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Global Buzz Report: 2012 02 01

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      February 01 2012

  • Working with Nepal conference theme coordinators and Nepal team
  • Working with the virtual team from US/ Nepal to figure out ways to support the globe virtually
  • Wrote Presidents letter and article for Winds and Waves

Working through details on budget

Next steps
Election system for new board
Preparing for years ICAI gatherings
Highlighting peer to peer

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

ICAI Leadership Team Report:      January 01 2012

General Assembly with 80 of ICAs actively participating.
Accepted Statutory members - (New) OPAD representing Zambia and (returning) ICA Guatemala and Nirado representing Nigeria.
Preparation for the Nepal conference is underway with people beginning to register
As many as possible who plan to attend should register and pay, so ICA Nepal has up front money to cover deposits etc.

Peer to Peer
National meetings in January of ICA Australia, US and UK are planned.

How to continue strengthening ICAs mission, structurally, methodologically and financially.
How to use the event of Nepal as an opportunity for research, integration and growth of the ICA structure and community.
With local emphasis of each ICA how do we leap to regional and global strategies.

Next steps
Commitments from ICAs for Nepal.
Documentation of peer to peer initiatives that are starting and continuing.
Continuing to focus and simplify ICAI structures.


Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

BANGLADESH:           February 01 2012

On the 21st of January 2012 a strategy workshop was held at the ICA Office. On the agenda was the implementation the 2011 planning workshop report on the Action Plan for the Phulki street children and the Ghormara village project, also a training calendar for 2012.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Phulki project staff, including the Chief Operating Officer and the project assistant, distributed the educational materials for the new academic year, starting this month. The children got excited when given their new books. They also held a participatory discussion, that included student views about the teaching quality at the school, the use of ICA methods, imaginative education and creative learning studies. They also asked for an overall impression of the ongoing project and interviewed some students to check on their performance.

On the 27th of January 2012 a board meeting was held at the ICAB Head Office, presided over by the new Board member, Forhad. Aziz facilitated the meeting through Skype. The meeting emphasized the importance of local fundraising and the Board showed it's appreciation for Zaki`s efforts toward partnership building with the Dhaka Leo Club and Fuad`s network affiliation with Plan Bangladesh`s NGO Network. The Board enthusiastically expressed a vote of thanks to Wayne of ICA Japan for implementing the fundraising through TUC Japan, for the Phulki project, and ICA Australia for the office and staff support.

The ICA GHDP project coordinator visited the Ghoramara project at the beginning of January and met some of the community leaders. The community facilitator was conducting a student survey and both of them collected a quote for school student furniture.

Submitted by

Zakiul Islam           admin@ica-bangladesh.org

BANGLADESH:           January 01 2012

ICA Bangladesh organized two Board meetings in December and reflected on the AGM agenda. We decided to form a new committee to oversee the implementation of the Phulki (Street children project) and GHDP (Chandpur village development project) activities.

For the street children project, the SCP Human Development Committee includes members from the slum community parents, guardians, a local government representative, partner club community leaders and ICA staff. The GHDP committee includes members from the two shelter projects, ICA school student guardians, a government appointed committee secretary and/or a general secretary, and ICA staff.

We did not have such a formal committee for the Phulki, but we have been facing some issues regarding the functionality of the committee in the village project. Our members and staff are working on developing terms and conditions to make the committee effective through consensus workshops.

Ahad completed the student survey for the Ghoramara ICA school. Manik, Mizan and Ahad are going to organize the community meeting in January. Tahmina completed the evaluation of the Phulki project and submitted recommendations to management. The Board emphasized the need to update the website and the reports and inturn to ask the Chief Operating Officer to submit a report to the authorities and those providing funds. The Board also decided that the January workshop should prepare a strategy for the recruitment of delegates, for the 2012 ICAI Global Conference in Nepal.

Good news: we submitted the final report of the terrorism study project to the Scoial Science Research Council of the Government of Bangladesh, during the 2nd week of December. The most exciting news for ICA Bangladesh is that we have received two donations, one from ICA Australia for office and staff support, and TUC Japan for the Phulki street children project in Dhaka City. In the midst of a financial crisis, these donations will enable us to meet the debt and continue the street children project successfully. Our team is also contacting Tatwa of ICA Nepal for a potential fundraising interest in certain ICA Bangladesh activities.

Happy New Year!

Submitted by Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.or

EHIO Tajikistan:         January 2012

At our Monday staff meeting this week, in our office at EHIO Farhanng va Tarrakiyot, we discussed last weeks activities and our future plans for projects such as TSEP, IREX, GIZ and WB.

Project TSEP
For project TSEP we conducted training sessions on Household Budgeting in both the Asht and Isfara district of Sogd region and Shahrituz of Khatlon district.

Project World Bank
The main activities regarding the WB projects this month were a round table to discuss the advent of a Third Stage, and the development of services to be deployed for the agriculture expansion of FVWRM relating to the period 2007-2011. We also prepared reports for 2011 on the FVWRM project and sent them to the Centre of Project Management.

