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Global Buzz Report: 2012 10 01

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      October 01 2012

The election committee reports that the voting for Martin Gilbraith is complete and unanimous. He will be our 7th Global Leadership team ICAI board member for the next 4 years.

The Theme leaders and Sherpas (Virtual facilitation team) met twice this month in preparation for the Nepal Conference. All ICA members and colleagues not about to attend the Nepal conference are invited to attend virtually http://www.virtual.ica-nepal.org/

GLT is working on preparing for our meeting on the 28th and the ICA gathering on 3-4 November - all who can participate are welcome

Figuring out the transition from the "old" to "new" board timing. This is the first transition not automatically at the GA

How to support all member involvement in the Nepal conference virtually if not physically?

Next steps
Working on the process for engagement and dialogue for the ICAI strategies and the 2 year budget to be proposed at December GA
Nepal Virtual Conversations scheduled (for more information contact me)
Leadership: October 3 at 9:00 am EST Toronto Courage to Lead: Jeanette Stanfield, Staci Kentish
Leadership: Oct 8th at 9am Toronto/New York time Rob Work
Community Development JAM - October 9 at 8:00 am Central Time US - Community Development
Education: Elise Packard to be scheduled / Doug and other papers to be scheduled
Peace Building: Oct 16 9 AM EST- Tom Porter

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      September 01 2012

Preparing for Nepal Conference- Larry met with each theme plus the Sherpas and theme leaders.
73 International registrations in; looking for 77 more.
ICAs are signing up for Virtual conference.
New members to be for GLT, (Staci and Seva), participated GLT meeting.

Election process for Martin Gilbraith has begun. Larry sent letter with CV to all members.
VP's will call all members to make sure they received and understand.

How to use Nepal as a way to craft the next 2--4 or 6 year strategy for ICAI..

Next steps
on strategy conversations and working groups.
ICA gathering prep-
GLT September meeting context: what we need to be doing in the year 2013, 2014 focal points and budget.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

AUSTRALIA:        September 01 2012

Long term ICA colleagues, Marilyn and John Oyler and their family, Alisa, Nathan and Ginny, from Phoenix made a trip down south last month visiting Rotorura, New Zealand, Sydney and the Blue Mountains. As we often do, some 20 ICA Sydney siders took the opportunity to host an informal gathering to renew connections and share the stories - many going back over 40 years. This was a great gathering of longer term and brand new colleagues - the collegial network is so well and alive. See who you know in the photo.

ICA Australia continues to be a voluntary network of colleagues, engaged in a wide range of caring occupations and activities.

Robyn Hutchinson           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au

BANGLADESH:        October 01 2012

On the 8th of September the Dhaka team visited the Phulki project and met with the guardians of the Street Children, to form a community human development committee. As before, the guardians were enthusiastic to join in this type of meeting. We also discussed the issue of Rickshaw purchase, to generate income, by a guardian, so that the child is not engaged in labour and dropped from the programme. ICA Bangladesh received support for a rickshaw from a US citizen; one Child's father was selected for the purchase and overseeing the rickshaw.

Zaki made a gigantic effort in contacting press media. Thanks to the Daily New Nation for covering the Phulki project: See here

On August 30th our Chairperson, Aziz, was interviewed live in an online radio show: Koler Gan (www.radiokolergan.com). ICA Bangladesh associate and Koler Gan director, Shariful Alam, produced the program - Amar Kotha (my words) on ICA Bangladesh telecast live from 8:30-9:00pm.

Along with three ICA colleagues, six non-ICA persons have confirmed the 8th Nepal ICA Global Conference participation.

Thanks to ICA Australia's, Maria and Richard, and other colleagues for paying the registration fee for 3 ICA Bangladesh participants, and for travel grant support, to enable their Nepal visit.

On September 22nd, we had our Board meeting. We decided to hold the AGM on October 5th, postponed from September 7th due to a festival. The ICA team is now working on an audit and next year's budget. Two new general members have been proposed, to be certified by the AGM.

