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Global Buzz Report: 2011 04 15

ICA Leadership Team Report April 15 2011

Peer to Peer

  • ICA Japan in conversation with colleagues in Brazil
  • ICAI website is being revised if you are willing to help, have recommendations or suggestions please share with Seva Ghandi or Evelyn Philbrook
    Annual report for 2010 is being written, anyone willing to support this or if you have articles on ICAI or ICA Activities in 2010 that might be included along with pictures please share them with Nelson Stover, Larry Philbrook and Shankar Jadhav
  • Global Newsletter team is forming and will be sending announcements out to you soon asking for input
  • Nepal Global Conference scheduled for Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal –  a conference preparation session online and in person will be scheduled for later this year for more information contact Tatwa Timsina, Kevin Balm, Shankar Jadhav, Dick Alton, or Dhruba B. Joshi

We sent out the April Global Leadership Team email on April 14 2011.
New Structures for ICAI in Canada are beginning to take shape  
Dues are beginning to come in from statutory and associate members

How do we invent the new forms of leadership needed in a peer to peer organization
What are the global structures and regional structures we need?  How do we create them with the limited resources available to us

Next steps
In April the regional Vice Presidents will be calling all ICA’s to check on your situation and to ask for topics to be discussed in the June online gatherings.  In October November we will host our first online General Assembly

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

ICA Leadership Team Report April 01 2011

Began process for June online conversations with Kevin, Isabel and
Larry working with the "sistahs' who were so much help in our India
Received more ICA feedback on current peer to peer and membership
intentions from Malaysia, Togo, Nigeria, Spain, Kenya
Connected with Japan several times to make sure our colleagues are safe
Still working with ICA Canada to deal with 2010 Annual report and preparation for the Audit after closing the office in Montreal

Peer to Peer
Working to establish mail and Finance system in Toronto working with ICA Canada
ICA USA plus some support from Taiwan is working to revise the ICAI
website (for information or input contact Seva Gandhi sgandhi@ica-usa.org
or Evelyn Philbrook joyful52@gmail.com
ICA Australia is working toward the first global newsletter with Peru,
Chile and others supporting

Global finance considerations are affecting several ICA's operations -
how do we develop ways for ICA's to have flexible income while still
serving their communities
Transition from Montreal Secretariat to new global structure is taking more time, energy and resources than planned yet the transition is needed.

Next steps
In April contacting all ICA's for input to the global conversations.
Publishing the list of ICA statutory members, associates and others.
Including working with the "others" to re-establish membership
Putting form on the virtual meetings
Supporting the newsletter and webpage redesign
Finalizing preparation for Annual report and audit
Developing a simple but effective system to support the structure of ICAI

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com

JAPAN:    April 01 2011

Dear ICA members,

Thank you for your kind and supportive words.
This is a chance for Japanese people to unite and rebuild.
First we need to get through this tragedy and we thank the world for your help.
ICA Japan is working to deliver desperately needed items to where they're needed and your donation would really help.

We have set up Paypal system on our website to ask for donation,
you could donated from your credit card as well as bank transfer.
we appreciate if you could post the link as much as possible.
There are thousands of people still waiting for help and isolated.

ICA Japan is heading to Miyagi for food/non-food distribution from this weekend.

Best regards,


Naomi Sato   ICA Japan

PERU:    April 01 2011

Location: Lima Azpitia and Ancash

The team is back in action and glad to be busy again after many months without programming. Our late February 2-week Leaderhsip Formation program in our Training Center in Azpitia was with 28 youth from 5 Training Institutes in Ancash north of Lima. They are returning to their Institutes to each pick up a partner to duplicate their learnings, and then to be facilitators for the other students in their Institutes to enable all to be more involved in the design and implementation of their training programs. The animation of the group was remarkable and the sponsoring company is now wanting this to be an anual program, and is planning another in August for High School students. We will do follow-up Implementation projects in each of the 5 Institutes in April and May, where the new student facilitators will do all of the leadership.

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff has been urgently preparing for a series of upcoming events in April and May -- and beyond. We begin two new projects in the last two weeks of March, one of which is in Cachuy and will last all year, involves creating community treams to implement major changes in the habits and family infrastructure for healthy living. The other one in Ichuna in the far south is in a small city of 7,000 people located at 4,000 meters altitude where diversifying economic activities to create a viable family income is a major challenge. While mining employs a small percentage of the work force, the majority need the new perspecitve of building their Local Economy if they are to move toward some prosperity, or at least family stability.

On the P2P initiative, we have been in dialogue with ICA-Japan and ICA-USA looking toward some major initiatves in the future which have not yet taken form. With the strength of the nation economy in Peru, many international agencies are moving their support priorities elsewhere, so these are challenging times here to initiate new major funding.