Project GIZ
For the GIZ project, which was completed in December, a report was sent to management by the project manager.

Project IREX
We held parties during December for the young people and adults who participated in our theatrical groups of the SOGD and Khation region. Donors, partners, and guests from the British and American Embassies where present.

On the first day both the young people and the adults received training in acting skills and fund raising. In addition there was a competition for the best video roller and stand. First place was given to the theatrical groups from the J.Rasulov district of Sogd region. On the second day, with representatives of the mass media also present, the young participants put on excerpts from forum theatre, playback theatre and other theatrical exercises.

In addition, this December, we held a facilitators competition and a round table for the new theatrical groups from dram-circles in the three districts of Sogd Region. At the end of December our partners from IREX arrived to monitor the performances of the dram-circles, and meet with the participants and their leaders.

Nigina Sadikova           nigina7811@.rambler.ru

PERU:           February 01 2012

As three staff members made moves to major new positions at year end, we have had the delight of adding three Quechua speaking staff members to prepare us to work more effectively in remote areas of the high sierra where little Spanish is spoken. On February first we begin an 8 day training school for new staff to orient them to our methods, in preparation for their participation in the next AVANZA PERU three week leadership formation program in the Azpitia Training Center.

Right now one of our teams is working in Ayacucho in the areas that birthed the Shining Path terrorist organization in the late 1980's, leaving behind many social scars that still need healing. We have been warmly welcomed and have great expectations for what the newly trained leaders of the communities will be able to do this year to accelerate their healing process.

Meanwhile we have had the delight of having collaborators and contacts calling us for new programs, with three new programs coming to us this way already in 2012. It seems that the word is getting out that Community Self-Development (Auto-Desarrollo) and development of the local economy are the viable forms of community development for Century XXI.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

TAIWAN:         February 01 2012

  • Taiwan celebrates Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dragon
  • Taiwan elects President Ma to second term in peaceful democratic election
  • Dick and Gail do annual office cleaning and paint the office and celebrate with Taiwanese friends
  • Evelyn joins Lloyd in Bali for Chinese New Year as they prepare for Galungan Festival in coming February.
  • Dick expat coaching session using Style Flex for cross cultural executive orientation
  • Dick, and Gail conduct KNH program follow up
  • First Truth About Life dialogues on the future of health care is held
  • Dreamwork gathering for January continues
  • Larry conducts corporate work in Shanghai
  • Larry travels to Maastricht, Netherlands for German UN work
  • Dick does 2 day Reiki training for 10 University students
  • Larry conducts Strategy Session for European Chamber of Commerce

Peer to Peer:
  • Virtual meeting with Jean Watts around PJD introduces book “New Dawn Awaits.”
  • Larry joins TTN Sacramento conference sharing Appreciative Inquiry and ToP
  • Larry also invites people to the conference in Nepal at the TTN gathering
  • Evelyn joins Christina Welty Party in Ubud, Bali inviting people to Nepal conference and learns about Green School and Green Village in Bali.

With the upheaval, chaos and confusion globally in our social, economic and political systems, what are the new strategies to use our experience and facilitation know-how to both provide our contribution to society and financial support.

Next Steps:
Continue conversations with Jean Watts on New Dawn Awaits.
Begin thinking about on longer term transformational change within organizations for teams in crisis.

Coming Events:
GFM I, February 18 & 19 - Taipei

Submitted by Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook             joyful@icatw.com

TAIWAN:         January 01 2012

  • Richard West leads 2 day corporate in-house program based on Styleflex, Great responses
  • Dick attends ICF Taiwan Coaching Conference
  • Applied Facilitation Practicum - final course for Facilitator Development Program and celebrate completion of 3 facilitators (2 from Taiwan and 1 from China)
  • Participate in ICAI first virtual Global Assembly
  • 3-day ToP Assessment - now have 8 CToP Facilitators and 6 Assessors
  • Celebrate Christmas with friends and colleagues
  • 4th TAL dialogue on the Future of Education
  • Wests join painting party to prepare for Philbrooks move to new apartment with elevator
  • Chu, Yi-Ching, ICA's office manager goes beyond the call of duty to help with move, and hand wires green see through nylon net to balcony so cats can enjoy apartment life without fear.
Peer to Peer:
  • Good virtual meeting with Jean Watts about PJD and getting clearer on assumptions and course intent for session one with Larry, Evelyn, and Dick. Look forward to more talks on other sessions.
  • Confirm Participatory Strategic Planning facilitator training for ICA Paris February 2012.
  • Europe ICA gathering in Vienna shared virtual check in with ICA Taiwan
  • Larry prepares for ToP Trainers Network meeting in January through 4-5 virtual meetings.
  • Gail supports Open Space Asia Global meeting in Philippines end of March 2012.
  • Evelyn and Larry help connect Keli Yen to meet ICA Nepal to talk about Peace and Environment Streams in January with face to face meeting during her Asia visits.

