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Global Buzz Report: 2011 02 14

Hello everyone, here is an important announcement:

We are starting a new ICA report format. The Global Buzz will now be published twice a month and will include a report from the board in each issue. However you will be contacted only once at the end of each month for input, with an e-mail, as a remind to send in your report. Please continue to send in any news of your ICA's activities and happenings that have taken place recently; items that will be of interest and benefit to all member ICAs. We are hoping that all of you will submit regularly and use the Global Buzz as a means to communicate on a peer to peer basis with all other ICAs.

When you submit please send details of news items, training programmes, your peer to peer connections with other ICAs, any concerns you may have and of any events that are coming up at your location. Your report can be long or short, but remember that all other ICAs would really like to know about things that matter where you are, and what you are doing as an ICA.

You will receive your next reminder at the end of February, but you can submit at any time. Your entry will be included in the next Global Buzz to be published.


Location: Melbourne

ICAA held its annual gathering in Port Lonsdale, near Melbourne, last week.  The newly launched ToP Global Institute for Facilitative Leadership, GIFL,  met during the week. Highlights included celebrating the accreditation of the GIFL, and piloting the new 2 day module 5 - Principled Influencing and Negotiating. This was followed by the annual gathering and meeting of ICA Australia. About 30 colleagues attended in all.  

Highlights of the ICAA meeting included celebrating with slides, story and song, the completed life of Elaine Richmond, and a magnificent lunch celebration at the golf club on the water. Following reports from all present and the Global Forum- Global Assembly, held in India, we moved into Open Space. Our focus on Peer-to Peer relationships led to decisions around holding a Profound Journey Dialogue PJD pilot in Australia in 2011, taking some responsibility with global communication, Zero Carbon footprint, continuing to build local, regional and global relations and partnerships in in-depth capacity building through the ToP GIFL and other initiatives. A full report will appear in the next Pacific Waves.

Robyn Hutchinson           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au


Another peer-to- peer partnership!

Since the Global ICA meeting in Talegaon, a number of colleagues have been in dialogue about the continuing partnership with the Sub-continental ICAs and other organizations. This conversation has focused around Community Development Study Tours, and we are working on the first of this pilot being in Nepal in March, 2012. We will share more of this project later. One of the early spin-offs is a visit by Vinod and Kamala Parekh, (Human Development Services, Nashik) and long term colleagues, to participate in the work of ICA Nepal.

Kamala and Vinod Parekh will spend time in Nepal ( March 4-19, 2011 )

(a) conducting workshops for commercial and non commercial organizations organized by Tatwa,

(b) help market these and many other need/issue based programmes along with Tatwa's team;

(c) visit some CD projects specially from the Community Development Study Tours point of view

(d) and of course see some breath taking touristy sites.

We would welcome and invite colleagues and like minded folks to attend our workshops, as well as participate in giving shape to the Community Development Study Tours on the Sub-continent.

The proposed 2-3 day workshops currently are :

Leadership for Results Workshop

Customer Service Excellence + Sell Well Workshop

Presentation & Facilitation Skills Workshop

Women's mini enterprises and children's camps Workshop

Vinod and Kamala Parekh, Tatwa Timsina


Location: Planet Earth

ICA Japan Global Partnership Center

We met the Ambassador from Haiti 3 times for a totsal of 5 hours!  The first time was at the Haiti Art Exhibit where we saw the most increditable art, and afterwards we talked for 30 minutes or so about art, the reconstruction of Haiti and also the role of education.  The third time was last Friday. Shizuyo and Wayne presented a letter for the Ambassador to read, edit, have typed and signed. He then handed it over to us to find a possible donor.  By 4 pm, it was tranlated by Naomi, and both were sent to the funder near Kobe, which had a similar earthquake to Haiti, but with less deaths.

Takako returned on Friday from Chile and began working on the Chile reports. He also prepared the materials that Wayne and Shiyo will need when they go to Brazil on Tuesday. Takako follows them to Brazil on February the 10th.

Makiko obtained visas for Wayne and Shizuyo, but found the consulate could not use the blank pages in Wayne's passport!  Monday we will go to the USA Embassy to add 48 blank pages and pick up Wayne's visa.  Tuesday they leave for Brazil with cash in hand for Emergency Aid - our proposal was approved Friday at 5.30 pm!

Maki continues to work in Pune, and Shankar agreed to train her in GFM and to introduce her to the CDI course.

Last Sunday Shizuyo, Wayne, and Adam returned from the Oga community, Community Meeting number 4, where Shizuyo and Mr. Kitagaki lead an action plan reporting session and a Framing Workshop.  Oga has 35,000 residents, but has only 50 children in elementary school! It has a profound custom called Namahage, which takes place on New Year's eve, at which time Shamens decend from the mountains and enter all of the houses that have children. Then they have a dialigue with the children! You should really see this!

Yuka continues her work in Kenya, preparing for a JICA Kenya monitoring trip, and preparing to turn the project over to the local ministry of Agriculture and possibly to a Universty in Japan.  What proposal should we do next for Kenya?

