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Week ending: Saturday 2011 01 15


Location: Dhaka

The Dhaka team had a meeting on January 16th. to discuss the upcoming February Capacity Building event. The Study tour task force also had a meeting to prepare a concept plan on the same day.

On January 16th., Aziz joined a Skype meeting with the SCCDSTP team from Australia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Ripon is planning to join the ICA UK AGM on January 22nd.

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Location: Planet Earth

ICA Global Partnership Center

When it rains, it pours - a Tsunami from the sky!
We were asked to provide Emergency Aid for Brazil, so in another week we leave for Rio!  At the moment we are not sure of what we can actually do as CNN reports more rain and floods are on the way!  We would greatly appreciate your help to determine where and how we can be of the most service.

We received the email about Sandra True informing us of her acute cancer. With her photo in hand we began sending Reiki for 30 minutes each day, knowing that with more than 50 people joined together in around the clock prayer chains, a cure is really possible. Many thanks go to LaDona.

Takako went to Chile again, to finalize the Emergency Aid project survey, and attend the closing ceremonies.

Eric ended his time in Japan and returned to Kenya. This was after completing 3 projects in Haiti, which included: distributing food, and building an 8 room school complete with desks, chairs and kitchen equipment.  His partner in the last project, Hisami, also ended her contract with ICAJ and returned home to rest up after an exhausting 2.5 months in Haiti.

Shizuyo participated in two Skype phone calls planned to start the joint venture, 'Culture Tours of Asian Partners.' This will really help to launch the 2012 Global conference.

We received many files with regard to the best possible school curriculum, from Robyn and John Hutchinson. We had to postpone our immediate study of them though, on account of the downpour of opportunities that were made available to us!

ICA Planning Inc. - We made progress in changing the name from LENS to ICA Planning, and getting caught up on government registrations. It had fallen behind the wonderful distraction of hosting the 2008 Global Conference in the midst of the global recession. 

This weekend, Shizuyo, Wayne, Adam, and Mr. Kitagaki will facilitate the 4th. Community Re-Invigoration seminar in Oga.  Shizuyo is using much of the CDI materials so graciously provided by Bill Staples of ICA Associates in Canada.  Of course, the facilitation is in Japanese, so some of the manual has been translated.  We are looking forward to more facilitation seminars and site visits to this scenic costal town!

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