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Global Buzz Report: 2013 05 01

ICAI Board Report:      May 01 2013

On March 25th and 26th, ICAI members and affiliates participated in regional calls to share their progress and work, and to discuss the plans for ICAI in 2013.  Over 20 organizations were able to participate across the three regions: Africa MENA & Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

The aims of the calls were to (1) connect ICA's and ICA colleagues with each other, and help to build and strengthen relationships between them, (2) to share information and facilitate peer-to-peer support and collaboration and among ICAs and ICA colleagues (3) to hold ICAI accountable to its members, and seek input & support to strengthen our global network and advance our global mission.

Overall, the calls were quite successful. Each regional meeting held interesting dialogue and excitement for things to come in the future.  ICAI anticipates better participation and equally informative and energizing meetings for the next regional calls.  Notable items discussed in the meetings included reports from each ICA, the 2013-14 Business Plan and budget for ICAI, the future of ToP in the global context, and the upcoming ICAI Network survey.

As discussed on the calls, an initial version of the network survey will be sent out this week for feedback from each ICA/affiliate. After some adjustments, the final survey will be sent out and data collected for a month thereafter.  The data collected from the survey will be pivotal in allowing ICAI to best understand what individual ICA's are working on, what role ICAI can play in facilitating peer to peer work, and segments of the data will be shared in a concise and informative manner to all the ICAs and affiliates in the network.

Seva           vp.comms@ica-international.org

BANGLADESH:          May 01 2013

On the 4th of April, our AGM 2013 was held at the ICAB office. At this event, Dr. Zia was given a warm reception, and Aziz was given a fond farewell. ICA Bangladesh colleagues very much appreciate the fact that Dhaka University professor Dr. Zia Rahman is joining the ICAB advisory. Three other guests, Mafizul, Soyeb and Sakib were also present along with ICAB general members. The AGM started with an orientation to ICA in honour of the guests following the opening reflection after watching the Fifth City video.

The AGM reviewed the action plan for 2013 and the team-building workshop, then discussed memberships and fundraising issues. They approved the financial statement for 2012. The AGM reviewed a memorandum and initiated two motions, one regarding the board governance, and another regarding the AGM scheduling. The next AGM for 2013 will be held in January 2014, providing that the audit is done by the end of the fiscal year and presented at the AGM. Habib displayed the new ICAB website at the AGM. The dinner, held at a Chinese restaurant, at the end of the AGM, made an opportunity for networking and team building, for ICA activities.

Following the Action Plan of 2013, ICAB's human resource policy, conveyance and travels policy, were decided in April. Alam visited GHDP on each Saturday, motivating the Human Development Committee members to take responsibility for the Ghoaramara Village Project.
Aziz left for Canada on April 7th. In Canada, he contacted another new advisor, Uttara Bank CFO Golam Mostafa.
ICAB member Md. Sharful Alam was honoured with a media award by the Acid Survivors Foundation for his contribution to the fight against acid violence in Bangladesh.





1. AGM group photo
2. GHPD handover water pot and glass for students
3. Newly designed website
4. School visit with community members
     Click pictures to enlarge

Staff       admin@ica-bangladesh.org

PERU:        May 01 2013

April in Peru began this year with Holy Week which our staff appropriates as a vacation week -- a time of refreshment and for many of our staff a time to travel to their homes and family in the provinces.

Then we had a wonderful group of 30 village leaders in our Azpitia Training Center for three weeks -- one of the most lively groups that we have ever had. At the closing, one young father said that he and his wife were talking of moving to the city, but now he knew that there was a far better life with lots of opportunity in his community. Another man age 50 said in his native quechua language that after years of trying to get the community to move forward he had lost hope, but now he was sure that he could engage people and build a consensus that would satisfy everyone.

For our staff, these are the types of testimonials that keep us going as we celebrate 30 years of teaching these three week programs, And now we are gearing up for three more programs back to back beginning 19 May, each one with people from different regions of the country and highly different situations. What a privilege it is to be able to play this role in their journey.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