Our institutional challenge is still to establish an ongoing programatic basis of support for our staff and facilities. With the literal invasion of Peru by North American NGOs in search of money to support their programs, we have found the competition for community development work to be intense. Although our offering is distinctly unique, and our track record is excellent, we are called upon now to present ourselves in a whole new professional way which is challenging us to grow in our skills of understanding our clients needs and presenting our services newly so that they can be seen as directly relevant to their needs. We feel that we are making good progress, but we also know that the marketing challenge is going to get more intense in the coming years.

Our most interesting and demanding challenge is to staff our current and projected work. We would love to be able to employ people on a project-by-project basis, but our type of work requires unique skills in ICA methods which are not internalized quickly and our salaries are still quite modest, both of which leads us toward the necessity of hiring and developing our own staff. Then comes the challenge of supporting monthly overhead in the face of the uncertainties about marketing.... This is a challenge we must deal with NOW as our current program calender will leave us short of staff by July.

In light of these challenges, we are developing two new programs to extend our offerings. We will be making our first presentations this month of UNIDO which is a 6-session workshop series to equip the many thousands of big-project construction workers to live effectely and work productively while away from their families for many months at a time. There are major construciton projects going on all over the country from hydro-electric dams, to highways to the initiation of mining projects that use huge pools of labor for a few years and then abandon the workers when the work is done. This has left behind shattered families and communities, and we are excited about our design to assist the workers to appropriate their temporary employment as a long term gift for their families. Our first presentation is by request fo a major Hydro-electric company CEO who wants us to train 100 workers, so we are working hard to get our presentation ready. The second new project is to extend our current 6 month community development program to 12 months, where the additional 6 months is focused upon fully implementing at least 100 new family businesses, each with the potential to double the family income in a short period of time. We are already working with three clients who are moving towards implementing this project, although we still have a lot of staff preparation to fully implement such a project in the last 6 months.

These days our thoughts are with our colleagues and the people of Japan as they emerge from devastation to rebuild anew. Surely we can invent a way for each of us to assist!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

EHIO Tajikistan:    April 01 2011

Location: Tajikistan

Report for PO EHIO-Farhang va Tarakkiyot for February

In February PO Ehio-Farhang va Tarakkiyot conducted its activities on such projects as TSEP, IREX and GIZ. Every Monday at the office of Ehio-Farhang va Tarakkiyot, we held a staff meeting to summarizes our organization's activities over the last week and discussed plans for the next week. In the first half of February, the director of our organization, Safarova M., participated in an International conference in Kyrgyzstan, in the city of Byshkek, on the certification problems of the civil society organizations. The working group from Tajikistan, in addition to Safarova M., included representatives for the advice of the President, the organization partner of Fund Agakhan in Tajikistan, and members of the certification- advisory commission. The theme of Safarova M's report was, the Certification experience of the organization of civil society in Tajikistan.

TSEP Project.

The Goal of the project :

1. Increase management efficiency and stability, relative to development in communities.
2. Developing cooperation between communities, and the maintenance of their stability, by means of joint project activities.
3. Developing cooperation between the local organs of self government and the organization community, to help increase management efficiency during crisis conditions, and the working out of mechanisms to decrease poverty.
4. Improvement in economic development, improvement in basic infrastructure and the creation of new workplaces in the village.

TSEP project training was conducted on the 10th and the 17th dates of the current year. The topic was Household budgeting for women in the ten target communities. The training was conducted in Asht and Isfhara districts. A total number of 561 participants were involved. The main goal of this training was the planning of a budget for their household and preparation for winter. Two meetings of project managers with TSEP trainers were also conducted in February. The aim of the first meeting was for the improvement of the modules used for Household budgeting and the preparation for winter, and the second was on the topic of Basic consensus building and negotiations skills.

Project: Peace Theatre - Youth.

Goal of the project:

1. Peaceful co-existence
2. A healthy way of life
3. The action, directed towards changes in social life in order to improve conditions.

Seven performances of the project, Peace Theatre - Youth were conducted in February with small grants, in Isfara, Kanibadam and Jabbor Rasulov districts, and in jamoats, Shurob, Khonaobod, Pulton, Gulakandoz, Khamroboev, E. Sharipov and Ortikov. The topics of theoretical performances were different. All theoretical groups choose their own topic to perform, according the particular problems they had in this or in that jamoats. For example: suicide, drugs, water problems in jamoats, and problems involving schools etc. Monitoring was conducted by coordinators and assistants of the project, for each performance, in the various districts. After each theoretical performance, we sent our monitoring reports, to our grants partners with video of the theoretical groups.

GIZ project.

Goal of the project:

Support and development of female businesses in the village.

The GIZ project, Development of female businesses: The topic, Business planning, was conducted within the GIZ framework which involved 5 days training for the target group. There were 75 participants in four groups

Sessions were also held on professional learning by agriculturist Rashidov. Training was conducted on the topic: Ways and condition of the cultivation of early sprouts, Agro- technical actions conducted on the cultivation of sprouts and vegetable cultures, soil and its peculiarities in hotbeds and hothouses. And work safety precautions in hotbeds and hothouses, for the female target group. The building of 30 hotbeds, has now started for the female target groups.

