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Global Buzz Report: 2014 06 01

ICAI Board Report:

The ICAI Board has been busily preparing for the upcoming global gatherings happening June 26th at 10am UK and/or 5pm UK.  If you haven’t already, please complete the survey on Global Conferences and take a look at the documents Martin sent out via email on May 16th in preparation for our meeting.

We look forward to hearing from and providing feedback to the ICAI ToP Global working group on the progress they’ve made in their work to date during the global gatherings as well.

We’re still working on improvements to the ICAI website and hope to facilitate increased peer-to-peer interaction and information sharing online soon.

The ICAI Board approved the 2013 financial statements this month.  We’d like to thank our Canadian colleagues, Bill Staples and Daphne Field, for their work in preparing them.

Staci Kentish  


ICA in Canada is moving to 401 Richmond St. W, Suite 405 in Toronto as of June 1st. Here is a link to the building website:

401 Richmond is a renovated factory building with green roof gardens, and has about 100 creative organizations renting there. The building managers, Urbanspace, see their role as supporting the community of tenants who include art and environmental organizations as well as small not-for-profits and for profit innovative businesses. The organizations are autonomous and yet linked in a lively green space. We are very excited to be able to mingle on a regular basis with all these folks. Come visit. This will also be the legal address for ICA International.

Jeanette Stanfield  


Climax in Tohoku was citizens joy and meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Fish.
Motoku met with citizens of Fukushima and Minami Soma, so that they could plan, purchase, and plant flowers near their temporary houses and community meeting places. Comments were that ICA was the only NGO to caringly enable the citizens to do the whole process, whereas other NGOs bought flowers in Tokyo, took them to Kukushima, planted the flowers themselves, and quickly left. ICA’s approach brought joy and hope to the hearts of the people. 

This morning, we had a breakfast meeting with the Fishes, where they ask us, what could they fund next, to have a lasting impact? Ah, they and we agreed, let’s build a greenhouse for them to grow flowers themselves, away from the damaging radiation! Customers will purchase the flowers joyfully, but they are afraid to buy Fukushima vegetables!

The Essentials of Sustainable Agriculture Booklet is now complete
This booklet is complete and being translated to three languages, with plans to translate to many more.  It is designed to supplement classroom and field training, providing graphic illustrations and some text, so that trainees have the essentials and can share it abundantly.

The Space In Between
We have been busy completing projects and writing proposals and having working sessions with our partners at ICAJ to refine proposals.  And preparing to go to Bihar India, Tekos School in Russia, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Myanmar!

Donation Web to be Redone Completely
Yes, but please don’t wait! Your contribution will help us and help many other ICA’s. It is a wonderful opportunity to leverage your strength. Abundance comes from joyful giving and joyfully receiving back more than you gave!   You are encouraged to provide $10 to $50 a month to give a huge leverage assistance!  Just go to our website at: and enroll in this great endeavor!

ICA Japan Staff 


The month of May has been very special for ICA Nepal in terms of creating teaching and learning opportunities, building networks and for human capacity building.

We conducted a series of Social Artistry Training sessions for various partner organizations. The diverse groups included: cloth merchants, educators, Ph.D. scholars, and differently abled people.

Continuing our past association with the Nepal Cloth Merchant & Tailoring Association (NCMTA), on 16 & 17 of May, 2014, residential training was organized for executive committee members of NCMTA. The members represented three districts, Bhakatapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu. The program was hosted by NCMTA Bhaktapur district at the Naldum Hotel and Resort Nagarkot. There were a total of 23 participants. Similarly, Social Artistry Leadership training for educators of DAV, Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati, Higher Secondary School, Jawalakhel, was conducted on the 23 & 24 of May, 2014. The were a total of 47 participants. In addition, another two day program was conducted for the organizations working for differently abled people on the 20 & 21, 2014. A total of 35 participated. A Social Artistry Leadership orientation session for research scholars was also conducted. Training sessions were facilitated by Janet Sanders, Kris Harrington, Amba Datta Bhatta, Pramila KC, and Ishu Subba.

Following the announcement and with reference to the 8th Global Human Development Conference, 2012, participants of Growing a New Sense of Leadership theme, came together and worked on Mandala of Leadership. Janet Sanders was the theme leader.

In Changu Narayan Bhaktapur, a sanitary and health awareness campaign was conducted. And a series of meetings, site visits, and documentation sessions are being undertaken for creating better opportunities for differently abled people.

Ishu Subba


Imaginal Learning Taipei
Program for Becoming on Values and Vision
Confrontation for coaches was designed and led by Dick and Gail

Peer to Peer
- Larry met with Inge van Steelenberg and Jeske de Kort,
   ICA Netherlands, about ways to support their development
- Larry worked with the global ToP policy group
- Larry worked with Lan Levy in Paris to do a dialogue course
- Launched the Global ToP Mentoring program with 35 mentees
   and 26 mentors
- Gaining a New Sense of Leadership team continued their
   development of the mandala
- Larry conducted Community Development Introduction with emphasis on   environmental sustainability with ICA USA in Chicago with 20 participants

- Lots of opportunities making choices difficult;
   what is the edge we are called to deal with?

Larry Philbrook