Shahab and Aziz from Canada, worked on a sustainable communities project proposal. We put forward a proposal for two villages to be included in a local embassy submission.

Maria and Richard confirmed their 5th visit to Bangladesh, and all members of ICAB are very thankful for their contribution to ICA Bangladesh, capacity development training, and institution building.

Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.org

ICA ASSOCIATES INC. (Canada)        October 01 2012

The material for Top Facilitation has now been moved to the the ICA International website;
http://ica-international.org/top-intro.htm      www.topfacilitation.net is now offline

As new people become Certified ToP Facilitators, the list will updated. Please send updates to wnelson@ica-associates.ca
In addition please send any suggestions for improving that part of ICAI's site, also to:

We are teaching our first Group Facilitation course online next week. It's the full course with 3 two hour sessions for the Focused Conversation Method and three more the next week for the Consensus Workshop Method. We are using Blackboard Collaborate as the software. They will have homework assignments between sessions including having them practice each method in a real setting. We have a full group of people from Canada, USA and Barbados for this one. Yesterday and today we introduced small groups to the software; so they will be ready to participate when the actual course begins.

We have taught 3 face to face Group Facilitation courses this month - 2 of which were in-house courses. We also taught Organizational Transformation. We facilitated special events of the Ontario Ministries of the Attorney General and Natural Resources.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca

Further to the above
ICA Associates Inc. is offering Group Facilitation Methods as an online course. The first pilot begins October 01 2012. The first module is the Focused Conversation Method, and the second is the Consensus Workshop Method. Each module consists of 3 2-hour interactive online sessions in a week, with real-life practice sessions for participants at home in between. There are participants from Barbados, the US, and 4 provinces in Canada in the pilot session. The next session is scheduled for January 2013. Go to ICA Associates website http://ica-associates.ca/ or contact Jo Nelson if you want to find out more.

Jo Nelson           jnelson@ica-associates.ca

NEPAL:           October 01 2012

8th Global Conference on Human Development, 2012 Countdown Begins
The 8th Global Conference on Human Development, 2012 is knocking on the door. All the activities of ICA Nepal are concentrated on its preparation.

Kushendra Mahat, Executive Director and Ishu Subba, Conference Secretary had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, one of Key Note Speakers of the conference. The meeting focused on the topic he would be speaking in the conference.

We are very excited with the last minute preparation of the conference kit arrangement, volunteer recruitment, cultural show rehearsal, etc.

Pre conference interaction in our virtual site www.virtual.ica-nepal.org is going on. We are very happy to share that Sur Sudha, known as Nepals Musical Ambassadors, making music disseminate a universal message of peace and harmony, is performing at the inaugural ceremony of the conference. Young school children are also preparing for presenting Nepali cultural dance to your guests.
Mr. Robet Piper, National Representative of UNDP for Nepal agreed to join the Youth Conference as a guest speaker.

Ishu Subba           ishu@ica-nepal.org

NEPAL:           September 01 2012

8th Global Conference on Human Development, 2012 Countdown Begins

The Countdown has begun for the 8th Global Conference on Human Development, 2012. Presently, logistical arrangements and local marketing are on track. Regular interactions with national stakeholders and potential participants are being conducted regarding conference promotion. Official Invitations are being sent to all the confirmed participants.

The virtual site www.virtual.ica-nepal.org now contains a donation meter; you can donate as you wish. People are welcome to register over the virtual site, and can support us in reaching the target of US $10,000. Currently, there are 86 users of virtual site.

Pre Conference Capacity Building Training:
Training Coordinator Tej Karki visited the Training Institute for Technical Instruction (TITI), Bhaktapur, regarding their participation in the social artistry leadership training during the conference.

The Youth Conference on Human Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Nepal, agreed to provide moral support for the upcoming youth conference. The National Youth Federation, partner organization for youth conference, conducted a day long orientation session outlining the opportunities inherent in the Youth Conference.

In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Rudramati, ICA Nepal successfully conducted a Plantation Program at Changunarayan, Bhaktapur. 1000 plants were planted on public land by people in the community who actively participated in the program.

