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Global Buzz Report: 2013 08 01


Our newly designed website is on air now. Thanks to Habib for the great work! We are now editing the text and improving the content.

ICA Bangladesh facebook has increasingly been used by our colleagues particularly since early this year. By July many members, staff and volunteers joined the fb group.

The curriculum for Phulki education project is revised. Sharful and Moksod visited the Phulki street children project on 31st July to monitor the curriculum implementation and report on the project status.

Shah Alam visited the Ghoramara project following the community leader's training on ORID by our local team. Habib, Mitu and Shah Alam have planned to have a follow-up activity with the community during the Eid vacation starting in a week.

The Training & Facilitation task force was not able to host any faculty training session, and the planning meeting was postponed until Eid. However, two proposals were drafted, and are to be finalized at the next meeting. One of these proposals is to raise funds to support the Ghoaramara school project, and another for supporting ToP faculty development. ICA Australia has mentored the team in raising funds for a long time. August 17th is scheduled to have a day-long event.

Aziz has expressed ICA Bangladesh's interest in the Save the Children training and capacity building work assignment to be done in partnership with lCA Nepal and local partners.

Zaki has completed the June monthly accounts, and is now working on pending stuff from 2012. He has invited some new associate members to become full members of ICA Bangladesh.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


News from ICA Nepal

ICA Nepal has revived its research program which aims to carry out academic and non- academic research studies and link the findings and recommendations to national and international policy making.

ICA Nepal, in coordination with its sister organization Center of Excellence, has regularly been providing facilitation and trainings to Ph D scholars on research methodology and SPSS. ICA Nepal is also providing a venue and resources for sharing research experiences and learnings. Professors, Development Activists, University Faculty Members from across the world share their studies regularly.

In July, Dr. Shaunna Barnhart shared her research findings and experiences during her Ph D research data collection to the scholars of the Center at Babar Mahal. Dr. Barnhart completed her Doctorate of Philosophy in Geography from Penn State University, USA in 2006. At present she is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science in Allegheny College. At the field site based in Nepal, Dr. Barnharts research basically focused on the relationship between biogas and community forest in Nepal.

Ishu Subba           ishu@ica-nepal.org


Imaginal Learning: 23 people taught by Evelyn Philbrook, Frieda Lin, and Larry Philbrook with Eric Tseng as translator

Last program in Shanghai and Beijing with the Collaborative Creative Facilitators with
Larry and Paulina Chu (monitoring 26 facilitators)

Facilitator forum in Taichung Taiwan by Larry (20 people) topic was "Facilitating what is happening" then did the same topic in Beijing with 24 people - Larry and Paulina Chu

Facilitated Salon in Shanghai with 65 working on vision and values - Larry with Cecilia translating

Truth About Life On Saturday, 27 July, Dialogue on "Making a Difference." including Otto Scharmers "Leading from the emerging future - Dick West

Two meetings on Steven Covey's, "The Leader in Me" process for transforming elementary and high schools in Taiwan - Dick West & Frieda Lin

Training for coaches on Mission - Dick and Gail West

Working with Open Quest to expand their offer in China/ Work with Paulina to organize a Beijing facilitators group/ Working with Karen and Mark in Shenzhen and Shanghai to promote ICA Community Development Programs in China


Opportunities emerging in China: how to do we help ourselves and our colleagues avoid competition or lowering quality

Peer to Peer
2 articles for Winds and Waves

Leadership Theme from Kathmandu conference continued their global dialogue

Bill Staples, Mark, Karen, Laura and ICA Taiwan exploring methods training recognition distinct for certification

Larry Philbrook            larry@icatw.com