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Global Buzz Report: 2013 07 01

We seem to be a little light on reports these days. There must be many ICAs out there that have accomplished something during the past few months that would be of interest and help to other ICAs. To all ICAs: it would be great if you would appoint someone on your staff to provide a regular write up about your activities; we would all very much like to hear about what you have been doing. Editor.

BANGLADESH:          July 01 2013

The training and Facilitation task force organized two practice sessions, and finally hosted a day-long Training on ORID for the Ghoramara community Leaders on June 21st. Five members of ICAB local faculty team - Fuad, Habib, Sharful, Mitu and Jahangir independently facilitated the training in Chandpur. Eighteen community leaders actively participated in the training. They are deeply appreciated for their great work. We acknowledge their sacrifice in the midst of the heat in the training venue. Many thanks to management and others who assisted the team from behind the scene.

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Zaki had an official visit to Malaysia so he could have a meeting with Krisnan. They explored ways to work together to enable future partnerships.

The office management task force has arranged the transfer of ICAI dues for 2013.

ICAB received the third installment of a terrorism research grant which was due in 2010.

Advocate Alam provided information to our local newspapers regarding a story about the ICA Ghoramara primary school project in Chandpur.

The Phulki task force distributed urgent drinking water utensils and carpets to the street children in early June. Sharful joined the ATN as a regular staff member. Congratulations Sharful!

The 3rd (2013) Board meeting was held on June 14th and discussed a number of agenda items including: Community leadership training, Action plan implementation by task forces, Monthly financial statements for March, April and May 2013, the Ghoramara school proposal, and the Training proposal, the Budget deficit and financial management, and income generation for sustainability.

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