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Global Buzz Report: 2013 04 01

ICAI Board Report:      April 01 2013

ICAI convenes online regional gatherings three times per year, for three regional time zone groups – Asia/Pacific, the Americas, and Europe/MENA/Africa. The first gatherings of 2013 were held March 25 & 26, and attracted 25 people from 17 countries.  An article will follow in Winds & Waves magazine, and a full report is available on request from president@ica-international.org.

Martin Gilbraith

ICAI Board Report:      March 01 2013

ICA International Board February Update

The ICAI Board has met three times in January & February. Much of our time has been spent developing our new 2013-14 business plan, in consultation with numerous members and volunteers.  This is now about to be circulated in English, French & Spanish - please ask if you would like a copy, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.  In the process of these meetings we we have been establishing our meeting practices, including use of technology and formats of agendas, reports and minutes.

We have been able to use the @ica-international.org domain to establish new ICAI email addresses for all Board members and an email list for the Board.  We have now also established an ICAI email list for the global network of ICAs, with over 100 ICA representatives in over 40 countries, to facilitate dialogue among and between ICAs.  Having overcome some technical hurdles, we are now in a position to establish lists also for the conference teams wishing to continue their dialogue by email after the Nepal conference.

We have submitted overdue reports too in order to maintain and update ICAI's UN consultative status with ECOSOC, and we have confirmed that ICAI's consultative status remains valid with FAO and UNESCO as well.

We have agreed with ICA Nepal to make it's new book Changing Lives Changing Societies available globally on a print-on-demand basis via Amazon and other channels, and will be arranging that soon.  In the meantime copies are available from the USA via Ebay at http://www.ebay.com/itm/changing-lives-changing-socities-/121054989009

We are now making preparations to survey the network over the coming months in order to update basic data on the current status and activities of ICAs worldwide, as a baseline for further supporting peer-to-peer activities within the network.  As we do that we will also be inviting ICAs to pay annual dues for 2013 to renew their membership with ICAI, and to participate in the first online regional gatherings of the year, on March 25-26.  

Martin will be attending the ICA European Interchange in Paris, March 15-17, and hosting online sessions for those who would like to connect virtually - if you are interested to do that please email Martin at president@ica-international.org

We are also beginning to work with ICA Canada to prepare the annual audit report for 2012.

Martin Gibraith           president@ica-international.org

BANGLADESH:          April 01 2013

ICA Bangladesh had its 2nd (2013) Board Meeting on 26 March 2013 following the 1st (2013) Board Meeting on 21 February 2013. Throughout these Board meetings we approved 2012 financial statement, the 2013 action plan, the extension of old projects - Phulki street children Project (SCP) in Dhaka and Ghormara Human Development Project (GHDP) in Chandpur, and a new village project - Gabua Village Project.

Through the facilitation of Aziz, and other colleagues, on 17 March we organized one community meeting in Surjodoy Club in SCP, and two community meetings in GHDP on February 9 and March 25, and two meetings with Gabua village elders on 8 February and 24 March.

In March we had two partnership meetings with Maxwell at the ICA Office, and with Rapport Bangladesh at it's office with Aziz, Zaki and Sharful. We also had a draft MOU with Maxwell. Before Aziz's departure, we are having an AGM on April 4th to discuss the action plan and future directions. United Consultants and Associates (UCA) and Rapport Bangladesh have expressed an interest for a partnership in future TOP trainings. In the AGM, we are reforming our Advisory.

ICA Bangladesh hosted two faculty meetings in January and February. The Phulki Rickshaw Project sponsored by an American Bangladeshi entered into its 5th month of operation; GHDP got a new committee for overseeing its ICA programs, and SCP also had a new guardian committee to monitor the Phulki project. ICA Bangladesh had finalized the drafting of Bangla translated versions of three training Manuals - MAP, GFM, and PSP. Fuad, Jahangir, Tahmina and Aziz met three times. We are expecting to present these documents at the AGM. Habib redesigned the website and is presenting the format in the AGM.