TAIWAN:          May 01 2013

* GFM 1 Taipei 20 in attendance with new people from Hsinchu and Eric and Jessie   join facilitators
* Richard West contracts for 10 people X 10 sessions mentoring plus PSP scheduled   plus courses for the constituency
* Larry follows up on Skype mentoring sessions from Dubai trip
* Larry UN five day model in Ethiopia
* Larry Virtual sessions with DPKO Congo
* Truth about Live monthly dialogue, this one on personal mastery
* Virtual conversation on ToP Certification 2013 Greater China held with Staples, &   Leadership Inc.
* Dreamwork monthly sessions
* Evelyn Treasure Island RRRR broadcast
* Evelyn is attending online GFM 1 with ICA Associates Canada (Jo and Wayne   Nelson)
* Alignment program from expansion into China-Imaginal Learning in house course for   HK company
* breakthrough dialogue on using the Kaleidoscope to talk about Experiential Aim in a   whole new way
* Stillness Cranial Sacral process attended for six days by Richard West
* Thomas Berry Book study online by West, Baileys, Rebstock continues
* Gail West and Shu Fang co-host Open Space Exchange held at Frontier Foundation
* Completed 8 weeks Isogai Dynamic Therapy Healing Yoga wkly Sunday class by   Evelyn
* Design for module 6 of the Collaborative Creative Facilitation
* Certification process in Shanghai and met with one team to prepare for their   monitoring session

Peer to Peer
* Hosted Leadership Theme Group from Nepal Conference
* Participated in Education Theme group from Nepal conference hosted by Steven and   Loren
* Participated in ICA Ukraine virtual dialogue
* 2 articles to Winds and Waves, Shift by David Houle and People of the Question
* Shift book shared with the world stirs conversations

Coming Events in the Future - May
* Open Space on Open Space in St Petersburg FL (Gail will attend)
* GFM 2 Taipei 25-26 May
* Leadership Theme meeting May 8
* IAF Forum Taichung May 27-Red Room Radio Redux Macbeth Theater 19 May, NTU   Medical Center   Small Round Theater, 2:30 & 7:30
* 11 May Truth About Life Dialogue on Letting go
* June Imaginal Learning Taipei
* Open Space Training Taipei
* UN Sessions in Liberia and Ethiopia
* Imaginal learning in Paris-Beijing and Shanghai

* Anxiety around our expansion strategy that feels off, do not want to block others
* Caught in a paradox if we are saying yes to what comes why do I seem to say yes but. We seem to be putting barriers in the way of saying yes. I find I am struggling between the income needs and service opportunity; is this a true paradox or false assumption? Could we say yes and then figure out a way to afford it or assume the money will handle itself or ...

Awakenment this includes the question of PJD or RSI, popular preaching something on the spirit side and on the individual side rather than all being on the corporate. A critical part of our work Is about context; how do we be who we are at the heart level without holding on to old strategies and old legacy thinking and still break through?

How do we always play the role of expanding the context?

Evelyn, Larry, Dick, Gail            joyful@icatw.com

UNITED STATES:          May 01 2013

: ICA-USA Welcomes French Business Students

In March, ICA-USA welcomed students from Paris Business College, a member of the INSEEC Business School network. The French students engaged in a 6-week course with sections like Creating a Just and Equitable Society and Shaping Green, Sustainable Communities.

The program is an adaptation of ICA-USA's Service Learning course, Leadership in a Time of Transition meant to fit into the students Social Entrepreneurship curriculum. Students will be able to approach the field of social entrepreneurship with a focus on making their practice socially responsive and engaged in a changing world. ICA-USA is excited to be build more international connections, and is always thrilled to highlight the sustainable work taking place in Chicago!

A Focus on Sustainable Communities for Earth Day

The Accelerate 77 program was highlighted at two important Earth Day Celebrations in Chicago on Monday, April 22. The first was during a lunch and learn session held for staff at the Boeing company. Nina Winn, Coordinator for ICA-USA's Resilient Communities program, provided an overview of the work and talked about plans for the coming year. Boeing was the largest corporate sponsor of Accelerate 77 during the past year and this was the second time in six months that ICA-USA's neighborhood work on sustainability has been featured by them at their international corporate headquarters. ICA-USA looks forward to continuing the partnership with them.

Then, later on the same day, ICA-USA was a featured guest during the City of Chicago's Earth Day program held at the historical Cultural Center in downtown Chicago. Karen Weigert, the city's Chief Sustainability Office, gave an overview of city accomplishments and focused specific attention on Accelerate 77. Jenny Hirsch, an ICA Fellow, then spoke about ways to enhance community engagement on environmental issues. Chicago's Earth Day event was funded by the national office of the World Wildlife Fund, representatives from which visited ICA-USA's GreenRise Uptown Building prior to the event in downtown Chicago.

Dylan Amlin           dylanamlin@gmail.com