As we look to leading from the future, how do we let go of past assumptions to be open to what the future needs in the present.
Where do we need to make a paradigm shift?

Next Steps:
What can ICA Taiwan provide as a service in our current cultural, economic and political climate?
What is ICA's unique service edge for the future of the planet in human development which the Nepal conference can provide? We want to keep our eyes on both the local and the global.
What is the role of CTF in ICA Taiwan's future? What is the role of Open Space in ICA's future?
What is the next step for the Profound Journey Dialogue?

Coming Events:
Reflection on past year and Projections for future
TTN Conference in Sacramento, CA
Appreciative Leadership contracts continue with UN
Dreamwork and Truth About Life monthly gatherings

Submitted by Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful@icatw.com

UNITED STATES:         February 01 2012

The Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA (ICA-USA) has passed the halfway point in its research of Chicago's sustainable development projects for its Sharing Alternatives That Work conference in September 2012. The ICA is working with universities to find sustainable development projects in each of Chicago's neighborhoods as part of its Accelerating Change in Chicago's 77 Community Areas project. As of January 25, 2012, students from seven Chicago-area schools have covered 40 communities. The colleges and universities with students and classes participating include DePaul University, Chicago State University, Roosevelt University, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Illinois-Chicago and St. Xavier University. Nina Winn, program coordinator, said that the students are coming from a variety of disciplines including journalism, geography and sociology. She added that as of early January, there were an estimated 155 students who have been active in the research. ICA and university partners are also developing a social media tool to allow for communication between individuals and organizations. The project is part of the ICA's 50th anniversary celebration, culminating in a "Sharing Approaches That Work" (SATW) conference on September 15, 2012.

Trainers of ICA's Technology of Participation (ToP) met in Sacramento, California for their annual conference. More than 90 people from across the country were in attendance with at least a third attending their first conference. Terry Bergdall, CEO of ICA-USA, spoke to the gathered attendees telling them about ICA-USA's activities of the past year. The conference was also one of the 50 Events for 50 Years in celebration of ICA-USA's 50th anniversary. Those at the conference wrote their thoughts and hopes on cloth strips to be included in the art installation that will be created for the anniversary. The membership also elected a board for ToP. The new board members are Mary Flanagan as chair, Molly Shaw as clerk, Nancy Jackson as treasurer and at-large members Ann Epps, Heidi Wilson, Dennis Jennings and Suzanne Esber.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org

UNITED STATES:         January 01 2012

Students Pitch In with SATW Project

The Institute of Cultural Affairs - USA’s (ICA-USA) Accelerating Change in Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods project is moving ahead with six area universities now participating in the research.

The ICA, with the cooperation of students and professors, is working to catalog the sustainability efforts in each of the city’s 77 community areas. So far, Northeastern Illinois University, University of Illinois-Chicago, DePaul University, Chicago State University, Roosevelt University and St. Xavier University all have students participating in the research either for a formal class or simply credit. Nina Winn, program coordinator, said that the students are coming from a variety of disciplines including journalism, geography and conservation psychology.

The project is part of the ICA’s 50th anniversary celebration, culminating in a Sharing Approaches That Work (SATW) conference in September 2012. The conference will have selected sustainability projects from each community area sharing resources with each other.

Longtime Colleague Celebrates with ICA-USA

Dick Alton, a longtime colleague working with International Initiatives for ICA-USA, celebrated his 70th birthday at the ICA Friday, December 16, 2011. About thirty people heard an update of ICA programs related to GreenRise 4750 (e.g., six new wind turbines on the eighth floor roof, total light retrofit, green roof) as well as the status of the SATW conference which will celebrate sustainable initiatives in all 77 Chicago community areas in September 2012.

Dick had many highlights for the past year. He shared one through photos taken of his trip to Nepal to work with ICA staff in preparation for the ICAI Conference there in October 2012. The second highlight was assisting his church in Oak Park, Illinois, to finance and install a new geothermal heating system. The third was his obtaining eighteen commitments from Chicago's sustainability leaders to be a part of the ICA Advisory Committee for the SATW project.

ICA-USA Contributes to Potali

The Potali Project, a family development and literacy agency, entered a new phase of Project Stabilization through its new partnership with the ICA-USA and the Kishor Mitra Charitable Trust, Pune, India.

The partnership is financially supported by the Spencer Family Foundation of Australia. The project is continuing already established work in the cities of Mumbai, Thane and Khed and starting new work in Nagpur through the Samata Mahila Foundation.

The project expanded its work in the next quarter starting in July with the establishment of its partnerships with the ICA-USA and the Kishor Mitra Trust. The project was also able to add both practitioners and supervisors. The Potali Project was able to serve more than 644 families over the six month period.

Tom Wray           twray@ica-usa.org