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Global Buzz Report: September 2015

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ICAI Board Report:

The big news for ICAI this month is that our new website is nearly ready to be circulated to members with a live launch to follow shortly thereafter.  An email with a link to the new website and information about how to add information for your ICA/organization will be circulated to the membership soon.  Please watch out for it and forward any questions or feedback you have to the board.

Our thanks first to Peter Ellins, who has done a tremendous amount of work to keep the ICAI website and Global Buzz Report going over the years.  We are forever grateful for Peter's longtime support.  We'd also like to thank our web designer, Robert Liverpool, for his enormous effort in putting the new ICAI website together. 

A new edition of Winds & Waves magazine is on the way in September. Look for articles submitted from two of our new Associate Members, The Safe Neighbourhood Foundation in Uganda and the ORP Institute in South Korea.

Staci Kentish

WINDS and WAVES Editorial Team:

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are always welcome

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Our activities in August were focused on the distribution of 3,000 chickens for the broiler breeding part of our project, in three villages, namely, Ekissiho, Badoukro and Aboude-dadie. The first two villages that received their allotments of chicks (1,000 per village) have sold most of them.

For the Maraicher program, to establish okra in 6 villages, the okra is now in full harvest, and the okra is selling well. Construction has also started on greenhouses in three of the villages for the cultivation of pepper, tomato etc ...

The agroforestry palm plants we distributed are developing well, and the beneficiaries are now actually cleaning the planted plots.

Concerning the sub regional conference. We have shifted the date to September 16, 2015. We did this for administrative reasons and also to invited His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan to come and preside over the opening ceremony. We had a meeting with the First Secretary on August 25 and were informed that the Ambassador would preside at the ceremony and also visit the activities that we carry out with the financial resources of the Japanese taxpayers. We have also sent invitations to the delegates of countries who want to participate in the conference at the national level and we continue to request the authorities to provide good coverage for our ceremony.

We will record the arrival of participants from ICA-Japan next week as their presence will enable us to provide community training and to project a midterm survey in the villages.

Eugène KOUAME           konaneug@gmail.com


For this months ICA Nepal report,
please see attached PDF

Pritha Khanal           pritha_khanal@yahoo.com


ICA Building & Programs, Win Awards This Summer
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"Illinois Financing Roundtable Excellence Award" from
Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA)
CDFA is a national association dedicated to the advancement of development finance concerns and interests. ICA GreenRise Building Retrofit was announced as a winner of an Excellence Award for it's creative building use and exciting financing proposals. This award will help the GreenRise attract interested investors and further it's mission. On the right is ICA Property Manager Lesley Showers with the CDFA award.

"Partner of the Year" awarded by Public Allies Chicago This year Public Allies Chicago (PAC) named ICA their Partner of the Year. ICA's commitment was demonstrated by hosting multiple Allies, leading a day-long training for the full cohort and offering programmatic housing to Allies. ICA is excited to be hosting our newest ally Joseph Taylor, a current GreenRise resident, to the programming team this fall. On the right is Program Coordinator Caitlin Sarro receiving the PAC Award

Richard Alton           richard.alton@gmail.com



Dear colleagues,

Please find an invitation to the end of year Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in India.  We would love to have representation from each and every ICA in our Asia Pacific region, as this will be a great collaborative peer-to-peer working and learning opportunity.

Please forward this invitation to your colleagues – interested members of ICA or other networks. While the focus will be on Asia Pacific, colleagues from outside of the AP region will be most welcome.
Invitation and additional information here

We do hope folk will use the expression of interest link to register interest.

Best wishes,

Shizuyo Sato, VP Asia Pacific Region  shizuyo@icajapan.org


Dear Colleagues,

In the name of ICA Spain we would like to make contact with the Global team to announce the launching of our first Crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is aiming to create and unite a network of SUPER COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURS, starting with 5 who come from CUBA, ARGENTINA, PERU, MEXICO and FINLAND. They have demonstrated their commitment by action in developing successful experiences and good practices in the social and solidarity economy.

Please give us your support and collaboration using the Spanish crowdfunding platform GOTEO in this link:
https://goteo.org/project/conferencia-internacional-ess/home# or share our campaign with your ICA Community and social networks …. we really would appreciate it.

If you have any questions or good ideas, please contact us!

Thank you,

The Spanish Team

ICA Spain           natalia.sanjuan@gmail.com