Paul began a 30 day internship with training in ICA methods before he returns to Nairobi in March.

We joined in the dialogue for the development of the Gobal Encounter study tour, with colleagues across Asia.

Four of us went to an NGO exhibition, and Naomi held live Skype-Out dialogues with Chile, Haiti, and Kenya.  The audience partIcipation was the greatest ever!

Wayne completed 6 years of catchup paperwork for LENS International Inc., to submIt to the government. He also started the process of changing our for profit company from LENS to ICA Planning Inc.  We already have a new logo, and have started a new website.  Adam has been instrumental in developing the logo, site, and social marketing!

Otherwise, the week was normal. We advanced our proposals for clean water in Vietnam, building community centers and leadership training in Bihar India, and Peace Building in Nepal.

So, Let's Make it Happen!

ICA Japan Staff           staff@icajapan.org


Location: Lima and around Peru

The team has been traveling around Peru in the past couple weeks, with Gloria Santos going to Ancash in the north to initiate a 4 month training program for 60 youth in 5 Technical Institutes, which may be the beginning of a couple of similar programs each year. 

Last week Alison Hamje went to Cusco to negotiate the details of a 6 month leadership training project for a major Swiss funded project on Climate Change, while Jesusa Aburto and Ken Hamje went to a remote community in the north to document a 6 to 12 month proposal to organize a Development Commission for a chaotic business sector of a small city. 

This week we also submitted a one year proposal to do a similar organization of a northern beach resort city, which seems to be leading us in a new direction for our services. 

Last week we were also requested to put together a program for 1,000 rural workers who will be employed for  a couple of years to build a major dam and hydroelectric plant.  The concern is that they use their new found salaries to make creative changes for their families and communities, and not have it flow into alcohol and other frivolous purchases. 
We are excited about the five workshops we have designed to meet this challenge, and soon we'll see what the company thinks of our approach.  This is a creative time for our team and all are very engaged in our emerging future.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


In the month of January Larry was in Shanghai for a corporate client then the rest of the month in North America with the UN leadership training.  Talking with ICA Canada and then ICA USA, plus attending the ToP Network. 

Meanwhile in Taiwan, Evelyn, Dick and Gail continued preparation for the Profound Journey Dialogue Course to be held in February. Truth about life session on No longer Not Yet. We held a DreamWork group, 2 new coaching clients. Set up April event with school in SiChuan.

Chinese New Year was the beginning of February this year.

Peer to peer - Trying to be at ICA Europe gathering to continue the dialogue.  Working with the PJD team in the US has been very revealing.  Working to set up events in Egypt, Kenya and Zimbabwe to tag onto the UN Programs.

Concerns - The PJD fills us with fear and fascination. Egypt is a site for one of our connections this year so the political realities there could affect the plan.

Next Steps:  PJD Lab Feb. 13 and 19-20,  Imaginal Learning Course Feb. 26-27, UN program in Kenya Mar 8-11, SiChuan Design and prep.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com


Location: Chicago

From December 2008 to May 2009 ICA-USA's ToP Network worked with the City of Cedar Rapids in a neighborhood planning process. ICA-USA was asked to help in the effort to involve citizens in determining redevelopment priorities, and to initiate local action for their communities in three geographical areas.  ICA trained more than seventy residents in ToP facilitations methods, who then led city-wide meetings centered around redevelopment issues.  This month, The American Planning Association selected the City of Cedar Rapids to receive the 2011National Planning Excellence award for Best Practices in Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Planning.

ICA-USA is officially registered as a Private Voluntary Organization with USAID, and is now able to work on RFPs with other global ICAs.  Our new website is almost completed, and will launch in February. The website hopes to create a space for members of the ICA community to connect with one another.

ICA-USA along with seven other organizations, was part of a proposal submitted by Indevelop, a Swedish consulting company that provides policy support, project management, and training services for sustainable social development initiatives to SIDA - the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. The proposal was recently accepted, and the ICA's international relationships and work will continue to grow.

Seva Gandhi           sgandhi@ica-usa.org


ICAI Board

Peer to peer work reported by the UK primarily with Africa.

Australia continued relationship to Bangladesh.

A consortium of 5 ICAs - India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia are working on collaboration with colleagues.

US is working on several projects with Africa and South America. 

Japan continues their global relationships. 

ICA Europe has scheduled their next gathering.

US has agreed to mentor Ukraine, Chile with Guatemala, Zimbabwe with Opad, and Australia with Bangladesh.

Still working on closure of the office etc in Montreal.  ICA Canada Toronto office is picking up some tasks like bookkeeping.  Dues from ICA's are arriving.

Concerns - Peer to peer depends on each ICA making decisions so figuring out the role of the board - leadership team is interesting in that the more we do the less helpful it is.  Until Montreal is closed can not finalize the financial situation

Concern about Sabah and our colleagues in Egypt.

Next steps: Pulling together the current reality of members - full and associate as well as acknowledging members that need more support even to be associate members.  Trying to contact all members

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com