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Global Buzz Report: 2013 10 01

ICAI Board Report:      October 01 2013:        

At our most recent Board meeting, we discussed a range of matters including the emerging partnerships between South American ICAs, our thoughts on the most recent Regional Gathering, Zimbabwe’s proposal to host the next Global Conference, membership survey responses to date, and revisions to the ICAI website.

We also discussed internal Board communications and how we can best support Board members who experience barriers to fully engaging in online meetings.  We are committed to ensuring members can participate fully no matter the country they are in.

Also of note is the recent email Martin circulated reminding everyone of the next Regional Gathering in November and soliciting topics for the General Assembly agenda to be held shortly after that.  If you have items to add to the GA agenda or comments to share about the draft that was circulated, please share with us at: board@ica-international.org.

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Staci Kentish          secretary@ica-international.org


On September 7th, ICA Bangladesh was represented in the Festival of Communities in Ottawa organized by the Human Concern International (HCI). Israt, Mohsin and Aziz discused the ongoing and future projects including, Phulki street children, Gabua Village Project, and Ghoramara School Project in this event. Aziz had a brief meeting with the HCI Executive Director during the festival. He also had a exchange meeting with the Program Coordinator for Bangladesh street children project.

On Sept 12th, Aziz had a great meeting with the Human Concern International Project Coordinator, Mahmuda Khan, at HCI Headquarters in Ottawa. He discussed the possible partnership opportunities for our ongoing projects, particularly for the street children in Dhaka City. Mahmuda informed Aziz of the planned Educational Centre for the street children project, to be initiated by the HCI starting next year. They discussed the state of the HCI's New project life for the street children, and how ICA and HCI can collaborate and work together for the street children. On Sept 27th Aziz attended HCI's Annual Charity Dinner where he met its board, staff and members. He was excited at seeing their fundraising mechanisms.

Aziz had several phone conversations with Zaki and Aalm to discuss organizational affairs, and the Ghormara project respectively. Alam had a nice meeting with the local Municipality regarding the proposed road in the Ghoramara district and he convinced them to redirect the road so that the school compound is not affected.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


This year 2013, ICA Chile is training leaders for Disabilities Schools, in 5 locations in Chile: Easter Island, Freire, Concepcion, Rancagua, Curanilahue. We have just finished the course in Easter Island which was very interesting and encouraging for the people of this Rapa Nui culture. We heard many stories of the past and present, and these people have a vision of a positive future for the people with a disability in the Island. They talked about inclusive Jobs, about the need for more training in different themes, about the need for children's rehabilitation in the island.

The course was financed by the Chilean Government's special Service for people with Disabilities. The course was held from September 23 to September 27 2013. It is a long trip to the Island from the continent; almost a 5 hour flight. This Island has special archaeological monuments made by the aboriginal culture, the monuments are called Mohais. The Island itself is like a museum.

Isabel de la Maza did the course with Javier Salinas from ICA Chili: A great experience!

Isabel de la Maza           isadelamaza@gmail.com

NEPAL:        October 01 2013

News from ICA Nepal                            click pictures to enlarge

The month September, 2013 has become a special month for ICA Nepal. This month, many thoughts and ideas took shape and we started to implement them steadily. Following the past efforts on community development activities, ICA Nepal, with the support of the Rotary Club of Rudramati, and in partnership with Waste Solution, has now started its program on drinking water support and sanitation in Changu VDC, Bhaktapur District.

An interaction with the community and stakeholders of Challing Drinking Water Project was conducted on the 14th. of September 2013. The whole team of representatives from ICA Nepal, Rotary Club of Rudramati and Waste Solutions were present at the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to reflect on the past activities carried out and revisit the things that have been planned to be completed this year. The meeting was held at the ICA Teaching Learning Center at Changu VDC.
During the meeting, the community people expressed their gratitude for the past support provided by ICA Nepal and work carried out for making the drinking water accessible to the villagers. Further, they also expressed their commitment to support the ICA and team to make the project successful.

This month will also be special for the reason that ICA Nepal will witness its initiation being turned into a milestone in the effort of women's empowerment. On the 14th. of September 2013, Saturday, Chinnamasta Women Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd, Changu VDC, celebrated its 7th Annual General Assembly 2070. On that occasion, ICA Nepal has been invited as Chief Guest for the program. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, Chairperson of ICA Nepal, Juju Raj Tuladhar, Board Member of ICA Nepal and Ishu Subba, Coordinator, will participated in the function. The program was organized at the ICA Learning Center at Changu.

The chairperson for the cooperative, Ms. Devaka Shrestha, expressed her sincere gratitude towards ICA Nepal for initiating and mobilizing the women of Changu. She also shared that it is through the support of ICA Nepal that a small women's group, Progressive Women Group, was started in 2057 and later in 2063, with the group taking the shape of a cooperative. In addition, Ms. Shrestha, mentioned about other various support activities provided by ICA Nepal and the team in their journey through the illiterate group of women living in village, to have literate women lead a cooperative successfully.

Mr. Mohan Bir Shrestha, past VDC president and advisor for the cooperative, along with congratulating the cooperative for the successful 7 years and wishing for the future ahead, didn't miss the opportunity to convey his acknowledgment towards ICA Nepal for initiating a movement of women's empowerment and leadership. He added that 15 years ago ICA Nepal started the women's literacy classes and then formed a women's group. He continued his joy that the small women's group has now become a leading cooperative with more than 800 members and have around 30 million transactions annually.

Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina expressed his pleasure and contentment to be part of the celebration. He recalled how with help of few foreign friends, the team of ICA Nepal started working in Changu. He congratulated the group, the team and the society and expressed his commitment to continue support and association.

In addition, ICA Nepal continued to promote Social Artistry Training through various mediums. 2012 was remarkably a memorable year in terms of Social Artistry Initiatives in Nepal. At the 8th. Global Conference on Human Development, organized by ICA International, at Nepal, Social Artistry Leadership was incorporated as one of the major themes of the event. Interestingly, the maximum number of participants were involved under the social artistry theme. This amazing number of participants interested in social artistry, provided a new eagerness to continue the work to develop social artists in Nepal. This month, various training courses and orientation on social artistry have been conducted. Some of the major events organized were for various Rotaract Club's, Rural Health and Development Projects, and Nepal Cloth Merchant and Tailoring Association. In September, various meetings and orientation sessions are being undertaken to train school going youths about incorporating social artistry tools in their efforts to explore their inner capacity and leadership quality.

Subba        ishu@ica-nepal.org