of the Mid- Western Region of Nepal. The aim of the event was to link the rural society to the technological world. Similarly on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Dec 10, a mass gathering was organized at Accham. The program was coordinated by our local field team with Mr. Prem Bohora. The slogan for the event was “Our rights, Our freedom, Always.”

The team from ICA Nepal returned to Nepal after attending the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting held at Pune with two more training opportunities for the empowerment of entrepreneurship among people and for building a more resilient society. The trainings are going to be conducted in the month of February.

ICA Nepal is entering into the New Year with new zeal and even more motivation.

We would like to wish all, a very Happy New Year 2016. May this year bring balance to the world!

Prepared by,

 Britna Subedi         subedibinita93@gmail.com

        This link to our Oct-Nov-Dec. news letter: Himalayan Voice


ICA closed out the program events for the year on December 3rd with a Hub event and a Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN) gathering. The Hub event drew in an inter-generational group, including CSLN members, students from two high schools, and AmeriCorps Public Allies whose service work involves sustainability with youth. The aim of Hub days are to promote the ICA GreenRise as a community space to gather and learn skills that support personal sustainability.

For this Hub day, workshops included bike safety, composting, preparing healthy food, and art with re-purposed materials. The group was especially inspired by the composting workshop that provided information about composting at home and a current composting initiative within select CPS schools. Following the workshop, multiple attendees said that they were inspired to try composting at home or at school. Attendees to the Hub day were invited to stay for the CSLN meeting to understand the network as an ongoing opportunity to participate in sustainable initiatives in Chicago.

For the final 2015 CSLN network gathering, ICA hosted the event at the GreenRise with the theme "Review and Renew," which focused on recapping CSLN victories of the past year and establishing directions for 2016.

Network members met in small groups to discuss:

  • the upcoming shared leadership committee for CSLN that aims to transition CSLN leadership to network members;
  • regional sustainability hubs, including hub events at ICA GreenRise and other regional sites;
  • forums, including the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability and the Faith Forum;
  • collaborative activities, including the ISEIF grant, ioby campaigns, and the Is it Just Space? series;
  • and the recent work of the policy working group, which includes 2 roundtable meetings with Karen Weigert and a document of CSLN values and recommendations for the upcoming sustainability plan. This group aims to share the final document with Karen and continue to build relationships with city officials in different departments.

The gathering ended with a spirited reception for networking, celebrating, and building relationships.

Richard H.T. Alton 166 N. Humphrey Ave, Apt, 1N Oak Park, IL 60302 T:1.773.344.7172  richard.alton@gmail.com

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