Staff       admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Our staff is just completing a week of vacation for Semana Santa (Holy Week) and returning to an April filled with new programing. We now are finishing the contracting for the formation of Self-Development leadership teams in 7 regions of Peru, which will keep us very busy for most of the rest of this year. It is rewarding to experience companies contacting us to request our services in their areas of social responsibility after working for seven years to get to this level of recognition.

We are so grateful for the presence of our new staff members who are stepping up this challenge. Our opportunity now is to prepare our field staff teams to fully represent ICA-Peru in many rural communities where the physical conditions are often very difficult while working amidst communities which are often fraught with conflict. However we all understand that this is the fertile ground where new decisions are made to initiate the changes necessary to create sustainable communities for the 21st Century.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

TAIWAN:          April 01 2013

Private sector programs in Bucharest Rumanina (coaching and Mentoring) and Shanghai China (In House creative collaborative facilitation certification).
UN Appreciative Leadership program in Entebbe, Uganda
Purpose training for Coaching Federation Taiwan
Cranial sacral program in Tainan
Open space services
Announced Taiwan and China CToP Facilitator Certification program
internal planning for ICA Taiwan
China Public program dialogue continues

Peer to Peer
Technical support for all 3 regional meetings with ICAI
Leadership and Education theme work from Kathmandu conference continues
Working with US ToP network on Community Development task force

Greater China coordination without trying to over structure

Next steps
Taiwan Public Programs
April 6-7 GFM 1 Focused conversation in Taipei
25-26 May Group Facilitation Methods 2 (GFM-2) Consensus Workshop
6-7 July Imaginal Learning
13-14 July Open Space Learning Workshop
17-18 August Participatory Strategic Learning
28-29 September Dialogue
9-10 November Spirit of Facilitation

International Events:
6-19 May Global Open Space Practitioners Conference,
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
June 17-18 Imaginal Learning, Paris France (Larry Philbrook)
19-22 September Asian International Association of Facilitators, Japan

Larry Philbrook          larry@icatw.com

UNITED STATES:          March 01 2013

Engagement phase of Accelerate 77 kicks off with regional gatherings in Chicago.

Community leaders on the south and north sides of Chicago gathered to envision the sustainable futures of their communities. Their visions will shape Phase III of the Accelerating Green Initiatives in Chicago's 77 Community Areas (Accelerate 77) Project.

On February 9th, community leaders gathered at Chicago State University on the south side of Chicago. Attendees included community organizations from across the south side, as well as groups from other regions of the city interested in collaborating on south-side projects. A variety of approaches to sustainability were represented; groups like Fishin Buddies, which offers fishing and conservation programs for youth, worked with the community gardeners of the Green Lots Project to determine the characteristics of a sustainable south side. ICA facilitators worked with the group to organize their visions into categories like Engaging and Preparing Youth for a Sustainable Future, Community-based Agriculture. Attendees broke into teams based on these categories, and established concrete next steps that they could partner on in the next 6 months. Eager to meet again, community leaders took the lead and volunteered to host the next planning meeting, set to take place on a community farm in the Morgan Park community.

On February 21st, north side collaborators met at the ICA Greenrise building and took part in a similar visioning workshop, with equally exciting results. Groups like Funder Hut, a community-based fundraising tool, found shared values with organizations like LETS GO Chicago, which brings youth onto community gardening projects. The groups next meeting will be hosted at the Waters School, which features a garden plot for each of its classrooms.

Feedback from the gatherings was quite positive.
A south side attendee remarked: I liked the diverse talent in this room and the different careers we are coming from and that will be valuable if we harness them. I see shared values but also a collection of one voice.

North-siders had similar feelings:
I was looking for a niche where I fit in and I find it so interesting that something I have a passion for can be something so much bigger it was surprising to find you're not in the world by yourself.

Gatherings will take place in the west and southwest regions of the city in March and April.

Dylan Amlin           international-assistant@ica-usa.org