Ishu Subba          ishu@ica-nepal.org

PERU:           September 01 2012

While most programs have been on hold this month, the staff has had a busy time responding to a number of client requests for new and expanded programs. The latest one was from a large steel company from India which is beginning mining operations in Peru and will be using the ICA-Peru Community Self-Development program to initiate their social responsibility work in the communities in their zone of influence. This is the first time that we will have the opportunity to initiate the process before the dependency has begun in the communities.

Our big project this month was submitting a very major proposal for a two year grant in a competition for Canadian funds, for which we were requested to submit by both the Canadians and one of our client companies. A team of 5 of our staff visited the site for three days and encountered excited communities looking forward to our presence. We engaged them in a participatory process of designing the grant program and then got their documents of commitment to participate. We will learn the results in November for the 2013-14 grant. Meanwhile the company involved is sending a group of 30 representatives of the communities to Azpitia for our three week training to get a jump on the larger program.

Finally, we want to celebrate two new members of our staff who are currently in the field conducting the 4-month Implementation Program on their own, without an "old hand" staff member on the team. Fabiola Valdarrago and Fredy Gomez, each joined our staff just 6 months ago and have quickly mastered the ICA methods and style that are so important for the sensitive task of coaching new graduates as they facilitate their first "live" events in their communities. Its a real joy to see the next generation taking hold of our methods and asserting their leadership on our team.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

TAIWAN:        October 01 2012

-Styleflex session with the International Coaching Federation Association was conducted by Dick and Gail West in Taipei.

- International NGO Conference held a one day Open Space with 75 people by Gail West at Tai Da University in English.

- HuaGuang Girls High School Module 2 - "Co-Creating Our Future" at Nanning, Guangxi, China was held on September 1, 2 & 3 by Evelyn, Jorie and Jackie with 30 teachers in attendance.  This was our second module for Sowers Action Hong Kong at the HuaGuang Girls High School teachers training. We used the 4 D Appreciative Inquiry model of strategic planning and personal planning as well as Social Artistry on 1 & 2nd and an in-class ORID follow-up training and observation were held in English, Physics and Geography on Monday Sept 3rd. Three TUV Shanghai staff joined the program through their TUV Cares Corporate Responsibility Program and five staff from Sowers Action Hong Kong participated as well. 

- IAF Asia was held in mainland China at Shen Zhen hosted by Mark Pixley and Karen Lim of Leadership Inc. Larry was on the organizing committee and conducted workshops at the program. Jorie and Jackie also offered a session on Dialogue.  Jackie is the regional IAF representative.  70 English speaking participants attended and a number of people from Taiwan and China trained by ICA Taiwan were in attendance.  Larry had several conversations about expanding ICA work in China

- First Community Development Introduction Course in China was conducted by Larry Philbrook in Shenzhen with 25 participants from NGO and Company development programs across China.  Karen Lim is beginning a year long program with one group in Shanghai. Other possible projects in Beijing and Western China are possible.

- Truth About Life on “What is a good Life” was held and Dreamworks weekend took a break while Dick and Gail enjoyed a long cleansing retreat in Koi Samui, Thaliand in late September. 

Peer to Peer:

- Weekly Meetings on Blessed Unrest continue by skype with Dick West, Marianna and Bill Bailey and David Rebstock

- Nepal Conference is heating up with the Sherpa and Theme groups combining efforts with the Virtual Conference. 

- Gail West votes for new Board member, Martin Gilbraith to complete the slate and expand the new GLT leadership for ICAs. 

- Keeping our eyes on new possibilities for program in Taiwan and China while supporting Nepal and the GLT. 

-Working with a group from Beijing on possible facilitator training

-Committed to year long training with group in Shanghai on Creative Facilitation

-In dialogue with ICFT (Coaching) for working with them

-Evelyn leaves for Nepal next week to work with the prep team

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook for ICA Taiwan Team

TAIWAN:        September 01 2012

Long time corporate clients take us twice to Japan, where Larry also had the chance to visit Wayne and Shizuyo, and a strategic planning series continues with a travel company in Taipei. A 2-day open space with all members of a small local company is the result of 6 senior staff having participated in the open space learning workshop in June, and the CEO attending the PSP and Spirit of Facilitation courses.