All training was conducted with use of Technology of Participation.

Sadikova Nigina           nigina7811@ramler.ru

TAIWAN:       April 01 2011

ICA Taiwan celebrated our annual spring wine feast in place of WeiYah with Mediterranean food.

Larry and Jackie were presenters at the China Facilitator’s Conference in Shenzhen (this is a “practice” for hosting the regional IAF conference next year.They were hosted by Karen Lim and Mark Pixley with about 60 people present and Larry shared a session on the spirit of facilitation and opened the space in the second afternoon with Karen.

Dick and Evelyn continue preparing Profound Journey Dialogue with discussions about curriculum appropriate for audiences in Taiwan.

Gail participated in online GFSC board meeting and hooking them up to ICA Japan.

Evelyn facilitated the first country to country virtual Global Marathon for the IAF.Participating from Taiwan Jackie Chang, Larry Philbrook, Laura Hsu, Tsai Shufang, and Eva Chen with IAF Japan, Nino, Tak, Meg, Tommy and Miya-chan and Wayne Ellsworth, ICA Japan on the topic of How can Facilitators help with Natural Disasters. We used Cisco WebEx to connect us and Inspiration for the workshop brainstorm and topics which was recorded by Nino-san. This resulted in the sharing of the Global Facilitator Service Corps concepts and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder guidelines links which are already translated into Japanese and a central website for updates on Japan’s recovery efforts from earthquake and tsunami shared by Shufang through wiki.

Dick hosted Truth About Life morning circle on the No Longer and Not Yet one Saturday morning.

Dreamworks was hosted by Dick West and Bill Stimson for full day sharing of dreams.

Calvin West visited Dick and Gail in Taipei, Dick and Calvin walked on Great Wall,and connected with old clients of Dickwho are our clients and colleagues from FCP people in Taipei, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Dick taught Reiki and continued with his regular mentoring clients in Taipei.

Gail and Jorie conducts a program with Legal firm doing for profit and nonprofit work.

Larry conducted 360 Coaching program with multinational company online.

Evelyn begins volunteer work on ICAI website with Seva Gandhi.

Group gathers at the Yen Foundation to hear about Theory U dialogue with Keli Yen connecting update on her work at MIT with Senge and Sharmer.

Larry held a collegium with ICA Taiwan on Theory U in preparation for 20 collegium slides with S. Harrington, J. Wiegel, D. Ziggenhorn presentation on innovation for ICA USA 2012.

Keeping our Minds Open, our Hearts Open and our Will Open.

Next Steps:
-Revision of PJD -SiChuan school project third session with 50 teachers -Group gathers at the Yen Foundation to hear about Theory U dialogue with Keli Yen connecting update on her work at MIT with Senge and Sharmer. -Larry will finalize the Theory U Collegium

Evlyn Philbrook           Joyful52@gmail.com

UNITED STATES: April 01 2011

Programs Abound!
ICA-USA has been bustling with energy the past month, and is currently working on new program development, as well as re-establishing former relationships and cultivating new collaborative partners.

Service Learning Program
ICA- USA is in the process of implementing a new program called Leadership in the Time of Transition. The program was initially created in response to interest expressed by several institutions of higher education for an experiential program that takes place outside of the classroom. ICA-USA has long known the value of college-age students becoming involved in community development initiatives, and the importance of fostering leadership for students during those pivotal years. ICA-USAs service learning team has been hard at work creating and modifying a curriculum for college students to experience an intensive program built upon the importance of civic engagement and community life. The program will focus on Creating a Just and Equitable Society, Shaping a Green and Sustainable Society, and Building the foundations for peace. The first set of students are set to arrive at the end of May.

MOU between ICA-USA and ICA-India
ICA-USA and ICA-India are working on creating and signing a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow them to embark on implementing the Global Grassroots Education Project at the Chikhale Adivasi Ashram School in Pune, India. This will be the beginning of ICA-USAs re-engagement in the global arena, and confidently the beginning to a long and fruitful collaboration with ICA-India.

ICAI Website
ICA-USAs International Initiatives team will be working with Peter Ellins to update the ICA-International website. The goal is to make sure that all the information on the website is current and accurate. Other ICAs are encouraged to email internationalica-usa.org with their most up-to-date programmatic activity and contact information.

ToP News
ToP is offering a new virtual facilitation class to help interested parties Facilitate Engaging Virtual Meetings That Get Results. It is an experiential learning laboratory where participants develop competency as virtual facilitators by designing and facilitating virtual meetings in small groups. Accelerated learning methods that focus on the learner as a whole person and dramatically increase learning will be employed.

Seva Gandhi           sgandhi@ica-usa.org