Dick and 2 members of our Facilitator Development Program made up a new team to continue our work in China with the elementary school in Sichuan Province, this time to help integrate a corporate donation of 25 computers and 15 media centers into classrooms and begin the process of a whole new concept for teaching and learning.

Training courses include the Spirit of Facilitation in Taipei and Community Development in Shenzhen, China following the Asian IAF Conference there this week. As a part of the IAF, Larry presented a Community Building session, and Eric from our TOP training program passed his IAF assessment for Certified Professional Facilitator.

Two communities of practice gathered with lots of passion and interaction: Truth About Life focusing on elections, and Dreamwork. Coaching and mentoring, both virtual and in person, is on-going. And Larry intensifies his virtual interchange with all other ICAs as we continue the pre-work for the Nepal Conference and the up-front virtual meetings.

Re-focusing our organizational transformation service to differentiate ourselves from the highly competent facilitators we have trained so that we continue to have no competition.

Gail West           icataiw@gmail.com

UNITED STATES:         October 01 2012

Accelerate 77s Share Fair a Success!
The Sharing Approaches That Work Conference (SATW) or Share Fair, of the Accelerate 77 project, was held at Chicago's Truman College on September 15, 2012. With more than 400 people attending; the event was a resounding success.

In excess of 140 grassroots sustainability groups from 70 of Chicago's 77 community areas were present. Each organization showed their current activities, future plans and connected with others during the day-long conference.

Lisa Parker, a Consumer Affairs reporter for NBC5 Chicago, opened the event and welcomed the participants. Terry Bergdall, President and CEO of organizing sponsor: the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), spoke along with Chicago Aldermen James Cappleman (46rd Ward) and Deborah Graham (29th Ward).

Karen Weigert, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago, gave the keynote address. She talked about the efforts of the city and its residents in improving the environment and creating sustainable systems in the city. She said it was thanks to those efforts that Chicago had in April been rated as one of the most sustainable large communities in the country.

Connection Seminars were also held throughout the day, covering topics including sustainable transportation, green economics, community organizing and innovation. The seminars were facilitated by supportive organizations such as Openlands, The Field Museum, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Active Transportation Alliance, Energy Impact Illinois and Seven Generations Ahead.

"We couldnt be happier with the response and attendance at the Share Fair, said Bergdall. "We thank all the organizations and people who worked to make this the event a wonderful success.

The event was also broadcast live over the Internet via video. Highlights can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?vjzvo6eu0hGI.

50th Anniversary Artwork Unveiled
The artwork commissioned for the Institute of Cultural Affairs 50th Anniversary was unveiled at 4750 N. Sheridan in Chicago on September 13, 2012.

The unveiling of the artwork, Ocean of Devotion by Chicago artist Gina Alicea, was also part of an event for Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown, where the ICA building is located.

The artwork contains more than 1,000 strips of cloth with handwritten messages from events and people across the world. Gina wove the strips like a quilt and veiled the piece with a semi-transparent blue cloth.

"There was such a wonderful energy in reading each of the pieces of cloth, reading them, ironing them to feel what I think they were feeling," Gina told the local newspaper, Inside-Booster, that covered the unveiling.

Ocean of Devotion is in the lounge of the ICA buildings sixth floor offices. A video of the presentation of the artwork is available here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb5TNOhfY7s

Global Archives Fall Sojourn Week 1 Report
A team of colleagues gathered last Monday and they have been stepping up to the task.
Among the 18 people working on the sixth floor of 4750 N. Sheridan are Christina Wolf of Oklahoma City University (a professional archivist); Beret Griffith of Northfield, MN; Jack and Judy Gilles of Litibu, Mexico; Steve Harrington of Costa Rica; Bud and Jan Ames of Corvallis, OR; Oliveanne and Jim Slotta of Denver, CO; Frank Knutson of Redlands, CA; Ken & Ruth Gilbert of Champaign, IL; Paul Noah of La Junta, CO; Marge Philbrook, Rosemary Albright, Sally Fenton, and Jean Long of Chicago; and Frances Moore of Omaha, NE.

Around the tables and in and out of the basement, people were engaged not only in archiving assets, but also beginning to curate collections and to write stories for our emerging collections.

Accomplishments for the first week are:

Accessioning Assets
The last 41 file cabinets in the basement accessioned (we know what is in each drawer)
22 boxes of additional files accessioned including four huge boxes from Hong Kong

100 audiotapes accessioned

National Town Meeting 76 files were sorted into 19 categories
Nine inches of 5th City slides and 13 inches of Town Meeting slides digitized

Curating Collections
Identified more than 75 collection themes like Academy and Imaginal Education.
Wrote a TM 76 Collection Curator Future-Focus 1st draft and identified some possible new user groups like the Transition Towns Movement.

Making stories
Practiced writing storyboards for collections with an image, a theme and using less than 40 words.
Listened to some Aboriginal stories about "traveling down the songlines."

The Archives Team is looking for new people to join the Sojourn for October. The team is urging everyone to consider coming to help, even for a day or so over the next month. They are truly discovering "What is the Future of our Past?"

Please comment below or drop them a line at fallsojourn@gmail.com.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org

UNITED STATES:         September 01 2012

Jennifer Hirsch To Be ICA Fellow

Nonprofit professional Jennifer Hirsch will join the ICA as a Fellow, focusing on the future evolution of ICA's Accelerating Green Initiatives in Chicago's 77 Community Areas project.

Hirsch was most recently Senior Urban Anthropologist and Urban Anthropology Director at The Field Museums division of Environment, Culture, and Conservation (ECCo). She has a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in American Culture from Northwestern University.

Hirsch comes to the Institute as a creative and passionate leader with more than 15 years of experience working on community development, sustainability, and cultural diversity in nonprofit, government, and educational institutions in the U.S. and Japan.

As a Fellow, part of Hirsch's work will entail promoting her most recent project, the Chicago Community Climate Action Toolkit (online at climatechicago.fieldmuseum.org, in which ICA is a partner. Created in collaboration with over 40 Chicago region partners, the Toolkit includes over 60 multimedia tools to help communities develop their own sustainability and climate action projects. The Toolkit represents the culmination of Hirsch's work co-leading the community engagement process for the Chicago Climate Action Plan with the former Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Environment, Suzanne Malec-McKenna. The process has been showcased as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Energy. Hirsch will be conducting a workshop on the Toolkit at the Sharing Approaches That Work conference on September 15, 2012.

"Were honored to have Jennifer join us in our efforts at the Institute, said Terry Bergdall, President and CEO of ICA. "Her experience in research, community development and fundraising will be invaluable in our sustainability work.

ICA Annual Report 2011 Now Available

The 2011 Annual Report is now available at the ICA-USA website at www.ica-usa.org.

The report takes a comprehensive look at Service Learning, International Initiatives, Technology of Participation (ToP), Learning Basket, sustainability efforts for the GreenRise Learning Laboratory at 4750 N. Sheridan Rd., and the Global Archives. It also describes the Institutes efforts as it moves forward into the next half century with its 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Gerald Gomani Visits ICA

Gerald Gomani, the executive director of the Institute of Cultural Affairs - Zimbabwe, visited the ICA-USA's headquarters at 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. in Chicago as part of his trip to the United States.

Gerald spoke during a brown bag lunch held in his honor in the ICA's remodeled kitchen. Interns, Zimbabwean guests, community members and staff all gathered to hear about programs of ICA-Zimbabwe and their efforts in community empowerment and fighting HIV/AIDS in the African nation. He was also proud to announce the launch of ICA-Zimbabwe's website at www.icazim.org.

After the presentation and accompanying slide show, the audience asked questions about ICA-Zimbabwe's funding, what had been done to encourage the employment and small businesses of women, and methods the organization was using to fight HIV/AIDS.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org